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Donnell Morris  πŸ† 23 Year Old Business Mogul πŸ“Έ Model 🚁 CEO of @LoveCarterMag πŸ™ŒπŸΎ Partner of @SprinkleOfJesus and Alakazam Apps

Hello Memphis. A place where you can drink cold beer while walking down the street 😜 #bealestreet

We were in New York last night for a real estate conference. Didn't even get any sleep afterwards because we had to take a 5am flight to Memphis, TN for another conference. Then we leave straight to Orlando & Atlanta to host our latest Mobile Application Workshop Tour which is sold out in almost every city, where we show aspiring and current entrepreneurs how to build powerful mobile app platforms like we've already done with our digital companies at Sprinkle Of Jesus & Love Carter. Oh and we're launching our 4th official company in January 😩 We have conversations all the time about what life would be like if we could just be normal 23 year olds who went out to party, grab drinks, fly to Miami or Vegas a few times a year with friends and just live it up with no real responsibilities. But we see the bigger picture. Not the "Right Nows!" We know what we NEED and how our kids should be able to live. In this picture I was pointing at a high rise building in Chelsea, NY and said "We're going to own that" and we both started smiling because we know it's not far fetched. Our work ethic RIGHT NOW will set us up to buy it later. We're a young & married couple and life is freaking lit lol. If you're reading this I encourage you to think about what you want and what you actually NEED. And if your needs outweigh the wants, don't sacrifice it for anything. Stay low. Find someone you can build with. Have fun. Build wealth together. Travel together. Learn together. Create together. Believe me, you'll see life from a whole nee perspective!

Walked in with a wife that's making triple what I'm making, what an entrance πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’°

New York today. Tennessee tomorrow. Orlando next Friday. Atlanta after that. Wish I had time to trip off these haters. Instead I'm taking business trips πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

While they worry about INSTAgram , I'm focused on this INSTAmoney

TAG A FRIEND WHO NEEDS THIS! The only way to achieve growth and success is by investing IN and OUT of yourself.
#entrepreneur #youngmogul #businessman #motivation #success #inspiration

Just got done the Christmas shoot for @lovecartermag and we're releasing a full fledge 3 month campaign for our new online store. Mark my words, on the last day of December the new online store is going to do 150K in revenue in only 3 months with little to no paid advertisement because we've already built successful mobile app platforms with @lovecartermag & @sprinkleofjesus with over 5 million daily users that we can advertise on for free. That's why having your own platform outside of Instagram and Facebook are VITALLY IMPORTANT to long term success in business. As always, #FxckTheTHING & DO YOUR OWN THING! #entrepreneur #youngmogul #businessman #motivation #success #inspiration

They call it arrogance or lying and I call it "believing the hell out of myself!" Sometimes I speak crazy things into existence like calling myself a millionaire when I introduce myself to people or saying my company will make over 100k next month. Yeah I may not have achieved it yet but who are you to tell me otherwise? If I say it's true then dammit IT'S TRUE. Regardless of what my bank account says or how well my business is doing at the current moment. To be honest, I even think the bank be lying to me sometimes when I ask them for my balance because it doesn't align with my thinking πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The point is, forget what people think. In order to achieve success it's about what YOU THINK into the atmosphere so you can attract it into you life. And always remember, #FxckTheThing and DO YOUR OWN THING! Think your own thing! Believe in your own thing! #entrepreneur #youngmogul #businessman #motivation #success #inspiration

Mark my words: In less than two years I'm going to retire my mother from her job and she'll be a full-time business woman with our company at @lovecartermag & any other companies she wants to start! People who think nice cars and apartments validate how "rich you are" are dumb asses! Throwing their money away to showboat for people who don't really give a damn about them! How about, retire your parents? Work towards buying a home? Putting your entire family in a position to eat for a lifetime? Having so much money in the bank and invested in places that are generating high returns? A dumb ass car only depreciates in value! Whoever is reading this right now, PLEASE take this advice! Don't get peer pressured into buying things that don't matter if you really don't got it. Focus on getting your life and family straight first.. So please #FxckTheTHING & DO YOUR OWN THING ladies and gents! #entrepreneur #youngmogul #businessman #motivation #success #inspiration

I remember back in 2015 when I was 21 & had bought my first laptop: Mac Book Air for $1000 in cash. The biggest purchase I had ever made in my life lol. I had made about $3000 bucks from selling t-shirts on Instagram and used that money to buy my laptop so I could start an official online store and build my first mobile app for my brand. I used the other $2000 to start buying the product I needed for my store which ended up getting stolen from my front step and I couldn't get a refund. MAJOR SETBACK. But I hung in there. Two years later, TODAY, that same laptop I spent $1000 to buy and invested in myself, returned over 100k. I guess it was worth it. Moral of the story: BET ON YOURSELF & #FxckTheTHING #entrepreneur #youngmogul #businessman #motivation #success #inspiration

You can take away all the money I've accumulated. You can take away all of all the followers and mobile apps I've built to communicate with millions of people. You can even take away every single nice suit I have. GUESS WHAT? I'm still going to make it back to the top AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN! You know why? Because you can't teach "pounding the pavement grind" Most millennial entrepreneurs have become so accustomed to internet money that they lack people skills and hand to hand interactions! I'm willing to set up a table on the corner of Philadelphia and start selling my product or service like my bills depended on it. I'm willing to go to every single networking event I can to figure out how to collaborate with people, how to get my foot in the door and make everybody NEED what I have to offer. I'm willing to start cold calling complete strangers and begin selling my services to them! The point is, don't let social media be your ALL. Because if or when it shuts down you're going to be broke and clueless or where to start. Learn how to get out in the field and sell your ass off until people believe you! With those skills, nobody can EVER stop you from reaching the top. Skills like those are worth more than millions of "followers" or "dollars" ... ok learning to perfect these skills and you should too. Oh and btw. #FxckTheTHING & DO YOUR OWN THING out here! #entrepreneur #youngmogul #businessman #motivation #success #inspiration

I'm the guy that hires the guys that wear suits and have fancy degrees! It's not to say that I'm better than them but I took more risk than them! I walked away from college when I realized I was being fed information by professors who were $100,000 in debt and made less than 6 figures per year. And that's not who I aspired to be! I also left when I realized a job isn't guaranteed but student loans are.. that's unfair lol. So, I started working at the bank, taking the train downtown and wearing fancy suits everyday like I was somebody special until I realized I was still being told when I could go to the bathroom and eat lunch. I couldn't make more money than my boss. I had to wait for a "promotion" whenever someone decided to see my worth! So, I decided to invest in myself, bet on myself and validate myself and talents. I left the bank in January, threw on a white T-Shirt, Jeans and Jordan's and that became my everyday entrepreneur outfit. Who would have known in just one year I'm making more than my professor and old boss! The point is: You have to say #FxckTheTHING that society says is what's gonna make you "successful" .. Go to college, get a job, get a 401K and retire! Forget that! DO YOUR OWN THING and create your own path in life because 10 years from now, nobody is going to have to live with your choices and massive amount of debt but YOU! #FxckTheTHING #BetOnYou #entrepreneur #YoungMogul #Success #motivation #Inspiration

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