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Visit to see our new #rigrundown with @afireinside where you can learn about @jadepuget's 'Burials' @gibsonguitar Les Paul Studio and the rest of the band's gear. #music #punk #afi #guitar #gear #guitars #livemusic #nashville #nofilter

A look at the pedalboard of @drewshirley of @switchfoot. Head to our YouTube page to see his livestream Q&A and performance!

Head over to our YouTube channel today at noon Central for a live Q&A with @drewshirley from @switchfoot!

Straight from yesterday's #rigrundown shoot with @afireinside here's @jadepuget's No. 1 @gibsonguitar Les Paul Studio. #afi #guitar #gear #guitars #lespaul #music #nofilter

Come on, Friday. You've been here long enough. It's time to plug in this new filth box from @oldbloodnoise. (Full disclosure: We aren't waiting for the weekend to crank this up.) #pedal #distortion #overdrive

Visit to learn about this @prsguitars Custom 24 and the rest of the @doobiebrothersofficial gear they use on tour. #rig #rigrundown #guitar #guitars #gear #music #nofilter #nashville #doobie

Here's some free advice. #Tuesday #guitar #popular (h/t @gjpotter77)

@wamplerpedals new lo-fi delay, the Doctor, started out as a one-off for country super picker Brad Paisley, but Brian Wampler thought it was time to put it into production. It mimics the same controls as his Faux Tape Echo, but with a different EQ for the repeats. It's more grotty, and well, lo-fi. It will ship in September for $239. #namm

Ben Hinz's @dwarfcraft devices came to Nashville #NAMM with yet another warped stomp, the Curse. Outfitted with a bunch of bucket-brigade-device analog chips, it rather fittingly yields up to 666 ms of delay, but also features an onboard modulation circuit, a subdivision toggle, a waveform toggle that switches between sine, square, and random, and control-voltage mini jacks for external control of tap-tempo or modulation. Street price is around $400.

@greeramps came to Nashville #NAMM with a great-sounding little overdrive called the Moonshot. Outfitted with an AC-128 germanium diode, this class-A two-knobber shoots simple but sublime with a master volume and a tone knob that accentuates treble and low mids at its two extremes.

If you're addicted to manipulating pedal parameters in real time, then these new offerings from @classicaudioeffects might be right up your alley. On the left is the Aloft Shimmer Reverb, which makes washy, ambient tones more dynamic by adjusting the mix with the expression roller. It also includes independent reverb and shimmer controls to help you dial in just the right vibe. On the right is the Space Cadet, a killer pitch bend with a two-octave range. Both will street for $199. #namm

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