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Dmitri Dodge  trickstick/pictures>everything els. Beastcoast. Russian.

Love this place

10 feet of snow to gravel, real quick. Sketchy method off a snowlip and you have no idea how windy it was. #sherwins #mammoth #california #backcountry

Midnight Hike up the Sherwin's last night was pretty awesome, strap in or strap on

This place is just crazy on a snowboard


Fresh tracks all the way to hole in the wall!!!!!!

I got the fresh tracks at hole in the wall!!

Pretty much

Steep ass hike pulling a snowboard, night time tree runs with all fresh turns to cleanse the soul

I'm Gona repeat, how much snow you got? Not as much snow as the dudes house I crawled into yesterday..

adventure: I hiked up the mountain behind my house, after sunset I snowskated down a 45° slope covered in fresh snow in the dark. once I got to the foot hills to breath some flames, a dude on a snowmobile saw my headlamp a few thousand feet below me and flew up the hill to see what what up. I showed him what I had just come down from and he sped off to check it out. once I made it to the bottom I was about to walk home but the same dude saw my headlamp and met me again, long story short I asked if I could hitch hike and he brought me to the top 4 times without having to hike the entire mountain for some fresh tracks. Awesome day

Yesterday someone fell into this when it was snow covered, I was lucky to just miss it..

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