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Preeti 🌿  Nature and science nerd, currently working @audubonsociety (hence all the 🐦 photos). iPhone and Olympus E-M5. More photos on my site! ↙️📷

Day 1 of our safari was an incredible success. Saw a ton of elephants but of course, the first photo I'm going to post is of birds. Here are a pair of White-headed Buffalo Weavers calling. 😍

The little grumpus that visited me this morning!

Murder grackle says, "Soon..."

My adorable little butterbutt, aka Yellow-rumped Warbler. The yellow is barely peeking out in this photo—it's more prominent while the bird is flying.

Went on a birding adventure in Central Park and saw so many new birds! This little cutie (Gray Catbird) wasn't a new one but she was posing so I had to grab a photo. #🐦

Sometimes rain leads to a good hair (feather) day.

The Elegance of the Sandhill Crane

Every day at Nebraska's @rowesanctuary looks completely different, and you never know what you'll get. For example, the day of this incredibly stunning sunset, no one could have expected it was coming based on the clear sky throughout the day. And suddenly, there it was. 😍

Come fly with me, we'll fly, we'll fly away...

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Hello I'm back here is a grumpy bird. (Pine Warbler!)

That right there? Is a Red-breasted Nuthatch! A pair kept visiting my feeder today.

So glad I set up these feeders - I've gotten to know so many birds because of them.

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