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powerofspeech by G  The defining quality of the human soul is the ✱POWER OF SPEECH✱(Bereishit 2:7) ⠀ ✧ powerofspeechbyg@gmail.com

Happy Monday! ✨
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"Be someone else's sunshine.
Be the reason someone smiles today."

“If your mind is expansive and unfettered, you will find yourself in a more accommodating world, a place that’s endlessly interesting and alive. That quality isn’t inherent in the place but in your state of mind.”
—Pema Chödrön

May we all be blessed with mindfulness so that we can embrace + accept + and allow our challenges to lift us higher. Living life with greater awareness gives us the ability to tap into and fully feel the moment we're in. This process may not result in immediate happiness, because we have to first see + sit with our pain in order to move on -- but it will lead to true joy. Real happiness is found in feeling, dealing with, and healing our experiences. What comes our way is meant to show us the way on our journey. And when we do reach our goals and arrive at precious milestones, it is *so* much more rewarding.
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Happy Friday! 🎈
"It's great when things happen the way you plan, but you also need to be open to things unfolding in their own way."

Feeling gratitude for my blessings
Perceiving there's good in all the rest,
Even in what seems negative -
Because God does what's always best!
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How many times do we wonder why events happened as they did? We mull over the details, analyzing and over analyzing the way things played out. It’s important to reflect on our role in a given situation and consider how we may have contributed to the circumstances. That's how we grow. However, if we reach a point where we're bouncing from what went wrong to what we said to what we didn’t say to what we did to what we didn’t do – we have to take a deep breath, find the lesson, and let the rest go.
Life is complex. Circumstances don't always make perfect sense. Some of our experiences are incredibly fortunate and uplifting while others can be disappointing and disheartening. But - there is a Higher Power at work and hopefully deep in our core, we trust that everything that happens is for our ultimate good. We may not always get what we want or understand what we get, but we do get what we need – every challenge can be perceived as an opportunity for spiritual, emotional, and mental growth. This internal shift allows us to find peace, love, and a more profound connection to life and to ourselves.
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Happy Tuesday!
Thank you, @drrebeccaray, for this beautiful reminder 💜

"Fear is the glue that keeps you stuck.
Faith is the solvent that sets you free."
—Shannon L. Alder
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May your week overflow with blessings!

Please don’t resist it

Protest or evade,

The pain that visits

Its passing parade.

It won’t overstay

It wants only to teach,

Take you on a journey

To places out of reach.

And if you allow it

Gently hold its hand,

In just a few moments

You’ll come to understand.

That whatever you feel

Was created by thought,

Of expectations and all the

Attachments you caught.

And now that the vision

Has taken a strange turn,

It’s time to embrace the

Lesson you need to learn.

That you birthed this pain from

How you believed it would be,

Linked to an outcome with

Your inner child running free.

Give yourself compassion

It’s okay to fall apart,

Allow the hurt to settle as

You sit with your aching heart.

And do you see your truest self?

Hold your soul to the light,

You’re enough as you are

Don’t give in to the night.

With hands both strong and shaky

Softly send the pain away,

As you return home to yourself

And to the gift that is today.

To all the fathers, father figures, future fathers, and wonderful, supportive men out there who are "present" and there for others, thank you for contributing to the lives of your family and loved ones.
And to my dad - Thank you for always supporting me and believing in me. I love you.
Happy Father's Day! ♡
<photography by @starklove>

Happy Sunday ♡♡
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