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Jenn|food for your donut hole  Scrumptious food for your scrumptious face. Paleo and Whole30 recipes. Bay Area living and co-creater of 5 kids. "ALMOST AUTHENTIC" E-book OUT NOW!


Looking for something to make other than turkey this Thanksgiving? Don't worry, I got you covered with my 'PUMPKIN SOUP WITH CARAMELIZED ONIONS'
I'm actually not a huge fan of the sweet pumpkin taste. Instead, I like going for big, bold, and savory. #justlikemymen (wait, what?!!) Anywho, you can find this delicious #whole30 recipe by clicking the link in my profile!!! Happy Sunday!


My 'Thanksgiving Round Up' is so ready for you to take a gander at. It will give you all the holiday, thanksgiving-ie feels!!
Sound off in the comments below on your favorite thing to have on Thanksgiving! Mine is cranberry sauce and hot apple bourbon cider!! ______
Click the link in my profile and check it out! Guaranteed its gonna get you super excited for this Thursday!!! •


Currently have my Beef Bourguignon stewin' away in my slow cooker and it smells divine!! This is one of my absolute favorites from my e-book "Almost Authentic" Its #whole30 comfort food at its best and oh so perfect for this rainy day.
Link to get this (and 29 other tasty recipes) is in my profile!


Time to start thinking about your turkey and I have a totally awesome one on my bliggity blog!!
On the post I give you the best method to preparing and cooking the perfect turkey and why I do it this way! Don't worry, its really easy!
Head over to my profile @pretend_its_a_donut and click the link to get all the turkey lovin' info you will need!! #whole30 #whole30thanksgiving


Last week I talked about how much I love using @paleovalley 100% grass-fed beef sticks mixed all up in my breakfasts business! Its a nice change to putting sausage in your scrambles.
I cut them up and fold them in at the end when I put in my greens. Easy peasy and so delishy #rhyminglikeaboss 🤣
You have until Nov 30th to get 30% off by using the code 'donut' at check out. Which you should do!! (Also, rumor has it they are great stocking stuffers)
Click the link in my profile and it will take you to their site!


Looking for a dessert for Thankgiving that isn't gonna leave you dying on the inside?!! I just made Kristen's (over @livinglovingpaleo ) Pumpkin Pie Pudding and my pie hole (hehe pie hole 🤣) is thanking me right now!
I highly suggest bringing this pudding instead of the traditional pie. I've linked the recipe for you in my profile!
And if you are wondering if its easy to make, I made it this morning while getting my kids ready for school. So yes. Super easy!!!! •


See me whip up this brekkie over on my stories cause this plate is looking like a hot mess!
But, I'll tell ya what I've got just in case you're not in the mood to see my awesome face over on stories!
Zucchini noodles • leftover taters and bacon • @farmhouseculture taqueria mix • runny egg • avocado
What are you having this Monday? Anything scrumptious? If you didn't, make sure you have something scrumptious for lunch, deal? DEAL!

Did you know snickerdoodles are my favorite cookie in the whole world?! But I never make them because 1. I will NOT share, not even a crumb and 2. I will eat them in .0000237 seconds.
So when Kelsey over @littlebitsof_realfood made these Paleo Sticky Bun Snickerdoodles I knew I was in trouble. But I have self control, so I pinned them to make Christmas Eve, because Santa always gets snickerdoodles 😉 (its been really hard to not make these by the way. Like REALLY hard)
I put up the recipe for you in my profile and don't forget to give Kelsey a follow and say heeyyyyyy to her. She really is the best and inspires me all day errr'day!!! •


Is it getting super chilly where you live? If so, light a fire (or start your heater) grab a blanket and find someone to Netflix and chil[i] with. (wait, what?) _____
My #whole30 "Pumpkin and Beef Chili" is total comfort in a bowl and will give you all the feels.
You can find the recipe on my blog by clicking the link in my profile. (Sidenote: if my link in profile doesn't work, check out my recent story and swipe yo' finger up)

--> @pretend_its_a_donut <--


Don't want to nosh on a big ol' turkey this year for Thanksgiving?! Make my 'HARVEST MEATBALLS WITH CRANBERRY SAUCE" instead!! This super thanksgiving-ie recipe is now up on the blog!
Link in profile! --> @pretend_its_a_donut <--


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This simple, yet delicious breakfast has been rocking my world lately.
Sweet potato toast • guacamole • smoked salmon • capers • red onion #nomsallupinmymouth
What breakfast has been rocking your world?? •

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Welcome to true love. #trulymadlydeeply
Taking my "CHICKEN AND MUSHROOM STEW" out of the vault on this super rainy day and you should too (even if its not raining in your neck of the woods)
#whole30 #fridayfaceplants
Link in profile --> @pretend_its_a_donut <--


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