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powerofspeech by G  The defining quality of the human soul is the ✱POWER OF SPEECH✱(Bereishit 2:7) ⠀ ✧ powerofspeechbyg@gmail.com

Happy Sunday! ♡

By letting go
You will add
All the things
That make you glad.

Inspired by @star_light_photos 💗

Here’s a little note

Something that I wrote,

With hope to inspire

Those I deeply admire.

You’re quite amazing

You keep your chin held high,

Even when you stumble

You get back up and try.
And sometimes you forget

That you’re also allowed,

Deserving of respect

A moment to be proud.

So give yourself that gift

Because it’s been a while,

Celebrate who you are

See yourself and smile!

Here’s a reminder

In everything you do,

Take time to nurture and

To cheer for yourself too!

Inspired by @divine_ethereal_energy

Life certainly has its moments. We experience ups and downs and during the latter periods, we we have to remind ourselves that “falling down” is an opportunity for us to unearth a deeper aspect of ourselves. Perhaps it is God's way of calling us forward and toward a higher existence. As we tune into our inner voice, we can hear it gently reminding us, “This is your opportunity for growth.” Sometimes though, we don’t feel so inspired to reach higher. We wonder, “Haven’t we grown enough already?” The thing is – as long as we are alive, we are here to discover, learn, and relearn the lessons we need to develop our potential. This is what life is about! We want to be the best version of ourselves, and look how far we’ve come already. And even within our difficulties, there is space for joy too. When we have the desire to expand and open up to growth, we begin to fill our souls with the nourishment it needs. So let’s welcome the gift of our present opportunities for growth, and look forward to the promise of tomorrow’s abundance.

Happy Friday! 🌿
Inspired by @astrologyangelmediums

Inspired by @thepoweroftantra 📖

Happy Thursday! 💙

“If we learn to open our hearts, anyone, including the people who drive us crazy, can be our teacher.”
—Pema Chodron

Inspired by @spiritually_awaken_soul

Inspired by @peace_love_light 🖤

Every now and then, we may experience "one of those days" where everything seems to work against us, and we find ourselves in a lower mood. And that's so normal. The beauty of life is that no matter our external backdrop, we can choose to press the reset button within. By breathing. Relaxing. Moving our bodies. Letting go. Having fun. Our minds are constantly in motion, and we can learn to observe our thoughts and feelings without internalizing them or interfering with them more than we need to. Thoughts naturally come and go, so why hold on to them? Yes, there are times when we've got to work through certain thoughts and feelings to release them and move forward but even then, we have to ultimately make a choice to release and allow new thought and emotion to flow in. Remember, whatever you feel is not your (permanent) reality. Go about your day. Do something enjoyable. Chill out. Find something good in your not so good day. Identify what you may have learned. Exhale the challenges of the day. Call it a day...call it a night. And love yourself for the wonderful human being that you are. The shadow will soon pass and sunshine and clarity will pour in!


Happy Monday! 💛

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