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Sibling love. 🤣
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My couch has certainly seen some shit. (Literally and figuratively.)
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Great explanation from @bumpbabyandco!
This is the process your body takes during dilation.
The cervix needs to open about 10cm for a baby to pass through. This is called ‘fully dilated’. .
Contractions at the start of labour help to soften the cervix so that it gradually opens. The process of softening can sometimes take many hours before you’re in what is called ‘established labour’. .
Established labour is when your cervix has dilated to more than 3cm. If you go into hospital or your birth centre before labour is established, you may be asked if you’d prefer to go home again for a while rather than spending many extra hours in hospital or the birth centre.
Once labour is established, the midwife will check you from time to time to see how you are progressing. In a first labour, the time from the start of established labour to full dilation is usually between 6 and 12 hours (about 8 hours on average) and often will become quicker for subsequent pregnancies.
Your midwife or obstetrician will tell you to try not to push until your cervix is fully open & your baby’s head can be seen. To help you get over the urge to push, try blowing out slowly and gently or, if the urge is too strong, in little puffs. Some people find this easier lying on their side, or on their knees and elbows, to reduce the pressure of the baby’s head on the cervix.
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Don’t even knock. 😉
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I love this on so many levels.
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I wanted to share this back when I took it, but I didn’t have the 🎾⚾️’s to do so. So here it is now that I’m feelin sassy 💃🏻...The picture on the right was taken nine days before Penny was born and I remember thinking how much pregnancy was nothing like I thought it’d be and certainly nothing like how the they make it out to be on tv. I thought I’d feel fantastic, have great pregnancy fashion-sense & that the wind would blow through my voluptuous mane every time I walked through a doorway...but in reality I was exhausted, only wore sweatpants or no pants at all & wore these cute “adult panties” around because I was NOT risking a “clean up on aisle 7” situation of my water broke in public. Fast forward to parenthood & it’s pretty much the same 🤷🏼‍♀️ I thought things would be picture-perfect but instead, I accidentally bump Penny’s head on the car door when I go to put her in her carseat, I don’t wash my hair for embarrassingly long periods of time and I’m lucky if I remember to eat or pee by 10pm. Not as glamorous as I thought it’d be

Moral of this post...instead of having expectations, just enjoy each day as it comes and the small triumphs that go along with putting on pants or remembering to eat..or if it’s a GOOD day, wash AND dry your hair 🤗

Also - I feel like that picture is no different than a bikini pic, so it’s totally acceptable. 💁🏼‍♀️
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Double the fun!
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The world needs to know, dammit.
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