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Omega PowerCreamer ☕️  Butter Coffee Made Easy. We are an All-in-1 Creamer with Grassfed Organic Ghee + Organic Coconut Oil + MCT Oil. Find us on @shopify powercreamer.com


We get this question a lot...does PowerCreamer work with ❄️ICED COFFEE ❄️?!?! Yes! Simply blend it into your hot coffee and pour over ice. Once blended, our ingredients will stay emulsified! Beat the heat with iced #bpc all summer long! ☀️

Long summer days call for extra energy and we prefer to be #fueledbyfat 😎Take the hassle out of your #bpc routine and you'll be out in the ☀️ in no time!

Power up for the holiday weekend with a 💥FLASH SALE💥on your favorite all-in-one butter coffee creamer. (Cue the fireworks)
Use code AMERICA for 10% off your purchase at www.powercreamer.com now through Monday!
Wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th of July weekend! 🇺🇸❤️💙💥

Happy Summer! 🌈 One of our favorite parts of summer is all the fresh 🍅🌶🌽🍠🍆 so tonight we're devouring this colorful @traderjoes #cauliflowercrust 🍕 •

Believe it or not, we actually seasoned this crust with @powercreamer because it needed a lil summin' summin' and we all know that #ghee makes everything butter 😋 •

What's your favorite part of #summer?

Great news! We are now offering FREE SHIPPING on ALL domestic orders through our website. Go to PowerCreamer.com to get your bottle now! 📦

Rejoice! Here is a PowerCreamer Recipe from @breakfastcriminals ☕❤
No excuses to not take the time every day to do things that bring you joy! 💓 Didn't take time in the morning to breathe & set an intention? Do it now! Nothing more powerful than a Monday afternoon midday check-in 📝 Make a cup of something nourishingly delicious & ask yourself: How do I want to feel when I go to sleep tonight? What will make me feel complete? Choose 1 to 5 words and allow them in as you sip with love 💗 In this case it's a frothy mug of bulletproof dandelion latte made with 2 tbsp @dandyblend, 1.5 cup hot water, 1 tspn maca, 1 tbsp coconut oil with MCT oil [or @powercreamer], 1 serving collagen, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, vanilla, stevia, splash of hemp milk & optional splash of cold brew concentrate to criminally spike it ☕️ My words are generous, self-expressed, connected & calm 🙏🏼 #breakfastcriminals

Match made in ✨Fat Heaven✨

We're loving our @fats_bar 🍫when that afternoon hanger kicks in! Pairs perfectly with our collagen butter coffee made with @vitalproteins and @powercreamer ☕️

Two-Cup Tuesday... because it feels like a Monday 😴

Who's traveling this weekend?! 🙋🙋‍♂️ No blender? No problem! PowerCreamer is made to easily blend into your coffee or tea. Shake it up in a @kleankanteen or #whipitgood with an immersion blender if you're away from your home kitchen. Take your #buttercoffee on the go! ✈️🚂🚘🚌🚀 Have a good weekend everyone! Tell us where you're taking your @powercreamer in the comments below! 👇🏻

Squad goals 🙌🏼

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