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Happy Thursday! 🎈

“Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.”
–Roy T. Bennett

“You’re never going to be 100% ready and it’s never going to be just the right time, but that’s the point. It means that every moment is also the right moment. If you want it, you just have to do it.”
—unknown source

Beautiful quote and caption by my friend, @mindfulmft 💜

“Inside each one of us are younger versions of ourselves that have been let down, betrayed, abandoned, embarrassed, shamed, abused, or disappointed. Inside each one of us are the younger versions of ourselves that weren’t seen, weren’t acknowledged or listened to.
We keep these younger versions because we have to. But sometimes, these younger versions keep us.
What do I mean?
When we become our own wounding (by avoiding the younger self just needed to be heard, or being critical to the younger self who needed to know she was loved, etc) then our younger inner selves rebel and stir some ish up, my friends. That’s the thing: if we don’t honor all parts of ourselves by giving ourselves room to at least tell our own selves our story, then it becomes pretty hard to love forward in a healthy way.
We are required to see all of ourselves. To bring our shadow into the light. We are required to stop disowning the parts of ourselves we’d rather forget. Because when we abandon ourselves, it’s the most painful thing we can do to ourselves. Do not forget yourself. Do not push your parts away. Do not disown any part of your story you deem ugly or unworthy.
Your younger self needs you. Will you begin to be the healing?”
—Vienna Pharaon
#mindfulmft #powerofspeech

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Our actions are more powerful than we often recognize. On some level, we know that the ripple effects of kindness run deep and go far, but do we really perceive the profundity of this message? It is said that “The world is built with kindness.” (Psalms 89:3) What does this mean? God created this world not as a result of our actions or any merit we had, but as an act of pure kindness. This ultimate gift of life underlies all of existence. And the more we appreciate this, the more will be inspired to mirror and continually help renew the foundation of this world through acts of loving-kindness.
While the highest goal is to try and go beyond ourselves and give without expecting in return, each act of kindness, even those with muddled ulterior motives, are magical. We are human beings after all, and each day we are engaged in a precious dance between wanting to serve our needs and wanting to serve others. Whether conscious of it or not, we plants seeds through our interactions, and they take root, sprouting in moments and in places we never could have predicted. A warm smile. A friendly wave. A kind hello. A genuine compliment. A sincere expression of gratitude. An uplifting thought shared. An invitation to a party or meal. A prayer for another person. Volunteering our time. With every action, no matter how seemingly small, we become in sync with the Divine life-force and purpose that infuses this world.
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Every day is a fresh starting point. A beginning. Each moment too. This perspective helps us make the most out of our lives. You and I entered this world, endowed with a positive and essential purpose, and it’s important to take time to reflect on our life mission(s). How will we use the life God gives us? Let’s brainstorm how we can share our unique talents and abilities to make this world a better place. We cannot return to the past, but we can learn and apply the lessons and insights we gain now as we move forward, changing ourselves and the world too, one step at a time.

Love this from @projecthappiness_org 💚

Tag those special people who challenge you to grow 🌿

“Lets root for each other and watch each other grow.”
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On our journey through life

Nothing is random or chance,

Even coincidences look different

When we take another glance.

Call it destiny, call it fate

Each person that we meet,

Is an encounter that has come

To make us more complete.

Perhaps a lesson can be learned

Or we have something to impart,

One thing that is certain -

We can find it in our heart.

Some people bring us joy

Toward growth and success,

While others seem to test us

Causing heartache and distress.

And we don’t always know

What their purpose is or role,

But if we search for the message

We will perceive it in our soul.

On our journey through life

Every connection has a reason,

Whether it lasts a lifetime

Or exists for just a season.

And even those we meet who

For a short time will only stay,

Can make a lasting impression

That will carry us on our way.
#powerofspeech #growtogether

Instead of staying fixed in old thought patterns, let’s elevate our perception and expand our inner space to make room for growth. Our ability to “walk” out of our boundaries of comfort and transcend the levels of our soul is what makes us unique as humans. We are more resourceful than we recognize, and we sometimes need reminding of this. No matter what life brings our way, we can tap into our Godly inner source with awareness, acceptance, and a willingness to listen and learn. All uncomfortable experiences come bearing gifts of growth.

Chances are if our outer world is chaotic, it is only reflecting a message our inner world has been trying to convey. When fear holds us back from observing, feeling, and connecting our inner vibrations to what’s going on in the world around us, we can meet it with less control and worry and more gentleness, curiosity, and honesty. “I observe x in my outer world. How might that mirror my inner world? Are there feelings I need to heal? Who can I reach out to for help? What can I do to maximize this opportunity for growth?” We feel empowered when we sit in the seat of consciousness, understanding our potential for greatness and taking responsibility for our growth. We feel humbled when we surrender to a Higher Power, understanding that our ability to create and grow is fully dependent on the One who created us. Through this balanced lens, we can focus within and continue building our lives.
#powerofspeech #innerpower

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there and especially to mine! Wishing you only joy and strength in motherhood! It’s not about being perfect. It’s about showing up. Trying. Giving. Loving. Each day, each night, and the good, hard, ordinary, and extraordinary moments in between. Your love, patience, courage, support and devotion help build and sustain this world. And to anyone of us who are struggling with finding celebration on this day, may we find healing, peace, and rich, nourishing connections.
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Make it a habit to check in with your thoughts. To observe. To sit with them a bit. To simply see where you're at. Are you feeling inspired? Do you feel stressed? Ups and downs are normal -- we all have some good and bad days. If you're feeling the latter more often though, then it's time to recalibrate your body and mind. What can help you return to enjoying your journey? Sometimes we turn to prayer and meditation. Sometimes we engage in activities that bring us joy and gratitude. Remember that it's always your thoughts that shape your reality and as Marianne Williamson says, "hold the key to miraculous transformation."

Your fears are unique to you. My fears are unique to me. What comes easy to one person can be a mountain for another to climb. One thing we do share though, is that we each have fears and feelings of uncertainly, because they are part of the human experience. Somewhere along the way, we’ve learned to brush-off these uncomfortable feelings when they can really be our greatest teachers. If we tune into them and feel their deeper, subtle messages, we will reap their benefits.
For instance, if we’re afraid to fail, we can ask ourselves why? “Am I perfectionist?” “Do I sometimes feel inadequate?” “Can I harvest this feeling of “less than” by first accepting that nobody is perfect?” “Can I uplift my self-esteem by giving myself space to make mistakes and grow?” “Is there someone who can help me do this more easily?” “Am I brave enough to ask for help?” “Can I step outside of my comfort zone to learn what I to learn and expand my belief system, so I understand myself, my experiences, and my highest purpose better?” “Am I ready to surrender to my Creator and unify every part of me in service of the One above and others?”
The more we learn, the more we shed layers of ego, shedding light upon the truest calling of our soul. Asking these vulnerable questions and stepping beyond ourselves to answer them is true courage and how we truly grow. Then, our fears no longer have a strong hold on our lives. Rather, we hold onto them and allow them to lift us higher and higher. Our Divine spark is ignited, and we feel the love that was there all along.
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