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Regardless 💯

I am so heartbroken but I am going to survive and thrive just to gain justice

- @future giving me some pep talk today to get out of bed and not bother w the bullshit which is faithless heartless people... never giving up on #freetrapd I love u baby


I just found out the bassist of my first band, "end seat" has passed on... this is a huge loss for me on so many levels. Adam bretall was such an incredibly driven and talented person who could play any instrument and even being able to be in a band with him as I became an adult completely shaped the way I approach music even today. Danilo and Adam bretall were both angels. They had this approach to music which was so pure and inspired every single person around them whether they liked them or not by just being themselves. I went on tour with Adam bretall to slab city for 3 days to play my first real hardcore live shows in an empty skate bowl and we lived like nomads in the desert. Very very clearly I am amazed by how blessed I am to create with such incredible people and gain such closeness to them. That same closeness hurts me now as I mourn but I very very clearly see and feel from God that big things are aligning for me in the universe which no one can stop anymore. No evil eye or jealousy can hurt me or stop me in music any more because I have two G.O.Ds looking down on me from the higher realms of consciousness directing me to continue to creatively direct in this world. Loss is so powerful, I am really angry but I know my kings in heaven are guiding me to have the most cathartic art which I for the first time feel extremely drawn to bring to mainstream culture. I have so much to say, so much to express. I am petty like everyone and don't assume positions of righteousness but I always knew I was brought and born by god to handle immense pain and transform it. However Besides the inevitable loss I am no longer ever enabling suffering ideologies in my mind. I will feel and grow and express and sometimes that can be petty & dark but part of being human is exactly this. When I speak of suffering ideologies I speak of limiting internal beliefs that I have to please anyone or cater to their means of expression. I wasn't born for that. My mentors didn't die for that. Music is not about aesthetic or materialism at all. Despite what the words of songs even say. Spiritually I have officially grown too big too fast to even pretend I'm not a spiritual being anymore.

thank you & love to those of you who have reached out w sincerity during this tragedy

kill me #freetrapd

Babe , people tried so hard to act like u weren't shit bc they were so threatened by your limitlessness and yet the whole community and everyone who knows u is grieving so hard because you really are an OG Danilo, held in highest esteem in the underground art community. Everyone with any clout knew and supported you and knew u were the shit even if they didn't. I'm in a sea of regret not having show cased your face on here while you were here out of annoyance from jealous stalker bitches who were always tryna simply irritate me by messaging the guy I loved even though he would never have been with y'all fake ass hoes anyway... I was trying to protect our love from evil eye of the haters and fakers. But holy shit . This was is my BAE . I feel like someone stole an organ from my body send help plz #freetrapd

photos by @freetrapd | @trapc4d
Please take a moment to listen to </3 a song I recorded with d on my soundcloud. It's honestly a fucking masterpiece and completely slept on. Fun fact, Danilo and I were engaged since December. We never got officially married but everyone close to us knows he was calling me wife and that we were inseparable. I'm a fucking widow. Fucking d. If any of you silly girls who had a momentary fling with him post some shit with crying hearts and emojis and even act like y'all were close I will personally ruin your life.... respect a queen in mourning. On so many occasions he told me I was the most important person in his life and that he wanted to get married and have kids and now I have to get used to not getting 15 dms of different art photos and animations of art we're gonna be inspired by for the day and I'm honestly freaking out. Ps someone send me a reliable medium who makes house calls... thanks #freetrapd

D if ur in a digital dimension with your now omnipotent being please send a sign that you love me and you're waiting for me and that you're okay and safe please #freetrapd

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