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Nora Matthew  🔸 PREGNA-FIT™️ 🔸 🔸 Strength training for pregnancy & beyond 🔸 🔸 info@pregnafit.com 🔸

For me, self-care is a direct result of knowing myself and acknowledging my worth.

##At almost 6 months postpartum, I am attempting to lift heavy things and challenge myself to move better 2x a week. This might not seem like much, but for me, it’s what I need.

##Sometimes it makes me feel incredibly guilty to leave early for work so I can get my own workout in, but movement makes my heart happy and I know I am a better person for having done it.

##I’ve gone through some major nutritional shifts recently, trying to pinpoint exactly what it is that’s irritating my gut and, in turn, irritating my little guy’s gut. As a result, I have been sticking to the basics and probably under eating just for lack of viable options.
##Today was a snow day and while prepping delicious looking bagels and cream cheese for my boys’ lunch, I told myself I was going to take the time to make myself an awesome lunch (one of those recipes I took a screenshot of several weeks ago) and I did.
##Mom guilt is some real shit, but when it comes down to it, I know I’m worth the effort to be a healthier, happier version of myself.
#Yesterday I had lunch with a friend I’ve known since high school, and “filled my well.” ##Don’t we all owe it to ourselves to make real steps toward self-improvement? Effort and energy only spent on others (children, spouse, work) will drain really quickly as I’ve learned the hard way.
##If you’re struggling as a mom to keep a grasp on yourself - on who YOU are as an individual - please know you’re not alone. Anxiety, stress, and constant mood shifts are signs that maybe something needs to change.
##My positive changes are moving with intention and actually enjoying the food I can eat.
##What are yours?

Finish STRONG 💪🏼💪🏼.................. •Today’s Pregna-Fit finisher combined one of my favorite multi-joint, bang-for-your-buck exercises, SQUAT PRESS, with some single leg stability. •Using 10-15lb dumbbells, these mamas did 20 seconds of each exercise:
A. Squat press
B. Overhead/front rack single leg balance, left side
C. Squat press
D. Overhead/front rack single leg balance, right side •Repeat 4-6 sets 💪🏼💪🏼

Because life is not always linear!
# These strong mamas are practicing good movements with rotation through the spine, hip flexion, therein combining different planes of motion.
# If you plan to still move your body in normal every day life during pregnancy, practice to be strong and INTENTIONAL in these movements. Think about reaching for something on the floor, something across the table, picking up your toddler, checking your blind spot while driving, or the thousands of other things you do during the course of your day.
Here are a few focus points present in every Pregna-Fit class:

# Breathe continuously with the exhale on exertion e.g. breathe out on the harder part of an exercise to ensure optimal function of your abdominal & pelvic floor muscles,

# The spine bears load the best in a neutral position, aka the “shallow S,” with the gentle curves at the lumbar (mid-lower) and thoracic (mid-upper) spine without excessive extension (bending back) or flexion (bending forward). The discs are then in the best position to endure movement and stress and you can reduce the occurrence of back pain that can be very common during and after pregnancy.
# Good movement is defined by a balance of controlled flexibility (a healthy range of motion), and strength (control while bearing load/weight) in each movement.
# If any movement is not optimal, remember that adding load is not going to improve it. Crappy movement + load = crappier movement.

# Train well by being mindful and intentional and by getting a great coach! 💪🏼💪🏼 # If you’re in pain or something doesn’t feel right, don’t wait! Seek advice from your local physical therapist! #getpt1st

This insta story generated some response!! I love to converse, so let me explain a couple things:
1. This mama is 5 months postpartum (Mama Strength classes are from 3+ months post birth). She had a super active pregnancy and has been working on rehabilitating core and pelvic floor since 6 weeks postpartum.

2. We don’t jump in Pregna-Fit. For many preggo mamas it can be a genuine question if they were doing plyos in “HIIT” classes, CrossFit box jumps & burpees, or athletic training for a sport!
I’m not saying “don’t” altogether for jumping during pregnancy, but if you were jumping before, I would recommend stopping around mid second trimester, when baby starts to gain some weight and the load on pelvic floor begins to significantly increase.
I like to err on the side of caution in my classes and don’t include plyometrics. I am aware, however, that many of my Pregna-Fit mamas like to run and run well into pregnancy. This is another topic altogether, but running is another type of “impact” exercise, requiring good pelvic floor function.
3. Aside from crappy mechanics (which really comes down to coaching), there are a couple “red flags” that may indicate dysfunction during jumping (or other exercises). They include:
A. Pain (clearly stop what you’re doing),
B. Stress Incontinence (peeing or pooping by accident or feeling as if you need to go to the toilet immediately)
C. Any feeling of “heaviness” or “bulging” at the pelvic floor, which may indicate Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP). All three of these red flags warrant a visit to your local Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist (an easy referral from an OBGYN or GP if required), as something in your mechanics is dysfunctional and should be addressed.

Are you ready for impact after baby? I would advise waiting at least 8 weeks to reintegrate strength training, then a further 6-8 weeks with great function (pelvic floor & core with no leakage or pain), and begin with low reps and few sets, always gaging how you feel after (hours & days) and progress from there.
At the end of the day, always ask yourself: do I need this in my workout? For function? For fun? If so, ask for support and progress slowly! #ptfirst

“The Body Remembers.” Throwback Tuesday to when I felt incredibly raw only 1 week after my third baby, and my first c-section**. Henry was over 11lbs and face presentation, which meant he wasn’t coming out the birth canal as I had so carefully prepared for.
The recovery was long and painful and honestly I didn’t feel up to exercising until 12 weeks postpartum. My energy levels began to recalibrate (4 hour stretches of sleep felt like vacation), and after seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist, the inflammation and pain at my incision had reduced.

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve seen a few mamas, who have just received the green light from their OBs/midwives to get back to exercise. Many have unfortunately already started back with HIIT/group x classes by the time I see them.
Whether I see them at 6 or 12 or 18 weeks postpartum, we always start with the basics. Can you breathe well? Can you move well? Building on a strong foundation may be the longer road, but it is *always* going to be the direction to a stronger body and to exercise longevity. “The Body Remembers” is a phrase that I always use to describe the return to ‘normal’ exercise for the chaotic, sleep-deprived, and HEALING version of ourselves. >>If you aren’t willing to take the time to ease yourself back into exercise, your body will take the time it needs later on. This might mean injury or exhaustion or a combination of both.<< Your body is wise, so listen to it. Did you miss a whole night’s sleep with your babe? Rest. Are you super sore after a workout? Maybe it was too much. Are your abdominal muscles bulging? Is your c-section ever swollen or painful? These are your signals to rest and maybe even seek help from your local women’s health physical therapist.
Fitness & strength mean much more than working up a heavy sweat and soreness that lasts 3 days. Those things may have their place in your life, but start slow and build from the ground up.

Not sure where to start? Tune in to our Instagram story tonight to see how our mamas begin their postpartum fitness journeys... (**Note: my babe loved being in this @lalabubaby Soothe Shirt 😍 it kept him high above my incision)

Check out our girl @barrettfitnessny doing her belly breaths before her workout to help activate those core and pelvic floor muscles! This is how every Pregna-Fit class starts and an integral part of postpartum training! Amazing job, Meghan! ❤️💪🏼 Repost from @barrettfitnessny ⭐️Do you even belly breathe?⭐️
Before any exercise I always take 5-10 minutes for diaphramic breathing and a dynamic warm up. This ensures I'm activating my transverse abdominal muscles ( the inner core muscles) with the pelvic floor muscles. Mamas need a strong core for all the duties of #momlife As well as a strong labor and delivery. Being able to engage with the pelvic floor is SO important because it only helps in the recovery of birth also.
I am doing them seating but if just starting out, do them laying on your back with knees bent. Place hand on top of the rib cage and one hand on the side of your belly. Take a deep breathe and try and fill your hands up with air feeling your diaphramic descend, and the same time allowing your pelvic floor to relax. On the exhale, lift that pelvic floor and activate those inner core muscles, exhale through the mouth (pursed lips). I do this 8-10 times for 3 sets. The video is sped up, I like to allow 10 seconds for my exhale😎
As our bellies grow it can get harder and harder to breathe so practice practice practice! Labor and delivery is a marathon ladies, not a sprint so prepare the right way! Wearing my belly support bra from @baobeimaternity 👌🏼

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) can be an awesome way to prepare for birth!
Not only does hiit allow super fit mamas to continue working out in a way that they enjoy and that makes them sweat, but it also mimics labor with intervals of high intensity (contractions) followed by a short period of recovery.
Training your body to work hard then relax and recover is an immensely important preparation for labor.
Early postpartum is also a time when your body must heal and cope with internal and external inflammation. This is also what your body does on a much smaller scale following workouts.
No doubt that most "HIIT" style workouts should be modified during pregnancy (we don't jump or put excess of pressure on the core/pelvic floor after first trimester) --so this video shows 3 great exercises for pregnancy that we did in class last week!

Note: a couple of our mamas who have bigger bumps opted to do modified push-ups instead of the pregna-fit burpees 💪🏼👌🏼 #pregnafit #pregnancy #strongpregnancy #fitpregnancy #strengthtraining #hiit #mamastrong #motherstronger

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Kickstart your prenatal workouts with our e-book that brings you through every trimester with guidance, exercises, and workouts for every level of experience.
Our 80 page e-book also has several built-in video demo links to give you extra insight into the Pregna-Fit strength training method for pregnancy 💪🏼💪🏼 Questions? Comment below!


The hinge is an incredibly valuable movement pattern that can be trained in many varied and beneficial ways. Have you ever picked something up off the floor with minimal bend in your knees, allowing the torso to travel forward? If yes, then you need the hinge.

The featured expectant mamas are in different stages of pregnancy (pretty obvious) and are training the hinge at different levels through intensity and load.
Mama #1 is full term and is already carrying significantly extra load in her body (namely, a full sized baby😍), so the bodyweight hinge was perfect for her. The mamas who are kettlebell swinging are in their second trimesters and also had been partaking in fairly intense exercise prior to and earlier on in pregnancy.

Deadlifting 300lbs is not the only way to train the hinge. More load does not meantime benefit. Be smart about the exercises you choose and the patterns you train. Movement is central to having a strong and comfortable pregnancy and efficient postpartum recovery.
#pregnafit #motherstronger #mamastrength #strengthforpregnancy #strongmama #strongpregnancy #hinge #kettlebellswing

Many of my Pregna-Fit mamas start in different places when they come to class. I see mamas who have been strength training for years, mamas who have never lifted before, and everyone in between. To me, there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to exercise during pregnancy, which is a big reason why our training sessions are kept small: to ensure that every mama can work at her own level.
This particular mama has been working with me for about 3 years, having started in Pregna-Fit when she was expecting her first babe. She's been through private training, Mama Strength (for about 2 years), and now I'm thrilled to have her back in Pregna-Fit, expecting her second little bundle ☺️ She is incredibly fit with excellent mobility and strength, which shows pretty clearly in every workout.
As this mama's coach, it's very important to me that she can continue to train at a high level throughout her pregnancy.
That being said, here's the question: Do her workouts look different from when she wasn't pregnant?
Why? > Her body is moving differently: her core muscles are supporting her changing posture and although she is super strong, we are modifying her exercises to support these changes. > Her pelvic floor will soon be supporting significantly more weight: loaded exercises don't need to be nearly as heavy to achieve the same training effect due to the increasing size of the little babe in her belly, increased blood volume, and other increased fluids in the body. >Her body is building another life which can quite often lead to new feelings of fatigue, nausea, dizziness, lethargy, etc. But it can also make her feel like a million bucks. Every day (every hour) can bring something new.

Work at YOUR level during pregnancy. Consider the hard work your body is doing to build that new little life. And feel great about what you're doing and who you're doing it with 💕

Super grateful for these mamas and so many more who couldn't make today's workout. I'm thankful for all the support and encouragement they've given me, especially over the past couple weeks.
Big things are coming, mamas. Stay tuned. 💪🏼❤️ Happy Thanksgiving! ##mamastrength #pregnafit #motherstronger #strengthforpregnancy #strongmama #postpartumstrength #mamasupport #beforeandafterbaby

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