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Pregna-Fit™  Strength for pregnancy and postpartum🔸 Check out @strength_for_moms for more!🔸 Nora Matthew, pre/postnatal specialist🔸 info@pregnafit.com🔸


Mamas!!! Let's talk "stability." Stabilizing the SPINE is a function of the core muscles and a central focus of training during pregnancy. Exercises like diaphragmatic breathing, chops, Pallof presses, carries, and single leg deadlifts (where possible) are ALL part of the scaled training of Pregna-Fit.
Pregna-Fit is about meeting YOU where you're at to allow you to have the strongest, most functional pregnancy possible, regardless of background. Moving is immensely important when preparing for labor, birth, and (oh yeah) being a MOM!

I haven't posted in a few days because I've been at the @perform_better 3 Day Summit in Providence, RI! It's been amazing learning about STRENGTH training, mobility, stability, functional core anatomy, movement, glute training, nutrition that WORKS, and so much more. It's been exciting to watch notable coaches like @bmarcello13 @backfitpro @bodybyboyle @rachcosgrove @lburtonfms01 @toddwright_coach @ericcressey and many many more!
Stay tuned for what I have in store for you in July!!! #pregnafit #pregnant #pregnancy #fitpregnancy #fitmama #strongmama #strongpregnancy #strengthformoms #fms #performbetter

A great workout does not need to be a long one! Pregna-Fit classes are 45 minutes, but the warm-up and finisher at the end are about 15-20 minutes combined and the main circuit is about 20-25 minutes.
As a mom, I've found that if you're always waiting for the perfect moment or the exact amount of time to get your workout in, it quite often doesn't ever happen. #truth
I had a small gap of time between clients, so I tried to move in several different ways.
I [clearly] love hip-powered, glute-centric exercises, so I did some heavier kettlebell swings, slightly lighter single arm swings, cleans, and presses, followed by some deadlifts, split squats, and windmills! It wasn't totally planned and two sets took me about 10 minutes with my 2-3 minute recovery in between.
Was I sweating? No.
Could I have used heavier weights or completed more sets? Yes ✔️
Did I focus on good movements with solid form? Yes ✔️
Do I plan to do longer workouts with more movement variations as my pregnancy progresses? Absolutely. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Sometimes it's not rocket science. Move your body well and you will reap the rewards.
#pregnafit #pregnant #thirdtrimester #strongpregnancy #fitmama #strongmama #kettlebells #swings

Happy Saturday, mamas! Here's a super challenging complex we did this week. You need a set of weights (8-15 lb dumbbells) and a box/step. Each exercise is performed for 40 seconds with no recovery in between and 40 seconds rest between full sets.

1. Box squat to shoulder press
2. Side step ups side 1
3. Side step ups side 2
4. Alternating bicep curls
5. Bent over row in a deep lunge side 1
6. Bent over row in a deep lunge side 2
7. Pregna-Fit "burpees"

Repeat circuit 6x for a great burn and significant sweat 😅💪🏼 #pregnafit #pregnancy #fitmama #fitpregnancy #strongmama #strengthformoms #strongpregnancy #pregnant #firsttrimester #secondtrimester #thirdtrimester

Good morning, mamas!! Here's a thought for your CORE training today: Get off your back and out of your planks to train your core!! These 3 exercises, when executed well, are awesome for the WHOLE core! And, no, they won't give you a six pack over your bump, because that's impossible😉

1. Step ups with a knee drive involve tons of stability through the glutes and core and you can take these at your own pace!! This mama loves her HIIT training, so she ramps it up. Notice that her knee doesn't go SO high that she's forced to tuck her pelvis underneath--she continues to maintain a strong, neutral position in her pelvis and lower back 👍🏼 2. Single arm farmer carry: these are great. Hold a weight (I suggested 15-25 lbs for my mamas) on one side, just slightly out from the hip, ensuring that you don't tip to one side or the other. Just from this position, you should feel your core muscles activate (I sure did!). Walk at a normal pace and (as best you can) TRY not to waddle OR walk like you're on a tight rope (keep feet hip-distance apart). Make sure you switch sides evenly (we did 3 sets at about 40 seconds each side). 3. Hinged gorilla rows: find a box or surface about 12-18 inches from the floor. Hinge your hips back (pull the hips back, stretching/"loading" the hamstrings (sometimes helpful to call this the "bend" part of the bend and snap #ellewoods), keeping the knees soft. The back should be in a great position (no rounding) and arms should be straight and comfortably resting on the box in front of you. As you row, keep the elbows tucked in to your sides and shoulders depressed away from the ears. Alternate sides, always allowing the weight to come back and rest on the box before pulling with the other arm. You should definitely feel like you need to stabilize through the core to pull while maintaining this "hip hinge" position.

Now get it!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 #pregnafit #pregnancy #pregnancycore #fitpregnancy #fitmama #strongmama #strongpregnancy #strengthformoms

Ahhhh push-ups: a classic, challenging, effective exercise that never gets old!
One consideration when continuing push-ups during pregnancy is how MUCH core is required. Full push-ups are in the same category as full planks during pregnancy. Some women can successfully continue to plank until they are "showing" around 16-20 weeks, while others (myself included) must stop as soon as the core begins to stretch and change way earlier on in pregnancy.
Keep perspective with exercises like this! Pregnancy is not forever, so erring on the side of caution is best. You can get a great workout and tons of benefit from many "modifications" or variations of traditional exercises that require *optimal* core function to actually work in the best way possible. Here's where expertise in *exercise selection* comes in.
The question should not be "what can I keep doing that I was doing pre-pregnancy?" But, rather, "what should I be doing to benefit my body during pregnancy & postpartum?" That being said, even my Pregna-Fit mamas get the benefit of push-ups!

Here are my 3 favorite push-up versions, super core-friendly, and not short on challenge for every trimester!
The main rules of thumb for all 3 versions are to PAY attention to your form AND your breathing. •As on most strength training exercises, exhaling on exertion is the best practice. This allows your core and pelvic floor to optionally function together. So, for a push-up, inhale to lower toward the box/floor/bar and exhale to push back up to the start. •Make sure the shoulders always travel slightly forward and that the elbows are at a slight diagonal from the shoulders (not on the same plane), so that you are using the correct muscles. I always encourage a slightly wider-than-shoulder-width starting position for the hands so that the shoulders are in a good position and the pec (chest) muscles are working well.
Try these out and let me know how it goes!!

I have to give a HUGE thank you and shout out to @baobeimaternity, the creators of this amazing Maternity Support Band for my big belly!! At only 28 weeks (😬) with baby #3, I can feel my belly stretching and getting heavier every day. I spend most of my day not only in my feet but demonstrating exercises for my clients, working out myself, and chasing my boys around at home! I've been struggling with some pelvic pain, so lifting and supporting this load is SO important to me. The @baobeimaternity band is nice and snug (I'm wearing a size small), and it really makes a difference in core support as I grow OUT! UPDATE: they will be RESTOCKING tomorrow!!!! If you need a little extra support through your pregnancy, check them out! 🙌🏼💪🏼🏋🏼‍♀️🤰🏼

I got away for a rare trip to the gym today (not training anyone but myself😜), so after a few warm up sets, I decided to see how some moderately heavy swings and goblet squats felt at almost 28 weeks🤰🏼... I'm happy with the outcome, but I definitely felt more unstable than previously posted workouts from a few weeks ago.
Here's what I did in about 30 minutes:
Walk on treadmill x5 min
Set 1 (With 25 lb dumbbell) x3:
•Bent over single arm row x10/arm
•Goblet squats x10
•Curtsy lunge x10 •Shallow split squats (2 dumbbells) x8/leg

Set 2 (15 lb dumbbells) x3:
•Seated shoulder press x10
•Seated bicep curls x12
•Seated Arnold press x8
•Bench hip thrust x12
Set 3 (25 & 35 lb kettlebells)x3:
•Single arm swing clean & press (lighter bell) x8/arm
•Swing (heavy bell) x12
•Goblet squat (heavy bell) x12

Time for a nap!🏋🏼‍♀️💪🏼🤰🏼😴 #pregnafit #secondtrimester #fitpregnancy #strongpregnancy #kettlebells #swings #squats #laborpreparation #strengthformoms #fitmama #strongmama

These amazing mamas-to-be run with everything I give them!! Yesterday's class involved battle ropes outside in the [very] warm sunshine, lateral squat walks, and single arm rows (plus some chops that aren't featured)...THEN some core-friendly animal crawls 👌🏼💪🏼 and they took it all in stride! It was a sweaty class to say the least 😅!

Pregna-Fit™ strength training is done with intention and purpose of taking on the current (pregnancy) and upcoming challenges (later pregnancy, labor, birth, recovery). I would argue there is no more important time in your life to train with the final goals in mind than pregnancy.🤰🏼🏋🏼‍♀️💪🏼 These two movements are particularly great for first and second trimesters because they work STABILITY and mobility through the hips, glutes, and pelvis.
1. Reverse lunge to knee drive with an optional weighted medicine ball is a move that's not only great for the lower body, but also for the core!
Notice when the featured mamas drive the knee up to meet the med ball, they are maintaining a neutral position with the pelvis and NOT tucking it under! If you can work your core in a neutral position, it's way more functional way to train your abs, especially during pregnancy.
The blue med ball used in the video is 8 lbs and the red ball is not weighted. Either option is super challenging!

2. Deep squat with bicep curls: this movement not only trains mamas to get IN to that awesome deep squat position (great for labor), but it also trains them to get OUT of it safely, therein, training the glutes and hip stability as well. Added bonus of the bicep curls is some solid upper body tone💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 #pregnafit

Reason #1000 why I love strength training during pregnancy: it's SUSTAINABLE.
We all have workouts, activities, and sports that we love, but let's face it: they're not all compatible with pregnancy, especially in the later stages.
When we have to change our routines, it can be pretty confusing and sometimes jarring to stray from he norm, but it's incredibly important to stay in tune with your body. Acknowledging when it's time to change things up is difficult, but often wise and very beneficial in the long run.
Physiological changes during pregnancy include, but are not limited to: abdominal muscle stretching, added load to the pelvic floor muscles, shifted center of gravity, posture, and gait (how you walk/run). Very often these changes are accompanied by the increased likelihood of fatigue, nausea, instability, and blood pressure changes.

The Pregna-Fit method of training is not only suitable to every level of training experience, but it's also modifiable to every stage and common transition or shift during pregnancy.
Efficient, knowledge-based training is one of the most important decisions you will make during pregnancy. This is because your training is about preparation for a whole new stage in your life. Be ready for this incredible marathon of pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum and train with Pregna-Fit.

Classes are held 5 days a week at Fitness Artist Loudonville.
For those of you outside the Albany, NY, area, the very first Pregna-Fit Strength Training e-book is very nearly ready for release. Stay tuned for an exclusive offer for the @pregnancy_fitness followers coming up the first week in June!!! #pregnafit #pregnancy #pregnancyworkout #pregnancyexercise #strongmama #strongpregnancy #strengthformoms #fitmama #fitpregnancy #laborpreparation

Are you postpartum and ready for the next step of your journey to building strength and fitness? Are you ready to learn movements that are beneficial to your body and see incredible long-term results? Are you pregnant and wondering what's next for your postpartum training routine?? If your answers are YES, then head on over and follow our NEWEST project based on Mama Strength classes, @strength_for_moms !!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 #strongmama #postpartum #postpartumcore #postpartumexercise #mamastrength #strengthformoms

Even though I spend most days in a beautiful fitness studio, this summer weather has me loving the outdoor workouts! You absolutely don't need weights to get a challenging workout, especially when you maximize rounds and minimize recovery. Try these exercises next time you have a free 10-20 minutes--I was taking advantage of my boys' nap time here!

Outdoor strength for pregnancy:
1. Walking lunges
2. Squats
3. Crab walks
4. Incline push-ups/push-ups with hips raised (avoiding excessive ab wall pressure)
5. Pike shoulder taps and pike push-ups (again, little to no ab strain)
6. Split squats (Bugs not guaranteed 😉🐛)
Be creative but SMART about your movements! If it doesn't feel good, try something else!

Did you get your sweat on outside this week?? #pregnafit #pregnancyworkout #pregnancyexercise #outdoorworkout #summerpregnancy #secondtrimester #strongmama #strongpregnancy

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