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Brunei Premium Box Gym  Unisex Gym Sri Q-lap Mall Kg Kiulap Opening hours: 8 AM until midnight Guest walk in as low as $3 +6738362168/+6737101621

Liveupdateaa of 10:16pm: 6 people. #pbginfo

Appreciation is the MOST important aspect in retaining customer satisfaction. Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to APPRECIATE all of our loyal customers! THANK YOU FOR SUBCRIBING OUR GYM MEMBERSHIP and CHOOSING our gym as part of your healthy lifestyle. And also Thank you very much for being HONEST in putting the money inside our “yellow wallet” at the gym. Your integrity is much appreciated.

Are you coming to #premiumboxgymbn today?

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We often see these incredible physique pics on Instagram. The guys are shredded, with ripped 8-packs and arms with veins that pop.
What you don't see is that their lives suck. It's not natural to have a super low body fat percentage. Your body is f*cked. You're ALWAYS hungry. You crave screwed up things like eating a full stick of butter, and you're cranky and sometimes unpleasant to be around.
You can't expect to live a normal life and be shredded year round. Being shredded is an occasional thing that you will do for a photoshoot or stepping on stage.
Alternatively, you can live your life being lean year round. Sure, you'll experience feeling hunger occasionally and have cravings for normal things like pizza, but at least you can be happy. The best part is, you still look awesome.
Would you rather be lean, or would you rather be shredded? Let me know below.

Liveupdate as of 10pm! Come to #premiumboxgymbn night still young! If they can do it why cant you? #pbginfo #motivation

Feeling bored at home? Do drop by at #premiumboxgymbn $4 per person $8 for two and $9 for three person ($3 per person for more than 3 people walk in at the same time). In case the receptionist is not there, do put your money at the yellow wallet. We trust you! Integrity is the best quality of any human being. #thankyou #pbginfo

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