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Preston Pérez  🏁Monster Truck Driver🏁 💙Matthew 7:13-14💙 22 years old Costa Rican ¡Pura Vida! 🌎 Give my Facebook page a like! 👇👍

Creating wreckage on this wreck-reational vehicle 😄🚃💥

Wheelie contest win yesterday afternoon! Almost turned her over too but kept it all under control and now the kids don't have to worry about being late to class 😜

Hey guys! I got stuck on a car 😂😂😂 #futurefreestyleworldchampion #mytamponfellout #thenewjimjack

Honesdale last night was definitely a solid show for me! Started out with a second place finish in the best trick contest, then went on to take both racing and freestyle victories! Got a busy week ahead with 3 different shows starting with Altamont, NY on Tuesday. Hopefully the good momentum carries forward!

Playing the ol' swaparoo game with @cody_matt
I have big shoes to fill this weekend as I will be piloting Iron Warrior for the first time ever at the Monroe and Cass County Fairs while he'll be takin' em to school in my usual ride at the Catt County Fair in Little Valley, NY.

Decent show tonight in Fredericksburg! I took home a wheelie contest win and the boss man got the racing win! Now it's time to get home and ready for another busy month of August.

The aftermath from a long week up in Newfoundland... Had some minor issues but overall it was a pretty solid weekend in the Cool Bus. Got my first experience doing double duty Sunday afternoon driving Black Stallion for freestyle... Got a little too crazy on one hit though and broke a hyme joint luckily it could have been worse. All in all, beautiful scenery and a great time up here in eastern Canada!

Your kids won't be late to class riding this school bus! There's no passing this beast on the street 😎

And that's a wrap from my first ever Monster Jam! A little bit of mixed emotions for me... First show out I had some mechanical issues but worked through them and made some solid runs! The biggest highlight was finishing 3rd in freestyle only behind @sonuvadigger and @randybrown_gd! Saturday night though was probably the roughest showing of mine to date having to drive the entire show from start to finish with a broken left rear axle. I made up for it today though with some solid performances and no breakage! At the end of the day, win or lose, I'm just extremely grateful and humbled to have been apart of it! Everyday is another day to grow and get better! Thank you to everyone who pushes me and supports me through it all!

Well I can finally say that I'm just one more day away from my first official Monster Jam debut! I'll be driving Higher Education in Halifax, Nova Scotia and competing alongside a group of amazing and talented veteran drivers! HUGE thanks goes out to @vatersmotorsports for giving me the chance of a lifetime of getting my start with the biggest league of monster truck racing in the world! Here's to a fun and exciting weekend!

Got the racing win last night in Presque Isle, Maine! It's a very small win but extremely special to me because it was against one of my best friends @sawickamonstah. This has dated back almost 4 years ago now that we have wanted to race each other, and what better way than in the finals! Then to get interviewed by another one of my favorite announcers and good friends @kennavitsky talking about how we met almost 8 years ago and how far I've come was the cherry on top of it all. Thank you again as always to @vatersmotorsports for the continued opportunity to learn and get better each and every weekend!

Got Higher Education all tired up on BKT's ready to rock Presque Isle, Maine tonight!

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