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Kole Adam  Into the mountains I go, to lose my mind, and find my soul ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

When life gives you lemons, remember lemons are awesome. Cut the old Dana 70 and put the new one in. No more bearing seal and brake issues for me! #secondgencummins #cummins #lemonlife

One step closer to being back on the road.
Next the rear end. Axel swapping isn't so hard 💪🏻 #secondgencummins #diesel #towrig

Hoping everyone has had a merry Christmas and is enjoying some rum and eggnog, my Christmas has been brightened by @saige_kjos Brady and @miciah_kramer for the glowshift gauges and the tow mirrors for the cummins 👌🏻 #cummins #glowshiftgauges #24vcummins

Thanks to @saige_kjos and Brady for buying me an early birthday gift, getting the cummins back on the road with the new tow mirrors 👌🏻 not only better looking, but functional 😂 #24valvecummins #cumminslife

Take pride in the work you do, be it ever so small as planting a garden, or as big as landscaping a whole area. Take pride in knowing your work is perfect in your way. #lifesgood #landscaping

Did my breaks. Stop on a dime! Time for road trip and camping season! #24valvecummins #lifesgood

So I picked up these gorgeous things today! Thanks to Tony! New breaks for the #24valvecummins for future camping and road trips in the near future #secondgen

So today marks 6 months. God time really flys when you aren't looking, but it has been fun, hard, easy, and sometimes I make things difficult 🤷🏻‍♂️ but I love you, and I can't wait to visit you soon @saige_kjos ❤️ P.S that's @emmmyjane77 in the back and @mckramer_photography took this lovely photo.

@saige_kjos you may be 10 hours away. But sometimes I think and it's like your right here again, till I open my eyes, I miss you awesome nerd 🖤

I may not look like an avenger, but it feels good to save some lives #blooddonation #avengers #notallheroswearcapes

Saw Garth Brooks at Rogers place last night and it was spectacular! Beer was a tad over priced #garthbrooksworldtour #rogersplace #awesome

New pinion seal in, new u-joints and what did I do? Fractured or broke my thumb 😩 #stupid #fixed #secondgencummins #broke #happy

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