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Jessica Adam  Child of the King. Mama to 3 and wife to 1. Homeschool. Family. Lover of vintage and creating my own. Real life.


Noah's gymnastics schedule has us at the gym (just over 30 minutes away) in the middle of the day three days a week. That posed a problem with a toddler who naps. But as luck would have it when my parents moved here from out of town, their house ended up being just down the road from the gym. My Mom opened her home to us because she saw a need. This summer we pack up in the morning three times a week and head to Grandma's house for the day. While Noah is at the gym Kayla and Joe eat lunch. Joe takes a nap while Kayla works on a craft and visits, reads a book, or sometimes watches a show. Noah joins us when he is done and we all just hang out and spend time together. The kids get to be at my mom and dad's house, I get to sit and visit with my mom more frequently than any other time in the past 15 years, and Joe gets all the sleep his little body needs. I know this will be something special when we look back on this summer. I also know this wasn't luck. It was God providing a way for something He had planned all along.

I need some help. I want my family to have physical photographs when I'm dead and gone. I'm sitting at my computer struggling to make a plan of attack. Do y'all print your photos? I know I'm going to start with my current photos and work my way back but I'm stuck. Do I print all of the pictures that are left after I weed through them and delete some? How would you go about this? I want our family history preserved. I want our family story to be there years from now in a tangible way. Not on a hard drive that will more than likely be obsolete. But I'm overwhelmed. Is there a step-by-step task list out there to help people like me with the photo paralysis? Whatever I do it needs to be super simple or it won't get done.
By the way... @persnicketyprints is having a great 1 day sale on 4x6 prints. I'll more than likely be buying photo credits since I'm feeling a bit stuck at the moment. But at least I know I'll be able to order at a great price when I come up with a game plan!

Has your house been hit by the slime craze? Slime every day for months. This clear slime is pretty neat though! If she lets it sit for a couple of days the bubbles work their way out and it is totally clear.

It was a day filled with the little things that are really the big things. Lingering together with a big batch of play dough in the morning. Walking to the pool after the little one's nap time. Playing outside after dinner and standing in the front yard together to look at the sunset even though it was bedtime. #itssimplytuesday

It's the Rocket City, but we call it home.

No one is ever ready to pack up.

We went for a walk in the last minutes of daylight. This time together has been so sweet.

Sink bath in the camper. I think what we love most about camping is that everything is incredibly simplified. Even baths.

Relaxing in the sun and water.

'To fully appreciate the ordinary is an extraordinary gift'. -Kim John Payne, Simplicity Parenting

An early morning doughnut tower in the camper for this guy. Nine is going to be a good year! Happy birthday, Noah!

Summer and ice cream.

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