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Jessica  Bullet journal, teaching, and lettering to cultivate a more intentional life. Check the blog for the latest! πŸͺ @PrettyPrintsShop


In the last week I've dived into the world of #dearevanhansen and I cannot stop - the emotions and lyrics move me so incredibly much. And who doesn't love a musical number that bursts into amazing full-cast chorus? I thought, for a brief moment, I would fly to New York just to see the show... But that'd be nuts, right?... πŸ˜‚ 🎢 βœ’ super cheap crafts mart fine liner brush pens from @michaelsstores

This week has flown by - the conference took so much presence for 12 hours a day earlier this week, I haven't looked at my bullet journal at ALL until this morning. And that's how it is sometimes, you manage and do what's in front of you. I haven't even had time to play with all these new pens!! 😍 😍 🎨 I'll hope to take some time to create and be artistic this weekend. What are you looking forward to this weekend? Tell me in words or emojis, whatever works for you!

Trying and trying and trying in the face of ambiguity - and possibility. Thank you all for the amazing support over the last week πŸ’• βœ’ pentel sign brush pen #jchungwrites

I shared last week that it turns out I've been living with anxiety for a long time. Knowing what it is now, I'm brainstorming the ways I can manage it. It strikes me at seemingly random moments, in stillness, in fleeting thoughts, before my alarms. It's frustrating and just a reality. So, we move through as well as we can. More pages and thoughts to come... Anything you'd add or suggest? πŸ’• #inkjoy gel pens in a #leuchtturm #jchungwrites #planwithmechallenge

For the next 3 days we are hosting educators at our Engaging Young Leaders training - so that's where my head and heart will be. I'm adapting the #bulletjournalweeklylog - I'll still be highlighting my schedule but will leave space for expenses, gratitude, and highlights on the right. And now I'll also be logging all minds of tasks, not just work tasks. Whew!

Weekends are always different for me - sometimes I don't touch my #bulletjournal and times like this weekend I have a storm of tasks. I was tempted to write it elsewhere and redo it nicely... But that defeats the purpose of the system, and who would that be for anyway? So I am trying this - I rapid logged my tasks in the middle and then will create boxes on either side depending on if I want/need to do it Saturday or Sunday. We'll see! I'm on an #inkjoy kick. #planwithmechallenge #bulletjournaldailies #bulletjournaldailylog

Un. Real. We have to listen, friends we have to listen. Just because we cannot imagine it does not mean it's not real, and does not mean we are terrible people it means we have work to do and we need each other to do it, not for ego but for love. Listen. See each other. Love. #restinpower #philandocastile #blacklivesmatter βœ’ Faber Castell brush

#rockyourhandwriting drills - mantra. My therapist and I recently concluded that I've been living with anxiety for a long time but I called it different names - overthinking, overanalyzing, meta-ing myself, etc. In some ways, it's a flipping relief. I've always grappled with and made progress with problems or things in my life and it feels like I can be less hard on myself for not "just getting through" this. That it has a name and I can manage it. The road isn't easy by any means, but it is empowering at least to know that I can face it better knowing what it is. One of the strategies I'm trying is to repeat a mantra to interrupt my emotions and feedback loops - writing and speaking. I'd love to hear what you've tried to retrain your brain back to yourself when anxiety rises πŸ’• βœ’ Tul needle point gel pens

#handwriting #penandpaper #anxiety #mentalhealth #mantra #cursive

When I got back from vacation I had to get my head back into the game with all my different projects - to get a visual categorization I used my new @erincondren notepad to brain dump tasks and then think about my status with them - what's the big question right now? Where are we in the timeline of each? Who do I need to check in with? To say the least, re entry is tough! What do you do to get back into work flow?

Finished product of my vacation! When I go on trips I don't keep tasks lists, but rather a memory log of what I've done or little moments. I used my trusty pilot g2 0.5mm pen - it just so happened to work put that Sunday and Thursday were my travel days, so the smaller spaces worked well for that. What do you do on vacation with your #bulletjournal? #jchungwrites #sketchnotes

Doing a spin on @bluelahe's awesome #bulletjournalweekly this week - you know I'm pretty consistent but this will be an experiment worth trying. Snapshots of my day's appointments and focus tasks on the left, and then weekly tasks on the right to keep a running list of one-off and recurring tasks. We'll see how it goes! Using #mildliner highlighters and a new multi-pen! Have you tried this before?

More drills - comparing to two years ago, I can see such improvement with the thin up strokes, more refined lines. I swear, it'll be worth the time and practice. But, like yoga, don't do it just to do it - 5 minutes of deliberate practice is worth more than 10 minutes of going through the motions. βœ’ pentel sign brush pen #jchungwrites

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