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Prince Donnell IV  Founder of Love Carter & EVP Of Sprinkle Of Jesus ⬇️ SHOP INSPIRATIONAL JEWELRY ⬇️

Give my office a call now (347)-721-9117 if you're willing to invest $6 bucks per day into yourself for me & my team of @danachanel & @hiphopmagician to help you become successful.

I woke up & found out my commercial was on TV at the same time as Shark Tank... God is good! That was over 14 Million People watching my business. That suit was crispy too lol. This took almost 2 years of hard work & if you're reading this I just encourage you to keep trying. Everything is not going to work the first time you do it. This may sound cliche but I swear the first step to being successful is to stop doing so much research & just do it. Then you make adjustments based off the response from your audience! And if you need help just starting somewhere, I have an entire team set up doing private 1 on 1 consultation for as little as $6 dollars per day to help you. Call me (347)-721-9117.. it's time to Invest in yourself, don't be nervous & just get it done. Big thanks to my manager @hiphopmagician

Ladies, why do ya'll put us men through this type of stress? 😩 I need some answers from ya'll RIGHT NOW 😂🤣

Some of the best selling inspirational jewelry of the month! LINK IN MY BIO to order so you can stay inspired through your life journey & Download the Love Carter App for exclusive discounts! LoveCarterDesigns.Com

GOD BLESS the side chick. She just showed you your WORTH & a DISLOYAL dude at the same damn time!

You may be wondering, how do I control a thumb? Well, I'll tell you the secret but you have to pay me lol. Making money is easy!

Give my office a call now (347)-721-9117 if you're willing to invest $6 bucks per day into yourself for me & my team of @danachanel & @hiphopmagician to help you become successful.

A few photos from our engagement! I believe her exact words when I got on a knee were "You told me you weren't going to cry" lol. But I couldn't help it. By the way, it was her idea of the tattoos & we planned to get engaged already. YES, she's still getting a nice diamond ring lol. We're exchanging rings during our wedding! But we wanted to challenge the "NORMAL" way of looking at an engagement & do it our own way! And it was a painful but powerful decision we made. We can't give up on each other now lol. Thanks to my favorite photographer @hailey_photography for capturing the most important moment of our lives & thank you to everyone we haven't even met who supports us day in & out. It means so much! The full video of our engagement will drop tonight!

To all the Queens listening, I want you to know that sometimes it better to play alone until you find a man who wants to play the game of love just as hard as you! #DearQueens

Who would of thought that a girl I would meet on Instagram a year and a half ago would now be my fiancé & future wife! And I wouldn't have it any other way! I could have went & got the biggest $10,000 ring that I saw in the jewelry store but I told her that I wanted this forever. I didn't want us to have the option to give up on each other or take off a physical ring. When it comes to marriage, you don't quit! You don't quit! And again, you don't quit! So I decided that we would make it permanent. Ladies, take this as an example of when a man truly wants to dedicate his ENTIRE LIFE to you, he will do absolutely anything to prove it. No excuses, no if's, no ands, no buts! He'll get down on one knee like a real man should, grab you by the hand and ask you to be his wife with no regrets. It doesn't matter how young or inexperienced you are! I'm 22 years old. Love is love at the end of day & don't let anybody stop you from who GOD has called you to be with..

Happily engaged to the woman of my dreams @danachanel .. wait until you see the ring 😎 Thanks to my photographer @hailey_photography

Just keep pushing 🤔

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