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Miss Cairo  I mainly just post self love selfies because why not.

Today I’m feeling CUTE!
I’ve been integrating a 5 minute meditation session into my daily routine and it’s nice to have that space to breath. I’ve fought against meditive practices as it often makes me super emotional but I’ve realised I owe myself that space each day to just be present with my body. And all it is is a 5 minute podcast I listen to on my ride into work.
Give yourself the time today. You deserve it, beautiful! #selflove #selfcare

It took me many hours and a pep talk to get myself out of bed today, I didn’t want to sit with my feelings.. so I go dressed up and took myself to church... @milkthecowmelb in St Kilda that is!
Gonna start my 27th year in this universe as I mean to go on -covered in cheese and champagne.
Happy Birthday to me!
#happy #27 #cheese #wine #champagne #cheeseandwine #datingmyself

Happy birthday to me!

I literally woke up like this on my 27th birthday and to be honest I’m pretty happy with what I see! (It may have taken some pillow plumping and 150 photos at different angles, but still...) I get a lot of anxiety over birthdays, it’s a time when the ego is sent into overdrive. Issues of vanity and narcissism, popularity and quantitative evaluation. I’m sitting with these feelings and I’m not going to try and fight human emotions. I don’t have to be virtuous and humble if I don’t want to be by trying to deny what I’m feeling, or by saying that these thoughts make me a bad person. I have no control sometimes over my feelings, and that is normal, it’s if I chose to let them manifest into destructive behaviour which is where my power lies. So I can be sad that I haven’t received a card or presents, even though I never send any out and tell people I don’t need/want them, and I’m allowed to be a hypocritical, contradictory mess. But it’s my choice to think they are measures of importance. And deep down they aren’t important to me. My emotional growth is more important. My relationships are more important. My self worth is more important.
I’m powerful today. On any other day I would feel silly putting that out into the world, but today is a day for me to celebrate 27 years of surviving life. It’s my day to admit my resilience of what I have endured but it’s a day to think about how I can allow some softness into my life and be ok to let my guard down.
I’m excited for the things I’ve still yet to learn and achieve, but I’m going to start concentrating on what’s happening now.
So happy birthday to me!
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Did some cute tonged curls in my fringe today whilst assisting the @rokk_ebony team at @lorealhair headquarters when I had a spare few minutes!
Loving exploring looks with my hair now, especially obtaining knowledge on harmonious face balance and contouring!
#hair #transhair #trans #hairdresser #burberry #curlyhair

Beautiful day in Moama today meeting more of my boyfriends extended family! I’m very lucky to be accepted by another family who are loving, supportive and unified. Plus this hat is the best... and also these sunglasses I found!
#family #ohanameansfamily #hat #silhouette @glassons #moama #trans #transfashion

The other half and I had a gorgeous birthday party yesterday full of people we love! Thank you to everyone who came, for our presents, and for the love! And I loved our cute trans pride flag colour scheme... that was @gdstylist idea and I love him a lot!
Dress: @mrwilliamwilde
Earrings: @hausofdizzy
Makeup: @maccosmetics
Hair: @hairymisscairo
Nails: @queennails_southmelbourne

#birthday #party #transpride #couple #couplegoals #instacouple #boyfriendsofinstagram #pink #babyblue #latex #latexdress #latexfashion #latexclothing #latexgirls

Having a spontaneous joint birthday dinner with the partner in crime! @gdstylist your hair looks cute... where did you get it? #love #boyfriendsofinstagram #birthday #bestfriend #bluehair #bluehairdontcare #lgbtqia #trans #transcouple

Did a little wig refurbishment over the last few days (swipe across for the before) on my Jessica Rabbit wig. I lovers that act a lot but there was so much wrong with the costuming I was never comfortable doing it. Beforehand I never had the money or energy to invest in finessing the look, but now it’s going to be a little passion project. The wig still isn’t right, but I’m glad now it’s no longer a rats nest! Also pretty impressed with my five minute half face of makeup!
#wig #trans #transdrag #transdragqueen #jessicarabbit #imnotbadimjustdrawnthatway

Just had my appointment at the endocrinologist and we are doubling my dosage of oestrogen. I could have done this a few months back but I didn’t want to have a hormonal surge whilst I was in a healing trip back in Europe. I’ve put this appointment in for a little longer than I needed to but I trust that my sub conscious knows what it’s doing, and mentally I’m prepared for it.
I had a little realisation about my transition and my impatience as I left the clinic. I realised that my body is making all these intricate vessels and glands for me to develops. It’s not a matter of fat grownimg in my chest, my boy is having to create new systems and cells, one by one.
I’m in a hurry to get to somewhere which I don’t know what the destination is and maybe I should bring myself back into the now and appreciate that my body, soul and mind is doing wonderful things!
#trans #transgender #transitikn #hrt #hornones #lgbtq #choices #learning #education #selfdiscovery

I’n positively glowing today... probably due to my bronzer!
It’s been a really uplifting week chatting, discovering, connecting. I’m around wonderfully supportive people, and I’m appreciating myself again! 🌞✨✨🌞✨✨ #mentalhealthy #happy

Today I had a psychiatrist appointment as I needed a referral for my hormone therapy. However we didn’t talk about trans things at all. The focus of today’s session was about age and how I’m learning to cope with how my body and attitudes are changing the older I get. I’m constantly surrounded by images of youth and beauty and fighting hard not to buy into it, but it’s tantalising. I’m beginning to realise how much I should have appreciated my body when I was younger, and I know this feeling won’t disappear. I’ve got to learn how to not focus on it and shift my youthful vanity onto something not tangible.
I’m deep in another depressive episode right now. I always get like this around this time of year- it could be my birthday or it could be repressed trauma which will come out one day. However each year my depression gets a little bit easier to deal with. I’m learning how to sit in it instead of succumbing to it. I’m learning the importance of depression and how we are conditioned to eradicate negative feelings from our life otherwise we aren’t living... a damaging trope which silences mental health. This might last a few days or for the rest of the month, but I’m making sure I put my energy into self care and self reflection.
#mentalhealth #depression #age #aging #trans #lgbtqia #letstalkaboutit

I’ve spent the day in bed after I ended up having a breakdown last night. I bought a cheap dress which made me feel great but when I was already out, the dress broke because the zip was cheap.
This shit happens to the best of us, but it threw me into a pit of dysmorphia. I haven’t left the house or wanted to look in the mirror today. I know this is all in my head, I’m learning a lot about myself and trying to undo old trauma and explore new coping strategies. My depression each year seems to be getting better, but life always throws curve balls at you.
I’m also posting it on social media to hold myself accountable for active self care. A promise to myself. A reminder that I don’t always have to be a warrior. And also because it took me about 80 attempts to take this photo and a shit tonne of filters for me to construct a portrait which I still am not happy with. 🙄
#vanity #selfesteem #trans

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