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Take me back to midnight skinny dipping on Barcalonas beach!
Missing the warm breeze and Mediterranean see but excited to know I’ve got a really warm summer coming up in Australia! Despite @gdstylist and his proclamation of sustain for sand and beaches, I vow to spend more time in the beach and near and ocean, reconnecting with the tidal motion and enveloping nature.

#beach #naked #nude #bum #trans #skinnydipping #bodypositive #barcalona #spain #sandy #sandinyourcrack

Looking and feeling beach worthy in Barcalona! So good to *finally* have a holiday on this trip! So gorgeous to lay in the sand with my best friend @the.nightbus looking at men on the nudist beach 😜💦 also thank god for @maccosmetics still keeping me looking fresh even after dunking in the warm sea! And even after 6 weeks, my hair is looking sexy by my family at @rokk_ebony (@p4ttb @justinstirling_hair and @mrsamiiii ) #trans #holiday #vacation #hair #beach #sun #sea #sand #barcalona #spain

Over the weekend I had a 10 year reunion of some of my besties from @peterboroughregionalcollege ! It was so glorious catching up with them all and I was so proud to hear how successful people are on their own paths! It was wonderful to hang out in my old London haunts like @balanssohosociety @boxsoho and #sohosquare and they were all incredible accepting me in my transition, and it was so validating! Was beautiful to FaceTime a few people who couldn’t make it as well as a few of our tutors too! Really beautiful moment of lots of worlds colliding!
#friends #friendship #lifelongfriends #family #college #skins #studentsforaday #17again

Today I’m not feeling it. I’m tired, I’m irritable, I’m not looking forward to this Amsterdam trip ending, I left my phone in an Uber and Mercury is in Retrograde... sitting in these feelings though, holding myself responsible for my responses and accountable for my actions and not going to project my feelings onto those around me. It’s important to acknowledge all the scope of emotions and to let them sit there if they need to. It will pass, life is still beautiful! #mercuryretrograde #stickyfeelings #introvert #focus #stillness

So found out today we have now fully sold out the show! We have sold out a 10 day run... And look how cute tonight's face is! Very happy to reconnect with my makeup brushes on this tour and discover the missing link between my drag work and my authentic self. Enjoying wearing no makeup and being genuinely happy with what I see and now also wearing makeup to create a different look not for anyone else but myself. #makeup #trans #SWO #performer #artist #maccosmetics #blonde #wig #drag #performanceart #opera #sexwork #sexworkersrights @sexworkersopera @maccosmetics @macpro

I forgot how much fun blondes have!
It’s been really fun exploring show makeup again and deconstructing beauty standards utilising my clowning skills whilst still being a hot bombshell blonde!
If you’re in Amsterdam come and see the @sexworkersopera before the tickets run out... we’ve already sold out every night and for the next couple of nights! #blonde #trans #performance #swo #sexworkersrights #sexworkersopera #clowning #clocking #misscairo #blondebombshell #lgbt #artivism #activism #performance

Oooh have a look at this cheeky little #gif from the @sexworkersopera archives!

Really happy to be part of this project again, and I have written a new number with the help of @barbs.balls which I’m excited to get on its feet!
#swo #sexworkersopera #trans #queer #artivism #activism #artis #actress #singer #opera #blonde @maccosmetics

Having a lovely time in Amsterdam with the @sexworkersopera family! This is such a beautiful city, and we have been blessed with good weather, amazing food, gorgeous accomodation and the show is coming together beautifully! Very lucky to be an artist. #trans #queer #sexworkiswork #swo #sexwork #amsterdam #artist #singer #opera

I use my instagram to document my life. Yes I only put up images of myself I am happy with, and there is an element of tying to control my image, however I’m learning to love myself and my image in another light.
This wasn’t the best photo but in this moment is a reminder to myself of when u fell back in love with life.
London has been a great healer for me, it’s taught me to guard myself and now it’s allowed me to let those walls down and take in the love that city has. I’m so thankful of every person I have met, every moment I’ve been on this planet, and the importance of human connection.
There’s too much to articulate in an Instagram post, some of it is still not fully realised, but this is a footnote to myself- to remember how much pleasure life can bring oneself.

So far a resounding sentiment for me is gratitude for the little things in life, whether that be interactions with fellow human beings, seeing a dragonfly dip into the water, the colour of the trees in the summer or sitting on the top deck of the bus in the drivers seat.
I’ve spent a long time worrying about the bigger picture and trying to control so many aspects of my life, I’ve realised how many tiny moments and gestures I’ve missed out on.
I don’t regret that blindness, it was a coping mechanism whilst I explore other facets, and I’m now very grateful to know my eyes are beginning to open.
Priorities change every day, and that’s not to say what was important yesterday doesn’t hold the same reverence today.
So today I appreciated driving the bus even if it was for only two stops... I was reminded of my inner child’s imagination.
#love #peace #indigochild #doubledenim #trans #transgender #queer

I spent this weekend with my family in a field at a beautiful folk festival, and it was magical.

It marked the first time my family met me as Cairo and I’m blown away how amazing, loving a supportive they are. I’m incredible proud of how much they tried adjusting to a new name and pronoun, and treated me with respect and dignity, as they always have done.
There was a lot of old family friends there so there was a lot of navigating deadnames and misgendering, but I kept politics out of the equation and focused on the love, something I wouldn’t have been able to do before.
It’s been exhausting mentally BUT it’s important to acknowledge how beautiful my family are and how thankful I am to be a part of them.
And I’m grateful for this beautiful little stream I stumbled upon which meant I could cool down from the searing heat!
#trans #transfamily #family #love #norfolk #proud #serenity

London is being very kind and gentle so far and it’s been beautiful to catch up with some of my nearest and dearest already! Having this time away both in Melbourne and now away from Melbourne, I’m realising how much I have grown and honestly I am very proud of this shift. I’m falling back in love with a city I have called home and whilst I’ve no intention of moving back here, I’m enjoying this new found relationship with the capital and how it can benefit us both!

I’d love to see as many of you as I can, but I’m under a tight schedule with rehearsals and touring so raise your hand and we’ll make it work!
#london #melbourne #love #summer #swo #home #homefromhome #personalgrowth

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