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Prediction Coffee 

Working on moving Prediction Coffee forward in a new direction similar to how Cole creates his drinks. With intention, creativity and precision. We'll update everyone with plans going forward as soon as we can. :) #lasvegas

A great picture of truly great people you'll always be able to trust and know they'll be there for you. The Prediction Coffee pop up will no longer be open and any scheduled events are canceled. We will also not be opening any further coffee ventures in Las Vegas. So sorry for any inconvenience. If you have any questions or would like to catch up with Cole send us a DM or email Cole at

We're here to craft you a wonderful cup of coffee. Swing by the pop up for a great selection of coffees that Cole has picked out just for you. Also might as well get in a game of ping pong while in the space. 🏓🏓🏓 #artsdistrictlv #lasvegas #vegas #coffee #espresso #latteart 📷 by @ibrewcoffee

Did you know that filter coffee is 98% water💦Water has a huge impact on flavor of coffee. Join us this Saturday at 2pm for a coffee tasting exploring the effects water has on filter coffee. @cole_coffee will also share one of his current favorite coffees to compete the class. From Costa Rica the Herbazu SL-28 from @vervecoffee is bright, floral sweet and oh so complex! This event will last 1.5 hours and will cost $15 if you have any questions DM us. #vegas #lasvegas #artsdistrictlv #coffee #water. Photo by the amazing @bryanschiele

Lots of beautiful coffees available as pour over and retail. If you like exciting coffees with lots of fruity flavors this is the coffee for you! #artsdistrictlv #coffee #lasvegas

Remember to swing by and get a game of pong pong in! Great way to break up the day. #lasvegas #coffee #pingpong #artsdistrictlv

From the USBC presentation. Illustrations by @hirokoconut #artsdistrictlv #vegas #lasvegas #coffee #espresso #ecuador

Coffee & milk can be truly wonderful. Swing by the pop up and @cole_coffee will take care of you. #lasvegas #coffee #espresso #artsdistrictlv

After an amazing time in Seattle we are back! Pop up has reopened! We'll be here 8:30-1 mon-fri 9-1 on sat and closed on Sunday's. Swing by for some tasty espresso, pourover or something sweet like the White Velvet. See you soon #lasvegas #artsdistrictlv #coffee #espresso

Today Cole stopped by Espresso Vivace and had coffee from the man the myth the legend David Schomer. This is where Cole fell in love with coffee and had his first unforgettable espresso. Today was Espresso Vivace 29th anniversary and he was able to get coffee from David himself! A very special moment for Cole indeed. #unbellatazza #seattle #espresso

Last night Cole landed in Seattle. Before making final preparations a bit of relaxing with friends was in order. All members of the Coley Cole team, Velton Ross who Cole has partnered with for 6 years and is in charge of roasting for competition, Joe Marrocco who is in charge of connecting Cole to the best farmers and producers and on the end one half of the coaching team Holly Bastin who helps Cole push further every year providing him the ability to learn and grow. #team #roadtousbc2017 #usbc #seattle #coffee #cappuccino #espresso

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