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  yung nigga from da NAWF

I’m livin my best life. 4 bands for the Maison Margiela Goyard vest. Coachella vibes

Never would I have guessed that my first apartment would be luxury apartment in Hollywood. I used to be so broke old niggas i would rock wit back in the day would crack jokes on the side. I ain’t have a phone all throughout high school i was pimpin with a iPod Touch. I wore the same beat low top converse chucks 2 years in a row in high school but gave 0 fucks. Nowadays a nigga living in Hollywood wit a view so thicc Kourtney Kardashian tryna slob me up. Niggas used to say Youtube was lame as fuck but nowadays everybody posting “welcome to my channel” previews on their instagram. Never let niggas try to block blessings The Lord got for you. Keep focused and know everything takes time. Thanks all y’all for supporting me. This literally been my dream since middle school and it’s a blessing to live it out. I love y’all niggas. Young Poudii P

When yo barber always try to do some extra shit out of the usual 😂😂😂😂😂😂 w/ @fatsdabarber lmaooo

First day in uh South Korea. Unfortunately nobody here thicc so I resorted to plan B. I waited 3 hours and got stood up by this Peruvian chick I met off backpage who’s here as a foreign exchange student. Her listing said she charges $250 to “clean your sandals” for a hour and that was honestly a price I couldn’t pass upon. To the world you are one person, but to one person you could mean the world. Yung Poudii P #Kony2012

#Tekashi69 Banned from ALL Circuses in the United States. (Ft @blackcharcoal & @tytheguy___) It’s a privilege to walk around with a clown face tat & we feel like you misrepresenting us clowns out there. It’s a no fly zone for all circuses. 😂😂😂 #parody #justjokes

Tip for all the ugly niggas out there like me: if you lie and put model agency names in yo bio, the chances of insta thotties ready to toot that thaang BACK in ya DM’s increase by a rate of 33%. SN; don’t hate on my sandals these cost more than yo heal-dragged gucci flops 🌊🦋

Sometimes you gotta treat yo self out to a 5star date & ask the thicc ass server to take a pic to remind yo self that you a young black independent young man who don’t needa take showers. I shoulda watched a tutorial on how to pour syrups bc I’m fuckin that up but when these student loans come in I don’t want nun of y’all sending me good morning texts. Yung Poudii P

For a nigga who only shower twice a month, wears $3 sunglasses, neck got a green lace stain from fake chains, eats his fingernails, and dreads smell like a week’s old unrefrigerated Chinese food, i lowkey be lookin like a whole Dominican SHHNACKK 😍😍🙈🤪

Like Kobe & Shaq 🏚🤧

Ay it’s just a whole lotta dat givin back goin on, ya digwhatimsayin? Had to hit the prison pose foh da one time

6ix9ine At The Drive Thru!! 😂😂 Ay squad, y’all go tag @6ix9ine_ @worldstar or @akadmiks in the comments! Full video link in bio

First night at a club, this Latina mommi danced on my True Religion jeans for 4 seconds before one of her baby father’s uncle A-town stomped on my forces with his cowboy boots that had pupusas grease on the heel toe. I been limping my right foot ever since but it was lit asf mom!

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