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Hugh Mungus  Strike up the band!

This is neither nutrition advice nor fashion advice. Maybe just a humble pictorial monologue about pattern-finding. Hopefully to be continued!

Tōku whare whakapakari whakapono @ The Holy Sepulchre

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These WHAKARONGO earrings drop this Rāmere just in time for Māori language week (which y'all knooowwww is every week!) Indigenous wahine designed.
Ethically produced.
Statement pieces.
More fashion to come.

Tonight was our first time grocery shopping as a sibling duo. Blessss. And I'll tell ya what WASN'T bought, m8: things that weren't on special.

I met my favourite childhood entertainer in the supermarket today!! 😍

This little bird sat down my driveway, and he told me I don't need to worry 🎵

I love him.

Content Warning: reference to the war crimes as suffered by Ngāti Apakura.
Just went and saw these yesterday. The statues to honour Colonel Nixon. He is the man that lead the attack on the Māori village of Rangiaowhia, in Waikato. Nixon knew that it was occupied by only elderly, women, and children, and he attacked on a Sunday knowing that as Christian Māori, there was less chance of fighting back. He also attacked in the predawn, while everyone was still sleeping. 12 people of Rangiaowhia were murdered and the village itself was burned.

I had seen pictures but was unprepared for the size of these things. Photo of me standing- 6’2” for scale. Also bc we are more likely to engage with posts if there’s a human face involved.. These statues are HUGE! What’s more, is that the inscriptions and the modern AKL Council “historical” write-up about the events not only centre, but honour Nixon, while branding the victims of this colonial atrocity as the guilty.

We so easily mistake repetition for accuracy. We gotta be careful with the stories we’re being fed!!! A follow-up email has been sent to Mayor Phil Goff about what outcomes of change came from a meeting he had last year about these doozies. And the education surrounding them.

Freak what ya heard about puzzle-playing power stances! Sweet Mother of Posture, we got bawled fists, scuffed knees, and elbow angles you couldn't dream of!

Cool trout skin!

Walking back to the car. The goofiest self-portraiture. What y'all put on your stories, I gram

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