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sweet pratiksha2403👰💋  My Day #24th March 🎂🎈Crazy for#choclates 🍫🍬& 🍦 ice-cream #Love 💖 my family😍😘 ##Relationship Status #Got married👫💍. 💖M a😉Rajputta Girl👩


Good morning and very happy international Yoga Day everyone 🌞🌞🙏🙏

Wishes a very Happy Father's Day and very Happy Birthday 🎂to my sweet and loving papa 💖😘. U r the world's bestest paa. U r my strength, u alwz stands for me and fight for me in every situation. U alwz tought me that never loose ur hope and courage hwever the circumstances comes to u. Thank u papa for everything . 🙏🙏🌹🌹. Lv u paa.

No matter how *GOOD* or *BAD* your life is ..
wake up each *morning* & be *thankful*that you still have one.... *Good Morning*🙏🙏

Good morning and happy Saturday

A biggest congratulations to our best Indian Team for the victory of this mtch against Pakistan. This is a victory of our nation and the tribute to our Indian army who killed by this terrorism. Jai Hind. Vande Matram. Proud to be an Indian. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

😁😁😂😂😛😛 good afternoon

┣━┫α ρ ρ у
┻╱┻ ℳỖŘŇĮŇĞ "दुआ" मिले "बड़ो" से "साथ" मिले" अपनों" से "खुशिया" मिले "जग" से "रहमत" मिले "रब" से "प्यार" मिले "सबसे" यही "दुआ" है रब से सब खुश रहे आपसे और.. आप खुश रहे "सबसे" *₲๑๑δ 💞 ℳ๑яทïทg..😊* ,•’``’•,•’``’•, ’•,🌹 ☆ ,* `’•,,•`’

Prayer and faith both are invisible 🙏. But both they make impossible things to possible. 👍 Good Morning 🌞 and Happy Sunday all 🌹🌸

Wedding rasam

*दामन को फैलाये बैठे हैं अलफ़ाज़-ए-दुआ कुछ याद नही* *माँगू तो अब क्या माँगू ,जब तेरे सिवा कुछ याद नही*❤❤.

With my cute nephew 💕💖

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