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superman🇮🇳  coach at @barbell_boss personal trainer weightlifting coach crossfit coach at crossfithimalaya & CFH2.0

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Wod armour is one of the best knee cap.With great support and nice stability. #wodarmour
#kneesleeve #barbell_boss
@pradeepmaurya @wod_armour thankyou🏋️‍♂️

A great coach can lead you to a place where you don't need him any more.🏋️‍♂️💪🇮🇳 #barbell_boss #crossfit #weightlifting #motivational @thesweatshop_club @crossfithimalaya

some people feel the rain others just get wet GOOD MORNING #rainydays #morning #feellikeboss😎 #legend #thecoversutra #barbellbosscommunity

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I won silver medal in my first powerlifting Compitation today.. Thanks to @tejasstrengthsystems, Ron and friends for supporting me.. I'm so happy and proud of myself 😊😊😊

Today’s workout was a little bit tiring but it is immensely beneficial for becoming a great lifter. Thursday’s ground workout enhances focus, increases accuracy and helps in increasing stability .. And then the technique .. Which is the most important thing to learn and practise.. It increases our strength which can be used later into our heavy workouts and minimizes the percentage of injuries.. And then one of the most important and relaxing stages is streching after the workout .. Which prevents our body to become stiff.. And which helps in relaxation of each and every muscle so we can peform better in future
And the one person who puts his all efforts to convert a normal person into a legend is the COACH .. And it is said that the kings may come and leave but the king maker will be the king forever .. #respect
Lastly, always listen to your coach if you want to become suuccesful in your life #adidas #barbellboss #barbellbosscomunity #weightlifting #strength #nevergiveup #dudiaries #rogue #thecoversutra @barbell_boss

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