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Pranati  A human working to be a beautiful soul Actor Miss India finalist | India’s Next Top Model 2, winner | Managed by @toabhcreative Army kid | NIFTian 🇮🇳

Shoot #bts diary


My usual expression to life changing and at the back of my head analysing how much I’d have to change.

She was like a rare flower, looked like a hybrid...half jasmine and half rose that no one knew where bloomed. Ya, just boasting my self love. 😂 I actually would love to write love notes to myself. 💌 .
Me hoping to play cold/mess some day (by @prateekkuhad as he captured me in the frame) while goofing around with the lovely instrument.

Visions have to be sustained!🔮✨✨ Talking about life, what is it to me? It’s one mad crazy opportunity we are blessed with to do all we love and explore beautiful paths. Drifting through life hasn’t been my thing hence, setting a goal/vision is important I feel. Then choose your kind of path to your goal...however absurd. But the vision has to be clear and made an anchor. Makes a better cruise along the journey.
What’s your take?

What makes us beautiful is the same as what makes our life beautiful. Little three letter word, JOY. ✨🌈🌤
Captured by @girish_rajput_photography
Makeup by @suprabha_jadhav
@toabhcreative @dishadk01

Jai Hind! 🇮🇳
Followed by a video of a lady expressing her gratitude for the Indian Army for the recent rescue operation in Sikkim.
Thank you to all the soldiers big time for all they do. The heroes!

So, I watched this movie ‘Love & Other Drugs’ in the evening and I was broken at that time when Maggie starts to lose control over her fingers, couldn’t stop sobbing. I did a little research on how Parkinson’s Disease could be cured by yoga. Still at it. Searching. I don’t know your exercise plan, but I’ll definitely urge each one of you to include yoga in your routine.
Here’s my favourite asana, Chakrasana. I love the blood circulation it brings to my body and maintains the flexibility of the body in general and especially the lower back. Perfecting asanas is an on going journey and I’m at it. Also, once in a while I like to stylise my asanas.
#doyoga #yogaisbeautiful #yoga #chakrasana

🎠🥂Cheers on your first calendar my friend! Read my story here. #Repost @navindhyaniphoto · · · February 2019

As a child, I was always called out for standing taller than my fellow mates. They called me names like 'khamba' poked fun at me for my height and it would really make me wish I was shorter. When I was trying for beauty pageants a guy commented that my back is like a man and my legs have scars how can I be in a beauty pageant? But I had just one aim and keeping Victoria Secrets models as my inspiration I gave it my all and today I own the titles of Miss Beautiful Legs and Top 5 of Miss Body Beautiful in Miss India. Hence I say, it's all yours, your strengths and flaws, all of it. Work it for yourself. Be like clay and mould to be the best version of yourself no matter who says what, no matter how much they believe in you, as long as you believe in your potential, in your kind of beautiful, it's all fine and you can make yourself into whatever you wish!
- Pranati Rai (@pranati_rai_prakash ) ================================
Navin Dhyani Calendar 2019
Muah - @zeen_sha
Fabric - @weavesbyquerencia
Asst. - @just_jaying @anupvijaykadam @sherdiputtar

Navin Dhyani photo reserves the rights of this Photograph. No permission, either express or implied, is granted for the electronic transmission, storage, retrieval, or commercial use of this photograph. This photograph is part of a series called Navin Dhyani Calendar 2019 and is strictly meant to be a part of it. It is not used or to be used for any commercial purposes.

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Omg ❤️ this is so true and this kid!! 🤗🤗
#yoga #yogalove #meditate

Me from realising what I really want to be in life, a monk, to falling back to my usuals.

I asked him, ”How beautiful am I?”
He said, ”As beautiful as light.”
Enough said. 💌
The day was so beautiful! All golden!! ✨✨ #loveandlight

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