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Patrick Burke  Husband, father, CrossFitter, box owner, and founder of the False Grips. Listen to my story below:

Super proud of these guys and everyone else not pictured that helped make the 9th year of @mbsturkeychallenge a huge success. #hardestworkersintheroom

Thanks to @purespectrumhemp @ascent_protein @bruteforcesandbags @boulderrunningco @killcliff @affiliateguard @cornerstone_foundation and all of our other sponsors that made the event possible. Thanks to @impact_sports_performance for hosting. Lastly, thank you to the Colorado, Wyoming, and surrounding CrossFit community for supporting our event.
@coburkefam and I are in need of a vacation now. See you all next year!
@mbscrossfit #turkeychallenge2018 #mbscrossfitlove

Loading up @bruteforcesandbags weighted vests for @mbsturkeychallenge this weekend. Top scoring male, female, and team on the “Burden Run” workout will all get a vest on Sunday. That includes the entire team. Pre loaded with bb’s for weight. 😉

#bruteforce #trainwithbbs #trainwithsand #turkeychallenge2018 ##trainaccordingly

Of all the @mbsturkeychallenge workouts, I think this would be my fav. If there’s room, I might have to jump into a heat!
@purespectrumhemp @jumpnrope #turkeychallenge2018 #doubleunders #ropeclimb

This is what I asked the class to do. Swipe right to see what they gave me. I might’ve came up with a good team workout @mbsturkeychallenge #mbscrossfitlove

Before and after @mbsturkeychallenge trophies done with first stage of paint. @coburkefam @sue.quigley.58 @repfitnessequipment

Some more fun on the tire ladder today. Had a good time showing @mbscrossfit some tips on flipping tires. Looking forward to having some of these at the @mbsturkeychallenge next month!

Finally able to get some weight in my new truck! Thanks @68sfm for the hookup. @mbscrossfit @mbsturkeychallenge #tireflipping #mbscrossfitlove

Great day for a run through the park! The workout was For Time: run 3 miles. At 0, 10:00, 20:00, and 30:00 you and partner complete 50 push-ups and 100 air squats. #mbscrossfitlove @mbscrossfit

I know what it’s like to be busy. As an owner of multiple businesses and a parent of a 4 and 6 year old, it’s easy to forget taking care of yourself first. Like not giving yourself the time to workout, shop and cook better meals, get rest and sleep. I’ve posted before on this topic several times, but I’ll continue doing because I think carrying a journal/scheduler is so commonly under-utilized. When you become an adult and get all these ‘responsibilities’, you need to be proactive with your time or else you will be reactive and make decisions that ultimately don’t align with your goals. It’s simple, really. If you aren’t using a journal or scheduler of some sort, you definitely don’t have any room to complain about what ‘life’ you’re getting! #getshitdone #selfjournal #mbscrossfitlove #caseofthemondays

Proud of this crew. They trained smartly and took on a roughly 50-mile weighted ruck and res presented the gym nicely with a 2nd place team and 1st place female finish. Solid work! @mbscrossfit #mbscrossfitlove #earnedit #hwpo

I might be testing some ideas for something coming up soon. #mbsturkeychallenge #earnyourturkey #willworkforstuffing

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