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Dave Carr  Devonian in Lancashire. Exeter City fan. Owned by Springer Spaniel. Things on iPhone and Nikon D3200.


The grassy side of Bamburgh Castle for us. Will have to come back when his eyes are healed for a classic shot from the beach! Still a lovely place to visit. #banburghcastle #northumberland #springerspaniel #dogsofinstagram #capturingbritain_castles #berryrednotpink :) #igerslancashire

One of the rare days I took some photos earlier this year. Whilst the dog had his 4 week checkup in St Helens I had a really interesting day in Liverpool, taking in the Museum of Liverpool, Maritime Museum, Modern Slavery Museum and Tate Liverpool. An amazing day for the price of a parking ticket. I was amazed by the padlocks which stretch for what must be half a mile beside the Mersey. So many memories of so many people no longer with us and others just locked in love. This is for a soul called #smith #lockedinlove #merseyside #liverpool #padlocks #liverbuildings #liverbirds #igerslancashire

Pie eaters heaven and a great setting - The Carts Bog Inn #pies #pieeater #suetpudding #cartsboginn #springerspaniel

Loving Northumberland. Can't believe we've not been here before. Can't get sand in his eyes so no beaches this time but it's still stunning. Still getting used to the miracle of his second cruciate surgery and cataract surgery which was only three weeks ago but love his berry red harness (still looks pink to me 😊) #dunstanburgh #craster #northumberland #springerspaniel #ruffwear #dogsofinstagram #igerslancashire

Well that was a nerve racking few days. This is immediately after getting home, and fantastic! So much more than we'd hoped for as he does have retinal degeneration, so this is unlikely to last for ever. I'll take all the good that life throws our way at the moment though! Thank you #veterinaryvision in #penrith #cataractsurgery #dogcataracts #dogsofinstagram Soon be posing again in the #igerslancashire stream I hope!

Leg is healing really well so getting some flexi time in. As you can see, can't say the same for his vision but nothing wrong with his other senses. Bit miserable round the house and bumping in to walls and doors still and have to watch he doesn't injure himself. Going to give cataract surgery a try #dogcataracts #petsofinstagram #ttasurgery #blinddogsofinstagram

On our recovery programme we can have a bit of off lead time in the garden after a walk. Clearly off lead isn't a good idea as he is getting to grips with sensing his way round. Made a pair of #diy whiskers to help him not bump too hard whilst he learns. Also introduced a ball back in to his life. Think it's a hit! Referral to eye specialist a week Monday for a consultation so we will see how that goes. Leg is doing great post op though #ttasurgery #cruciate #ccl #blinddogsofinstagram #blinddogscanplaytoo #petsofinstagram

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