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Jenn|food for your donut hole  Scrumptious food for your scrumptious face. Paleo and Whole30 recipes. Bay Area living and co-creater of 5 kids. "ALMOST AUTHENTIC" E-book OUT NOW!

You need to make this Mexican Cabbage know for the sake of your well being.
It's probably one of my favorite soups I've made so far.
Grab this #whole30 recipe on my blog now. Link in profile!

P.S. I did this post whilst drinking a beer. Sorry not sorry for any typos you may see. 😂

BAE. Literally.
Chop some bacon and cook it up. Remove bacon then sauté any greens you feel like eating. Lastly, get an egg and make it super crispy. Boom. Bacon and eggs #bae
In other am I supposed to watch the eclipse when it's cloudy AF?! 😂

Wondering what to do with the plethora of tomatoes you have?! Or maybe you don't have any, but desperately want to make something when you see them at the store! Well, don't worry, I totally got your back with this Tomato Burst Sauce.
You guys know the drill. Click the link in my profile to get the recipe! #huzzah

Saturday morning consumption is @barelybread, avocado, spinach, and @wellshire bacon. #stacksonstacks
Now I'm off to go on a big ol' hike.
Hope everyone has an awesome day! #lifeafterwhole30

Friday hack: Take an ice cube tray, add some fresh herbs and oil and then freeze it. When you are ready to use just plop that sucker right into the skillet or let it defrost in a little bowl and use it as your base for dressing. It's a great way to use those fresh herbs that are starting to look so sad in your kitchen.
Some of my faves are:
Basil|Garlic|Lemon zest
What are some of your fresh herb combinations?

This weekend make sure you get a big giant mouthful of these "Jalapeno Cilantro Breakfast Sausage Patties" a new recipe that's on my blog and WAY better than boring ol' chicken and apple sausage!! Recipe link is in my profile. #gitit

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Make this next time you have lunch. Or else you can just "cash me ousside." #threats #🗡
Shredded chicken with @primalpalate taco seasoning • coleslaw • salsa • lime • cilantro

Sauté up your chicken and coleslaw with a spoonful of salsa. Cook until heated through. Add to a bowl and top with some lime, more salsa, and cilantro. #mouthfiesta #whole30

I'm sure a lot of you guys do this already, but for all you peeps who don't this is for YOU!
Take the rest of your boxed broth (one of my faves is @kettleandfire. Their ingredients are clean and #whole30) and freeze them in ice cube trays. When you are ready to use just plop them out!! Feel free to add fresh herbs to the broth before you freeze it!! #hacks #yourewelcome

I finally got my first @keurig and guys, I'm in LOVE. Hot coffee, cold coffee, and in like 1 minute. Seriously, I've been living under a rock!! Swipe right for some #coffeelove in my drop dead gorgeous @keurig
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Lets get this evening started with my Mexican Stuffed Zucchini Boats. Would it be a stretch to file these under #tacotuesday ?
If you have any zucchini still growing strong in your garden, this recipe is for you!! You can get this #whole30 recipe by clicking the link in my profile #readysetgo

It seems like school has started for most. (we are "old school" and go back after Labor Day) but it hasn't stopped my kids from already declaring that they want these "eggos" for on their 1st day!
These eggos are basically omelettes in waffle form, so if yoy have been wondering what to do with that waffle iron this is it!
What you need:
•6-8 eggs whisked
•veggies of choice (ex.diced bell pepper, spinach or kale, tomatoes)
•meat of choice (ex. bacon, sausage, pulled pork) •oil for waffle iron

What to do:
• In a bowl, crack eggs and whisk. • Add in your veggies and meat. If you are using bacon you will need to cook it up 1st.
• Oil waffle iron and pour some egg mixture into iron.
• Let cook 5 min or until eggs are cooked. • Garnish with salsa or avocado, whatever you feel like.
What would you guys put in your eggos?

Here's my famous clam chowder. Okay, okay, its not really "famous" but it's #whole30 and one of the most popular recipes on my blog! And bonus, it doesn't use any nut milks so all you peeps who are allergic to dem nuts are good to go!!! •

You can get this famous clam chowder by clicking the link in my profile!

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