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Tanasha  Life + Style Journey of a 6’4 Tall Girl 💃🏾 I Shop + I Sew✂️ I ❤️ Pretty Things Wife•Mom•Blogger 📍San Diego 💌 Find details👇🏾

🙏🏾 Grateful 🙏🏾 Thankful to God!!!
The small clot was (painfully) broken down. Most painful feeling in my life, seriously thought I was dying. I met with the pulmonary specialist this morning. He said that it was a good thing, and what they intended (not the pain of course but the clot being blasted). Because the clot was so small and caught fairly early, no serious/long-term damage to my lungs or any other organs. Over time my breathing should return to normal and the pain should subside. It’s due to the inflammation of the area, as there are no nerves in the lungs but it’s spread to some outward area. Showed me a pic but I can’t remember names. I was told that I’m lucky that it was caught while it was so small because most people they see from pulmonary embolisms are dead and it’s not a small number (so sad). He stated he said it not to scare me, but to make me aware and understand the risk of it possibly happening again vs. taking the blood thinner for life for my personal situation. Big decision that will have to be made after a few more tests and other opinions in 3 months. As for now I have to take a blood thinner for at least 6 months, and he may strongly recommend for life based on the results we get from the hematologist and a couple of lab tests they took all the blood for before I was put on the thinner. I’m alive and up and about. Life will be a little different, I can’t get pedicures, have to shave with an electric razor, use a soft brush toothbrush, etc.. Simple things taken for granted that I can deal with because I am still here for my boys and they are none the wiser. They are just excited that their daddy (who stayed home to look after me) has stayed home from work to take them to school this Thank you so much for your prayers! Just wanted to update those who were concerned. ❤️

Just a few days ago I was healthy and enjoying life. The night of my kids dance I wasn’t feeling well but popped 2 Tylenol and sucked it up because I knew how much it meant to them. Then I picked my husband up from the airport. The next morning, Saturday I was at the E.R. Because of shortness of breath and pain in my side. I had x-rays, ct scan, ultra sound urine analysis and tons of blood taken for all kinds of test. Turns out I have a pulmonary embolism, small blood clot in my lung. It’s lodged in a small branch on my right side. Luckily no more clots were found but I do have to take Eliquis (blood thinner) for the next 3 months, to break down the one I have and make sure it doesn’t get bigger or I get anymore. Currently It hurts when I breathe (inhale) and I’m short of breath and I now keep having coughing fits. But other than that I’m thankful I am alive. I meet with a pulmonary specialist this week, praying there will be no serious long term damage and this clot dissipates smoothly. Keep me in your prayers. 🙏🏾 Be back soon. ❤️

Superhero Dance at my boys school tonight. A little sad the hubby had to miss it as he’s on a plane heading home from Israel, but happy my mom came along to help. Our boys had a good time. My oldest son who has autism even danced a little (swipe to see the video) made my heart smile. ❤️
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Which one are you? My style is a mix of all three, depending on my mood.
I posted three different style pics of this same dress last night ( see previous 3 posts). I just wanted to show how easy it is to re-mix and maximize your wardrobe by simply switching up your accessories and there are still a ton of ways I plan on switching it up. I’ll be talking more about this up in the blog later today. Happy Friday Friends!! ❤️

Sporty 👟

Fun 😻


It’s much as I love bold and bright color, I decided to decorate my sewing room in neutrals. This a a pic of the only clean/organized part. Going to attempt to clean and organize the rest of it and hopefully get my sewing mojo back! 😬

Color Combo: 💙💚❤️
I love trying different color combinations in order to re-mix and maximize my wardrobe. Today I wore this combination and felt quite chic. Details and links are on the blog. Link is in the profile. 😊 #prettytallstyle

💙Gaga for Gingham❤️
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❤️Stop for Gingham❤️

Inspiration can be found all around us! Although I wore it I had on my gray and yellow and was driving around after dropping the kids off at school. I was looking for yellow flowers actually. Then my mom spotted a yellow wall and I turned down a street to turn around and this gray apartment building with pops of yellow doors appeared before us. I looked at my mom and said how cool is that!! The perfect backdrop.
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