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Tyler Rothwell 

This week on the new hit TLC show 'Big Worm or Small Stick?'! We found this beautiful long boy here! Now its time for you to take a crack at that age-old question: is that a crazy long worm; so big it commands respect (if not fear), undulating through the dirt with some grand purpose unknown to us mere vertabrates? Or could it be a real thin stick that likely belonged to a cute lil tree of proportionate size, now fallen and dying a lonesome death, returning to the earth that spawned it? Stay tuned to 'Long Worm/Skinny Stick?' for the answer!

It's about goddamn time

Got a fucking awesome tattoo in wem today. I thought it would turn out great, but great doesn't come close to this masterpiece. I'm so psyched about how it turned out, if you ever need a tattoo done go to Orchid in West Edmonton Mall. Ask for Miranda, she's the best. I don't care if you're not in Edmonton. Drive, walk, whatever. Worth it. #octopustattoo #octopus #tattoo

Drove through Banff and Sicamous to Kelowna, good shit 10/10

Lots of flying

Ready to have a real bad time woot

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