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A rare shot of Bill of @tapracktactical admiring the Roland Special.

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My new favorite gun of all time.
FN Mk48.

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Teaching is probably my favorite thing to do. Watching good people develop in ways that will improve their safety and their lives is a great reward. #onelifedefense #onelife #teaching #violence #violenceofmind #primaryandsecondary #conflictmanager

There are two M4 bolts here.

One just needs a little material removed.

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@tapracktactical surrounds himself with quality at @fn_america


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Velocity Systems V2 Trigger Gloves released today!
Available from with FREE shipping!

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Tomorrow our White Paper on MRDS for duty handguns will be available. This document is directed for LE justification purposes but as is our way it speaks to the technology as it can be used by any, occupational or self defense ; it is a comprehensive look at the advantages, disadvantages and science behind the MRDS. If you want a PDF copy, email with the subject line "MRDS". #sagedynamics #becausescience

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"Sooner, not faster." @modern_samurai_project red dots on handguns class this weekend was great! Scott puts out tons of good info in a package that is focused on building a solid foundation for shooters new to the dot or how to get better results in less time for shooters who know their way around the dot. Highly recommended if you are considering shooting a handgun with an RDS or are already doing so. No one else is putting on this type of class as far as I know.

Everyone needs a lever action 45-70.

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