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Patrick Burke  Husband, father, CrossFitter, box owner, and founder of the False Grips. Listen to my story below:


@mamajflo working on a large unbroken set of kipping dips. By adding a small band we can make sure she maintains FULL range of motion while keeping her shoulders ‘down and back’ to safely perform the movement. Don’t just practice. Practice perfect! @falsegrips @train_ftw #falsegrips #dipsaretheheartoftgemuscleup #practiceperfect #crossfit

I’m horrible at catching all the exciting stuff on camera for my workouts. @train_ftw called for CJs, a gnarly fs/c2b workout, and then these bad boys - strict pushups on rings. @falsegrips make everything on the rings better!😉👍💪 #masters35-39 #falsegrips #muscleups #mbscrossfitlove

Great WOD and great people this morn @ Stand Firm CF. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
@coburkefam @the_sarahg

I️t was a blast watching athletes at the @mbsturkeychallenge this weekend. Of course, watching the snatch 1rm was the best. Saw a ton of folks get pr’s, which was the goal.

The cool thing about the @mbsturkeychallenge is that I️ never have to ask is if we got any good pictures. Thanks @photosammi @brayshawcreative with @coloradocompphotos for all your work this weekend!

@mbsturkeychallenge . The joys of running a CrossFit competition! @coburkefam @kylemoschetto @stefeire

Thanks to @reebok for letting this former Devil Dog talk about his time in the Marines and opening up MBS CrossFit in 2008. Check out the story here or link in profile:
@mbscrossfit 📷: @trappephoto

A little deadlift/muscle up combo from a couple weeks ago. If you haven’t checked out @falsegrips you should. They make coaching muscle up days a lot cleaner. Students actually do the correct false grip (rather than constantly slipping out), and using bands with transition drills is much cleaner and more effective. Box owners use the code “affiliatespecial” to get $50 off a gym 4-pack. #falsegrips #strictmuscleup #muscleup #crossfit

More @mbsturkeychallenge testing today. Thankful for a solid demo team. This one will be good! @kreffett @garethundley @britmckee @jarred_east #mbscrossfit #turkeychallenge2017 @champion, you guys can use this photo! #iphone8photography

Anyone out there have a time better than this? Assemble a single Xebex air bike and accumulate 20 ‘test’ calories for time. 16:17. #proveit #1of14 #mbscrossfit @xebexfitness @mbsturkeychallenge #2017turkeychallenge

I’m proud of our @mbscrossfit crew. Last week we won $26,000 towards our local charities here in Denver. Thanks to the @domorechallenge sponsors @cobnks and Stinson Leonard Street. .
@traintotransition @stevesclubdenver @ths_healthcenter #mbscrossfitlove #crossfit #community

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