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There was a package on my doorstep last night. I participated in the @naturepalexchange for mothers and @family.rewritten sent me some fun stuff! Mother culture. We do things differently. Maybe even have some different beliefs but you know what? We share a lot of the same struggles with parenting, teaching our children, marriage. Our roles are demanding of us and they are tough at times. Knowing there are sweet mamas out there that care is encouraging. Let's lift each other up. #npemotherculture #naturepalexchange

We nabbed two large boxes today and they made them into a house complete with shelves, a table, snack storage, windows, and a door. Then they brought out everything they'd need to spend the night out on the deck. We said goodnight to them and went inside. I took this picture at about 9:00. 15 minutes before they came in to sleep in Noah's bunk bed. 😉 They laughed and had so much fun because we said yes. We knew they wouldn't make it the whole night but we let them try.
Without saying the words, we showed them that we believed in them. That we trust them. That we value their ideas.
Say yes.

We have had her almost one year and Charlotte has become a best friend. I didn't want a big dog or a young dog. She is both. She is also smart, affectionate, and loyal and I can't imagine a better dog for our kids.

I'm working my way home though @mystiewinckler 's Simplified Organization course. Each day for the past two weeks I have been using an index card for my to-do list, writing out only the most important items so that it is still a successful day if nothing else is accomplished. Yesterday's was short because I had very little sleep the night before with a sick toddler. I knew better than to set high expectations. 😴 I have always written out a to-do list in my notebook, but this is working for me. I can't overload it because the space is limited and it's simple. Simple is necessary during this season of my life. 😉

Noah is blessed to have a little brother to pour love into.

The other day we soaked up the sun at the lake. Tonight is going to be cold with rain/snow. I'm ready for more lake days. Plus, this picture looks like a vintage paint by number to me. It just needs a little red cabin. ❤

We decided to hurry out this morning and soak in the beautiful day before it turns cool again for a while. I even heard the words 'brief flurries' mentioned. 😳 the only things we for in today were Bible and our @beautifulfeetbooks geography and I'm fine with that.

Everyone gets to do art when it's during morning time. Today we prayed using the ACTS format, worked on memory work, learned about Aaron Copland, did a watercolor tutorial, and now have a video of Copland conducting Fanfare for the Common Man playing. This is my favorite part of the day. #yourmorningbasket #springmorningtimeplans

Nature journaling with friends today. We won't be able to hike on our normal day this week and today's weather is stormy so we gathered at our house to journal and do some of our together. There is plenty of fun being had as well. I love listening to the conversations they are having. It's amazing how quickly they are getting their work done...and without complaining. 😜

I heard laughing this morning as they played a Bible game Kayla made. I remember the days we were rushed to get up and get out the door. I don't miss those days one bit. We get to start our day slowly, the way it works best for us.

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