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Precenda thaHitMaker  BMISongwriter🎼First Handicapped Video Vixen♿💃👄📸CoHostTheGrownManShow🎤 Personality📺ColumnistWhatsGoodMagazine💻WMG ElektraRecords📀

@chef_caribdiva_ingenieux hey cousin I bought some hazelnuts. I didn't know that they were "natural" and or 'raw". Well I'm here to tell you they taste disgusting😟😛 What can I do? Nobody likes dry nuts! Oh God I just realized how that sounds... Ha😝 #chefcaribdivaingenieux #recipehelp #drynuts #🌰

@bebeautiful82 this is one of my favorite pics. But somebody fell in love with your T-shirt and stole it🤔. My stylist damn near stole it off my back. @lola.asucar #prettiicertified #moneybreedsmoney15 #trainedtomaintain #designer #businesswoman #bosslady #classy🔪violent

Bailey the Bachelor is living his best life. Happy Thanksgiving #baileythebachelor #happythanksgivng #livinghisbestlife❤️ #doggydogworld #woofwoof #🐶

@jeffbezos allow me to tell you my Amazon experience. I'll be concise. I had some recent financial struggles. A fact that I kept Amazon and the card carrier abreast of. As promised, as I soon as I was solve with solvent Ia took care of the matter. True to my word I paid off my entire balance. Which was a mere $252.31. They thank me profusely. I ordered my mother's birthday gift only to find out days later Amazon cancelled my account. I called 7 TIMES YESTERDAY and spoke to 7 DIFFERENTPEOPLE all to no avail. Did I mention the frustration of the Outsourcing? So to say that I was frustrated would be an understatement! To add insult to injury, I have a Prime Membership which I can no longer use because I don't have an Amazon credit card anymore! The sixth person I spoke with @7:54pm yesterday named Nicole at 7:54 p.m. tried to assist me in at least getting back my $99.00 Prime membership fee. Again, all to no avail because I got cut off for the 6th time. Amazon has million's, if not billions of dollars. And thanks to your Washington cronies I'm sure you pay $35.00 a year in taxes🤔. Amazon sucks and I don't mind telling the world! #jeffbezos @amazon #amazonsucks #outsourcingsucks #dontshopamazon #blacktuesday #🚫🚫 #♿♿ #🚫birthdaysinhell #amazonhatesmoms OH did I mention I was also ordering food, a coat, and a new harness for my baby dog #🐶🐶 #amazonhatesdogs #😠😠 #👹

Look at that booty🤩 Now I see what everybody's talking about. #feelingmyself #dontmakemegetup♿ #Precenda_Inc♿💋 #thaHitMaker #blackgirlmagic✨ #♿♿♿😂

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