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IM MOVING!!! Sadly not to this pink doored house of heaven, but to a new Instagram account 👀🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m going to be posting full time from my other account, @em_clarkson - although I have adored being ‘prettynormalme’ for four years I actually am really ready to do what feels comfortable and to become okay with being my own brand - when I started blogging I set up this account because I wanted to be anonymous and to hide behind a different name- as I am growing and evolving I realise I don’t want to do that anymore- I want to be myself and own my brand and do ‘me’ honestly. The pressure of blogging and being a good blogger and having a pretty instagram theme was honestly more hassle than it was worth and that’s not why I started all of this! The content will be the exact same and I won’t stop blogging I just want one Instagram account and sadly it won’t be this one. Please go follow me at @em_clarkson and thank you so much, so so so much, for following me here and being great ❤️❤️ really sad to be shutting this one down if I’m honest😭😭 but can’t wait for a new chapter 🧚🏼‍♀️

What do you look for in your insta-life? Relatable or aspirational? It’s the age old debate isn’t it?! Should your role models be people that you will manipulate/change/alter yourself to be like OR are they people that you identify with and see yourself in?? After I found Megan Markle becoming one of the most perfectly relatable AND aspirational people ever over the weekend (unlikely when you realise that princesses aren’t relatable and that princesses aren’t supposed to be things that we aspire to be either) I got to thinking about it.
Click the link in my bio to read my thoughts on all of this and then please come back here and let me know what you think ❤️ this dress was a gift from @boohoo and yes, I’m obsessed with it thanks for noticing I’m literally desperate for festival season because I’m going to wear it to death and look so boho and chic 👍🏼💁🏼‍♀️ #boohoo #boohoofashion #gifted

I spend most my time feeling pretty ace about the hunk of flesh I call my body - after years of dragging around the albatross of self loathing that so many women know all too well, I am proud, BEYOND PROUD, at 23 to adore what i’ve got going on. But then this morning, for reasons best known to myself, I spent a little bit of time scrolling through the ‘explore’ page of Instagram. WELL I’M SORRY. I never do this normally; it’s too fucking depressing, but this morning I was feeling wild. And stupid. Perfect body after perfect body. Before and afters. Weight loss teas. Underwear. Abs. Cleavage. Thigh Gap. Bikini Body. Summer diet. Another ab. A BIGGER THIGH GAP. And then, finally, thank god, this. Just in time @psychandsquats thanks for that ❤️ I swear to holy jesus people we’ve got to do something about the EPIDEMIC that is this bullshit Instagram rhetoric that surrounds us. I’m thrilled for the women out there with abs you could crack an egg on. I am MORE thrilled about the women who can take as much pride in their stomach rolls as they can in their nails after a fresh manicure. Now if we could PLEASE see more of that I’d be just fucking thrilled. In the meantime I am staying so clear of the explore page. I have better things to do with my time than explore self doubt for a moment longer. (Elaborated on this in my Insta Stories if you want to have a look 👀) #effyourbeautystandards #loveyourself #bodypositive #selflove #youareperfect

Winnin’ my man a teddy bear 🐻💁🏼‍♀️ 6/6 targets knocked down and I won the most expensive dog toy Bua will ever end up with 😂 just about got the mascara off my face after a morning of WEEPING watching the Royal Wedding, popped into my local fair to show off my surprisingly good aim and now off to watch the footie somewhere and have a cider in the sun ☀️ hope y’all are having a swell day 🇬🇧🙏🏼👑💋

Off to find a burger because otherwise WHATISTHEPOINTINFRIDAY??? 🤷🏼‍♀️🍔 I’ve published a new post today all about the royal wedding; covering all the important stuff including Megan’s modern family, how she is not a failing feminist by choosing to ask Charles to walk her down the aisle and also why I’m in love with Harry (and not just ‘cos he’s fit af). Link in bio. 👰🏽👑 Are you looking forward to the wedding?? Or will I be the only one wearing red, white and blue and squealing like a child all day?!

Hi, I’m Em and I’m a coffee addict ☕️ a coffee addict with an exciting ⭐️ GIVEAWAY ⭐️ to offer ☕️🤞🏼 I’ve teamed up with @bluecoffeebox, the monthly COFFEE SUBSCRIPTION BOX BECAUSE YES THAT IS A THING, to give one winner the chance of winning a three month subscription to their speciality coffee.
All you need to do is follow Blue Coffee Box and comment underneath this picture with how many cups of coffee you drink a day. I won’t judge you. This is a safe space. I won’t tell the daily mail. Or your doctor. I have been known to put five away. I try to stick to four though.
I will announce the winner on SUNDAY NIGHT so you have all weekend to answer.
I also have an introductory £5 off discount code for y’all to use if ya wanna try it for yourself - it’s PNM5 ❤️ I am the biggest coffee fan EVER and the fact that I can now get fancy coffee DROPPED AT MY DOOR ONCE A MONTH is quite frankly PERFECT. Never again will I wake up on a desperate Monday morning and found that the house is caffeine-less ☕️❤️🤞🏼😍 (📷 @katyaclarkson_photography) #coffee #coffeeholic #bluecoffeebox #competition #giveaway

You guys these @chupachupsuk lollipops are literally unreal. They do nothing to curb your appetite at all, I know I will STILL BE HUNGRY AT LUNCH TIME and they actually do have calories in them and stuff but I can’t recommend them highly enough. Just 25p so if you want to get your hands on some... you can do it on your own sweet time 🍭 Kim Kardashian and her partnership with Flat Tummy Co (I mean...?!?) can suck my dick. The woman is a DANGER. The only lollipops children should know the first bloody thing about are the ones on offer in their corner shop. Please don’t fall for this marketing horseshit, you don’t want or need your appetite suppressing, that is your body’s way of telling you what it NEEDS!! Listen to it. Love it! And don’t for a minute think that the ‘Appetite Suppressing Lollipop’ will bring you joy. It won’t. It’s a lie. And it will ruin lollies for you. DONT LET THAT HAPPEN. CHUPPACHUP IS TOO IMPORTANT. #suckit

I make good choices 🍕 the night of dreams (vaginas dreams) listening to dreamboat @karen_hobbs and her 'Tumour Has It' (lololol) stand up gig in which she talks about her time with cervical cancer (she kicked its butt) at @oliverbonas tonight ❤ now living my best life with my best mate and my best drink and my best food (yayy for gluten and dairy free pizza @wearezizzi 👏👏👏) after a very great day 😊

For the first time since it came out (TEN MONTHS AGO) I’ve just seen my book in a real life bookshop. I know I’m a little late to the party but it sure does feel surreal 🙈😬 (no the fact that it’s near that book on totalitarianism is of no significance)

Pouting and shouting with two of my fave babes @thedigitalgp & @bowelbabe at @eveappeal #GetLippy launch event at @harveynichols at the beginning of May.
Every week this month I have been putting a tonne of gynae cancer questions to the Eve Appeal Nurse Tracie 👩‍⚕️ already on the blog you can find an article about vaginal cancer and one on vulval cancer, today it’s time to talk about what is arguably the most ‘famous’ of the gynae cancers: CERVICAL CANCER.
Click on the link in my bio to read all about signs/symptoms/myths/facts of cervical cancer now 💗 oh and don’t forget to get lippy this month and to pout and shout 💄💋 #cervicalcancer #cervicalcancerawareness #gynae

“Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t make it not so” - Lemony Snicket 💫
Today marks the start of mental health awareness week in the UK 🧠 and so, in the interest of leading by example, here’s a quick roundup of where I am at with my somewhat-frustrating brain at the mo:

I have anxiety, I am anxious, sometimes I can’t leave the house because I’m CONVINCED something terrible is going to happen, sometimes I burst into tears at random points because ~what if I’m a terrible person and everyone hates me?~, sometimes I can’t sleep, I have bad dreams, I lose all self worth. And then sometimes I’m fine; able to march into a party, command a conversation, explode with self worth and self confidence.
I never know which side of my brain will win the internal, silent, daily struggle and that makes my mental health something difficult not just for me, but for everyone to understand.

As for RIGHT NOW? I’m feeling good! I went through a really rough patch a few months ago but May has been so far, so good! I’ve had a few wobbles, a few crisis, but for the most part I feel overwhelmingly positive and that’s pretty cool 💁🏼‍♀️ If I know one thing though, it is this: you can only do your best, and you don’t need to do it alone. Talking is important, getting to know yourself is important. Being HONEST about your emotions is important!
This is my #HonestGram (when am I ever not painfully honest though?! 😂) for @headtalksnews 💗 they are asking people to spend this week being a bit more HONEST about their mental health online and to stop this crazy habit of showing the world that we are smiling when on the inside we are crumbling. 📷 @katyaclarkson_photography #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthawarenessweek #mh #anxiety

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