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Prevention  A sneak peek behind the office doors of our health-obsessed editors. Our goal: Inspire you to live a whole, happy, and balanced life.

This all-4s workout will tone every muscle in your upper body, as well as improve your overall core stability. And it requires only one dumbbell! Give it a shot via the link in our bio.

"I was working too many hours, which left me with little time or energy for working out or making healthy food. By saying no to some projects, I was able to devote more attention to preparing better food and moving my body." Find out more about how Deb Thompson dropped 85 pounds via the link in our bio!

You're strong. πŸ’ͺ🏽

This meatless taco bowl packs a whopping 23 grams of protein per serving. πŸ˜‹ Can't beat that! Check out the link in our bio for this recipe, along with more healthy taco options.

This stretch will help you score a great night's sleep 😴 β€” and you can even do it in bed! Give the whole routine a shot via the link in our bio.

"I just know I have more in me to become the best version of myself." Check out the story of how Lisa Kliz got into shape via the link in our bio!

That's right.

This protein-packed veggie bowl will keep you full for hours! Seriously, we're talking stick-to-your-ribs satisfying. Find out out how to make this bowl and a few more via the link in our bio!

This move is essential for a firmer, flatter belly! Check out the link in our bio for more exercises that build your core without requiring you to lift your head, neck, or shoulders!

"I made the decision to become an athlete and it's a different animal. It requires more dedication, more hours in the gym, more hours alone, more coaches yelling, much more of a sacrifice." Find out how Shellie Edington, 52, went from not being able to do a push-up to winning the CrossFit Games πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ via the link in our bio!

Well said.

This kale, pomegranate, and pecan salad packs as much protein as an egg. πŸ₯š You can even top it with a small piece of chicken or a few tablespoons of chickpeas to transform it into a meal. For more veggie recipes that deliver some serious protein, check out the link in our bio!

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