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Indah Pratita Sari 

Newest unconditional love ❤️ .
Too preoccupied and couldn't put it down.

Pack yourself a toothbrush dear
Pack yourself a favorite blouse
Take a withdrawal slip
Take all of your savings out
Cause if we don't leave this town
We might never make it out
I was not born to drown
Baby come on
Forget what Father Brennan said
We were not born in sin
Leave a note on your bed
Let your mother know you're safe
And by the time she wakes
We'll have driven through the state
We'll have driven through the night
Baby come on
🎶The Lumineers - Sleep On The Floor

A girl like me
Poem by yours truly ❤️ #poems #poemsofinstagram #poetry #poetsofinstagram

There's something in the world that you never ever, ever, ever, eveeeeeerrr understand.
The way we choose to stay in the dark and we feel sorry about it.
The way we wanted to help somebody but they refused it all the time.
The way, probably, the people we wanted to help need our bigger efforts to reach them.
The way we only choose monochrome color.
The way the others choose full color of life.
The way one person change our moods, dramatically.
The reason why somebody like to pleased the others.
The reason why we always start to smile when hearing one familiar name.
Behind our behavior might have reason or motive or even theory to explain it. But sometimes, we don't need explanation, we don't need a good reason. Sometimes, things just happen. Behind your predictions, your calculations. Not to makes us understand, but to makes us feel something.

It was so dark
I decide to stay
Without any desire to find the light
Hoping, you'll come
Cause you only meet me there
In the coldest dream.
-The way i found you-
Poems by yours truly ❤️
#poetry #poems #poetsofinstagram #poemsofinstagram

Most of the time, shutting down are only options in the particular circumstances. And "sorry" are the most proper word to please others.
Painted by Linda Marrinon (sorry! 1982)

I'm in love with the shape of you.

"The falling leaves
Drift by the window
The autumn leaves
Of red and gold
I see your lips
The summer kisses
The sunburned hands
I used to hold
Since you went away
The days grow long
And soon I'll hear
Old winter's song
But I miss you most of all
My darling
When autumn leaves
Start to fall"
This song seriously on repeat all day long in my head, so, yaa 🙂
#autumnleaves #natkingcole

Who says the aquarium is empty? It was full of people curiosity, enthusiasm, and excitement.
The Seal's and Penguins aquarium are my favorite part at the zoo.
Yes, i have a thing with the color of the water.
Yes, i have a thing with people in front of the aquarium.
Yes, the color and the people calm me down, in the uncertain and indescribable way.
So, I, definitely fall in love to the people interaction and the aquarium in this zoo 😍😍

I'm basically a loner, but with your light, down there, it never feels lonely.

"I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing"

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