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Kathryn  Fierce #boymom of✌🏼️Doctor of Physical Therapy 📚 College Professor 👩🏼‍🏫Pediatric PT👫Anti-Toxin Vixon 🌿Boston based💋CEO of my Life✨

Impromptu Friday night out with my girl #ready. Live. Yo. Life.


Exactly 5 years ago today, full term, in front of my new mama mobile at the time. I woke up the following day in labor with Nicky... Time. Flies. #basketballbelly #boymom

Seth Godin says it best, “One cannot be both angry and curious at the same time.” When you are met with anger, instead of mirroring that energy (which is sometimes our human instinct), try to focus on being curious. Why is this person so angry? Coming from a place of compassion and curious understanding allows us to proceed gracefully instead of taking it personally. It allows us to walk our path independent of other people’s anger or fear driven behaviors. It allows us to meet challenges with a creative mind instead of frustration. It allows the universe to bring to you what you are exuding. Positivity. When someone isn’t showing up in your life as you desire, instead of allowing anger & fear to penetrate your mind, focus on gratitude and creative solutions. Use curious compassion to understand their (usually fear driven) behavior. Love yourself first and remain in the space of authenticity. Those who are available and willing to love & support you will show up. The universe will make sure of it. #youareworthy #youareloved #youarebeautiful

Soothing my chocolate craving take#372 ... #organic #cerealmonster #almondmilk

I love creating impromptu bouquets using blooms from my yard. Mother Nature is the best designer on the planet. #bloomwhereyouareplanted #somethingbeautifulisonthehorizon #freerangechildren

Yyyyyyyyyep! 🙌🏼

There’s nothing quite like evening ice cream dates in the summertime. My handsome Charlie savoring this childhood nostalgia. ✨

Do more of what makes your eyes sparkle!✨I took this screen shot just now after finishing up a leadership training. & WOW. I’m feeling FULL of gratitude. Joy is seeping out of my pores tonight after an amazing day with some genuine, compassionate, driven & smart ladies. #purpose #impact #waymorethanjustmakeup #wearecrunchi


Find your tribe. Love them hard. What an inspiring morning with a some (6 out of 250 nationwide) of my friends & business colleagues. I love our team!! #beautyrising #werisetogether
#blessed #safebeautymovement #fallingforward #wearecrunchi

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