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Prasha Tuladhar  Nepali Soul || NY Mom || Terminal Illness Warrior || SS, PF, PAH Patient Advocate || Double Lungs Transplant Recipient || Fighting Not Quitting πŸ’ͺ

Final IVIG Completed !
I thought last month was my final treatment for IVIG since December. I still had one more dose of IVIG treatment to be done.
I was very happy to give farewell to my nurse Lisle , who also happens to be Nurse Practitioner for Intestine Transplant The Mount Sinai Hospital. (Yah ! They transplant your intestine too, so people could get rid of Colostomy Bag A.K.A Poop Bag that's connected to your intestine and all the Bowl Movement (no.2 ) is collected in the bag and you toss it out. It's pretty amazing, how they can making patient's life easier with Intestine Transplant.
For past six month, I learned a lot more information about Transplant world and other organ transplants and how the drugs really works for us. Technically, I gained in house Medical Tutor. We even have discussion about CBD treatments which is very controversial topic in Transplant world for pain management , depression and listing (I don't do anything close to that.) He was nice to learn about our culture, food and tourism. We were able to convince him to go to Nepal for adventurous journey and ride Bike in Himalayan Mustang Range. Basically, we fed him with Sisan Dai's Magnificent Videos. My Nurse was like I am gonna go play in mud. πŸ˜‚
Million Thanx to my awesome Home Nurse for always staying late and treating me and motivating me every time to fight Rejection and guide me throughout the entire treatment process.
Thank you for your humbleness and extraordinary service ! I hope your next destination for vacation is Nepal. πŸ™πŸ»
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Donating Blood could be a life saver. I have had many pints of blood transfused and other blood products like Human Globulin infused on me. It has saved my life. Unfortunately, I cannot donate blood because of the foreign antibodies mixed up in my blood stream. But I could request everyone to donate if you can and save people at Hospital.
Recently, there has been shortage of Blood in NewYork Blood Bank and it can affect many kids in PICU, adult patients in ICU.

Please Consider Blood Donation !
Thank you! ❀️
#blooddonation #plasmadonation

Came home to these babies :) 😍#MorphexJaclynhill #morphegirl

Congratulations on your tots swim graduation. Definitely Miss Jolene is Teacher's Pet. Thank you @supsam08 aunty for lovely swimsuit , she got so many compliments from Peer's mom . Lol #missjolene #tots #swimming #thankyou#nyc #summer

Birthday Girl pre party.

Happy Birthday to my first born. You have brought me so much love and joy in our life. When things were falling apart you were sole reason to pick up pieces and move forward. You have given me zillion oomph to fight this "I have to live" battle. You have become my nurse, my partner in volunteering, my shopping friend, my therapist, my dance mate and my junior chef. Happy fourth Birthday. I pray with God for your good heath, better education and sharp memory. #missjolene #birthdaygirl #nepalikids #nepal

Thank you @Mollie Aunty for wonderful gift for Miss Jolene Birthday. #birthdaygirl

Hard Work Paying Off: 17 Months Post Transplant .
If you have known me for past year 2015/2016/2017 , you must have seen me hitting the highs and my lows. I am not perfect but also not normal. I am always below average on everything. I have never hit over 70 over my
But proudly, I admit I have survived everything else. You have had to see me, I was supper with excited as a kid when I saw my PFT in screen. I blew the most highest in the history of PFTs I have done in past 6 years. Even little decimal points counts a lot for me, my PFT went back from 37% to 69%. It not even close to what people get post transplant but for petite body type as mine. It's a lit.
Supper happy. Thank you to my Old Rehab Team ,Pulmonary Wellness & Rehabilitation Center, Noah, Aastha, Monkey, Patricia, Wan , Caroline, Mariam, Abula. I miss you guys a lot, my new rehab and my new Therapist Katie Riley. My NP, my transplant team, my respiratory therapist, patient care representatives who are always kind and welcoming. American Outcome nurses, anonymous Plasma Donors, my family, friends and well wishers. Last but not the least my Donor Family. All the chemo, plasmapheresis sessions, IVIG infusions worked.

Thank you !
I survived Donor Medicated Antibodies Rejection. πŸ™Œ

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