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melina  im greek and live in queens does that mean that i should cook for alex vause?

laura looks so gorgeous here and the guy in the bg is literally me. {#lauraprepon #alexvause #oitnb #orangeisthenewblack}

i just finished this edit on the subway bc im omw to school. it's my last day though and i only have to be there for like 30 minutes soooo. {#lauraprepon #alexvause #oitnb #orangeisthenewblack}

i didnt see this pic of her until today holy shit. laura was in brooklyn today and i was in the city ugh. {#lauraprepon #alexvause #oitnb #orangeisthenewblack}

this is my first edit! i just love laura more than i've loved a celebrity in a while and i've always wanted to try making edits so here i go!

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