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Here's to 10 years of #Prezi! #letscelebrate

Raúl Durán Giro takes care of our Spanish translations as our Senior Localization Coordinator. He’s also a great #photographer (see his work @raulduranphoto) and an avid #traveler: “I’m the most peaceful person in the world when traveling. I’ll pack everything I need on my bike and just go. On these trips, every day is a new journey - you never know what’s going to happen. It’s way more intense than in a sedentary lifestyle where most things are routine and predictable.” #TheFaceOfPrezi #PreziliansOfBudapest

During the day, Adam Wooley is our Director of Demand Gen, but outside of work, he studies voice acting. Compared to theater acting, he finds that recording a voiceover on the fly is both nerve-wracking and thrilling: “You don’t get the opportunity to memorize your lines ahead of time. Instead, you’re often given the script without much time before the recording. It means you’re reading off the script, but need to make it sound like you’re not reading at all.” #storytelling #voiceover #acting #TheFaceOfPrezi #PreziliansOfSF

Even though you won’t see an alpaca on an #Easter card, our own in-house Lajos, The Alpaca is happy to be a part of this year’s #egghunt.

Dani Sárdi is our Director of Office Operations, but he did a lot of things before joining Prezi. He worked as an economical journalist for MTI; he was an IT manager, responsible for Freemail, the biggest Hungarian emailing system; and he’s even a founder of the famous #Kultiplex, helping to organize the Open Film Festival and making the first #CriticalMass happen in Budapest! #TheFaceOfPrezi #PreziliansOfBudapest

It's 🥧 day! We'll be celebrating by doing math. Or was it the other way around? #piday #pie

Our Customer Success Manager, Drew Davis, is also an avid cinema fan with 10 years of assistant director experience. One of his favorite movies is #WaynesWorld: “When I was 7, my father came to my classroom and said, ‘We have a family emergency, I have to pull him out of school now.’” Turns out the emergency was the Wayne’s World matinee was starting soon. “My father used to sneak me out of school my entire life to see movies.” #TheFaceOfPrezi #PreziliansOfSF

Happy 6th birthday to @infogram! #celebrate #dataviz

Before becoming our Social Media Support Specialist (and the mother of @littlechewyleia ), Ilana Zholobovsky planned to become a doctor. She decided to quit to pursue English studies, though: “I remember moments like going to the gym and getting stuck in the middle of the street because I had all these thoughts. What am I going to do with my life, where am I going to end up? I’ve finished my classes, and I’m really proud that I’m not clinging on to it now that I entered Prezi.” #TheFaceOfPrezi #PreziliansOfBudapest

Celebrating #ValentinesDay in the office with some amazing #gelato from @colettagelato. #dessertforlunch

We’re happiest when we see our customers developing the same passion for Prezi that we have. Our Customer Success Manager, Brett Ponton, witnessed this firsthand when he met Swagelok at #Dreamforce 2017. “They came out to promote Prezi and why they love it. It makes the job of training and success work all worthwhile to meet the people you talk with over the phone and see their love for Prezi.” #TheFaceOfPrezi #PreziliansOfSF

Balazs Tothfalussy is our Senior Engineer in the Infrastructure Team. Not only does he make sure Prezi runs smoothly, he also runs outdoors! When he ran his first #marathon and was exhausted at the final stretch, he said, "My father raised his hand for a high-five. Ten other guys also lifted their hands, so I got more than ten high-fives for the last few meters of the race! That was a really great experience for me - I still get emotional about it." #TheFaceOfPrezi #PreziliansOfBudapest

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