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chris pratt  “THE Lego Movie 2: The Second Part” Coming to theaters Feb 8!!!!

This is my mom Kathy. She is amazing! She loves to bowl. My brother Cully got her whole team bowling shirts for Christmas. So for a minute he was the better son. Now I’m gonna put her on Instagram for 22 million people to adore her. Your move Cully.

I fulfilled a lifelong dream by graduating space camp. I’m gonna be a real astronaut. No big deal. Goin’ to space. It’s whatever.
@thelegomovie 👽Space Camp👽
Check it out this Sunday night on a special @latelateshow after football - 11:35

Sweet Katherine, so happy you said yes! I’m thrilled to be marrying you. Proud to live boldly in faith with you. Here we go! 💍🙏♥️

I love moving!! Picking up heavy things and moving them into the back of a truck was my major in college! (Full disclosure Chris Pratt did not go to a moving college but he did went to community college for a hot second). Point being... Need a dryer moved? Call Chris. Almost nobody in LA even has a truck so every time they have something to move they call me. Hey Chris, you still got that truck? “Oh hell yeah!!! Now I have a brand new truck thanks to @chevrolet !” DM me with your location and what you need moved and I will be over very soon in my new Silverado.
#sponsored #ad

Today on National Law Enforcement day I want to give a shout to my brother Cully who’s been a cop for 15 years after serving in the Army for eight. Love you bro! Thank you!

He and his brothers and sisters in blue put their lives on the line every day for their communities. They’ve answered a call to public service that is demanding and often unappreciated. On National Law Enforcement Day, we have an opportunity to thank them for their service and offer a token of respect.

You are seen. You are appreciated. You are loved. Today we honor you. 🙏♥️🇺🇸

Good morning! Merry Xmas Eve! No matter how you celebrate remember, “You’re awesome. Keep that shit up.”

Here is the newest trailer for The Lego Movie 2! I feel so lucky to work with such amazing people. Chris Miller and Phil Lord (who made the recent smash success Spider-Man movie that is out right now and currently 4000% on rotten tomatoes) wrote, produced delivered yet again with Lego 2. I play two characters. It’s funnier, more moving and had a song that is at least three times as catchy as everything is awesome. Ok. Love you. More to come.

Happy Birthday Chief! Your smile lights up the room. I’ve cherished our time together. Thrilled God put you in my life. Thankful for the laughs, kisses, talks, hikes, love and care.♥️🍾🎉🎂

Great floor seats at Staples Center last night. So close you could smell the action!

Goooooood morning internet! Check out this short short, holiday short we did. Said short twice, I know.
It’s not redundant though because there’s a slightly longer short out there on Twitter and Facebook but this is instagram so it has to be 60 seconds. Anyways. You know the deal. Be sure to see #thelegomovie2 when it comes out in February. Don’t worry I’ll remind you. A lot. A lot, a lot. I’m playing two parts. Im@gonna promote this movie sooo hard because it is truly special. Like@the first one but even better! Critics are already saying it’s my best work ever and many people in the know are saying it’s likely I’ll get nominated for an oscar. I’d like to thank the academy in advance etc. rotten tomatoes already gave me a 12milloon percent fresh which is unprecedented. #humbled im just a regular old guy with a cool job who is the best voice actor in the game clearly and i’m amazing and humble. GodBlessYou today merry Christmas happy holidays. However you celebrate, be safe, have fun, and do it with legos. Goodnight.

Here’s The Avengers 4 trailer if you haven’t already seen it- it is pretty amazing! Let me know what you think below!

YOU HAVE TO SEE #spiderman #intothespiderverse We LOVED it! Truly an original. (which is hard to do in this genre😮) Chris Miller and Phil Lord (LEGO Movie directors) absolutely crushed this emotionally moving, cutting edge, progressive, diverse, funny, meta, action packed, silly, visually stunning masterpiece! Take your kids. So proud of you guys! (I have no skin in this one. I’m just a fan!) 🙏👍🏼♥️

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