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Speeding into the weekend like 🏎🏎🏎 #projectwreckless 🎥 @alexaquino

12 years of marriage later, one of the best parts of having had 3 wedding ceremonies (over 10 days) is that if you forget the first one…

You’re not going to forget the next two.

I definitely forgot this year which is why this post is coming out now and not six days earlier.

Please don’t tell my wife I forgot.

Another great thing about marriage now is that anniversary presents include things like new patio furniture.
No one really wants patio furniture as a gift ever. Maybe the person buying it is excited (slightly) but how dull has your life become if you're super excited about patio furniture?

I can't lie.
I'm pretty fucking excited about this furniture.

Please don’t tell my wife that also.

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Hanging with the boys looking fly. #superman #sunset #dadlife

SF > Palm Springs > Tahoe Penny + Sabina Bday Month
House Warming, Desert Raving, Spring Boarding

Taking care of business

Ethnic AF
And proud of it.
I’m a first generation son of immigrants from Baltimore. Our three children were all born in San Francisco and we want to raise them here as well. Recently our family made a big move that hopefully keeps us in San Francisco well until our kids are in college.
As citizens we are committed to investing our time, energy, and soul into building and supporting what we love. Puneet has been working for the community in San Francisco, first as a social worker and then managing a team of social workers, for fifteen years. It’s extremely hard work and I don’t know how she still does it. It’s a testament to her strength and I’m lucky to be around her.
My life was forever changed after experiencing the arts, music, and events of the Bay Area. It’s been 20 years since I started producing experiences in 1998. And I’m still here trying, failing, and learning - but always working. Now the events I produce touch 10,000 people a year and through Up All Night we’ve purchased nearly a quarter of a million dollars of tickets for our members from independent promoters and venues in just two and a half years.
Our family is very fortunate and we are looking forward.
2018 is a big year for everyone in this country.
The upcoming House elections are the next best chance for progressives to regain power in our government. There’s significant momentum to support great people that have stood up to make a difference. Puneet and I were excited to meet people like @mikelevinca @daveminforcongress who are running to win California District 49 and 45 respectively. They aren’t career politicians. They are everyday citizens trying to impact the direction of this country.
Recently we have been working for Swing Left. @swingleftorg helps you find and commit to supporting progressives in your closest Swing District so that you can help ensure we take back the House in 2018. Whether it’s donating, volunteering, or spreading the word the time is now.

Invest your spirt into building where you want to live and impacting the change you want to see.
This is our home too and we aren’t going anywhere.
Thanks @theholymountain for the amazing 📸

Sliding into 2018 bowling strikes !!!
#newyear #sameme
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#fbf Sitting in Ice Baths with @soodsandeep and @iceman_hof #summit2017

Thanks to everyone for coming through and supporting The Do-Over last Sunday in SF. It’s easily the largest and most diverse Hip Hop and Dance music event in San Francisco. We had mad flavor with #realdjs including Jazzy Jeff, TroyBoi, Jubilee and more outside to Tony Touch and Jellibean Benitez inside.
Not everyone understands that closing a city street for a block party is both very special and technically challenging. We don’t get extra days to set up and tear down. We are up early in the am and then break down that night.
Our teams work so hard on the details to make sure the experience is on point - from working with the Fire Department so that everything is to code to stopping sales way early so our event isn’t too packed and guests have a safe and enjoyable experience.
Big props to The Flavor Group team for running production and marketing especially Shawn, Liz, Matt, Andy, and Alessandro. Also props to the Up All Night team for running ticketing and support including Rob, Ryan, Yulin and Joey. Can’t forget true SF heros Derek Hena, for his help with the city and production, and our family at Monarch for running the bars. My Do-Over brothers Jamie and Chris are some of the dopest people I’ve ever worked with. Thanks for letting my teams work with your baby. Last but not least thanks to my boos Puneet, for holding down the kids while I’m yelling at porto pottie vendors, and Fran Boogie for his endless Fernet-Branca shots.
I'm proud that 19 years later I'm still working to impact the culture of this wonderful city - the home of my children and all of my families. First three 📸Neil Yuzon. Rest is me.

While y'all be watching the eclipse I can't stop watching these moons 👀🌝🌚😂
Brasil > The World
#salgueiro #brazil #samba #riodejaneiro

Vibes. Off the charts.

I’m a terrible pilot.
2 of my first 3 flights resulted in some pretty epic crashes.
But I’m getting better.
Instead of purchasing a medium range Canon or Sony SLR I opted to purchase a flying machine with a camera.
It was an impulse buy and I was sweating in the store a little when I bought it on the company card. I filed it under Office Expense cause that’s what all the good CEO’s do.
I definitely feel like I’m living in the future with this elegantly designed flying machine with a 4K video camera that can fold up into the palm of my hand.
Did I mention it shoots in 4K and FLYS? That is insanely high resolution (this video is not as it's compressed). But back to the crashes.

My second time flying I flew into the side of my parents house in Baltimore and broke the camera. 2nd time! I love a challenge so bought the parts online and fixed it myself thanks to some YouTube videos.
Super excited about a successful repair job I fly again the next day and after a nice 30 minutes of flight I flew backwards into a tree at Jackson Park in Potrero Hill.
I had to throw its flight case 25ft in the air trying to hit the branch the Mavik was stuck on while not smashing the Mavik. Here I am late for work throwing a flight case at an Office Expense stuck in a tree while some company having an offsite at the park looked on laughing. After 40 minutes and 150 throws I hit the branch just right and the Mavik fell down into my arms with no major damage. Flying great !
My wife won’t let me buy a dog so for now this is our family pet.
Hit me up if you have any questions and I can tell you exactly what not to do given my illustrious experience.

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