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Kevin "KC" Conley

We are born, we are fed, we are convinced!

I won't always get to do this, so even as a grown man, I still make sure every time that I see him I kiss my daddy 😘

Game 4 Cheat Code: ⬆️⬆️⬇️⬇️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️B A START

My package FINALLY arrived!!! If looooove the smell of Westin Resort Hotels... THIS WILL TAKE YOUR HOUSE TO THAT LEVEL!!! Research + Action = Results #SmellsControlMyMood #LetsMix #westin

Say cheese 🧀 with a kiss 😘 #TheConleys

The "C" stands for - Dallas, you just got CAUGHT looking cute in daddy's hat!!! Close your mouth girl, I ain't gonna spank you this time.... TOO CUTE!!! Keep your hands off my stuff!!! 😂😂😂 #Conley

I use the same creativity when editing my music videos...and apply it to cutting my front lawn. ZEN MODE!!! #zengarden #zen #excellence #lawncare

This girl can both, play and sing... Hands down, the baddest vocal coach (and vocalist) in the world... Now, my job as an innovator - to create what doesn't exist & to completely change the game of vocal instruction!!! @dileesa

This is actually a church in the country side of Ga... Side note: Our kids BEGGED US to come back!!! And yes, the Pastor's message was POWERFUL & under 35 minutes!!!

Ok, Here's my "Play Them to Sleep" Challenge!!! I'm first, Who's next???? #babygirl #baby #sleep #PlayThemToSleep

Getting ready for church!!! Dress to EXPRESS your free worship not impress others around you!!!

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