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Potterotica Podcast  We read & make jokes about erotic Harry Potter fanfic.(Don't worry they're adults now.) Season 6 on iTunes + Stitcher 🔮⚡️🍆 ⚯͛

Happy Friday! Just because we're taking a break doesn't mean you have to! Check us out on Patreon for exclusive quickies, behind the scenes videos, and more surprises than Weasley's Wizard Wheezes!

#TBT Remember when we started SEASON SEX off with Disney music and couldn't figure out how to stop? Good times! If you're all caught up and wishing you had more to listen to while we're away, be sure to check out our Patreon for exclusive quickies and more! Patreon.com/potterotica

HAPPY FACEBOOK FRIDAY! Sure, the Potterotics are amazing...but do you ever wish you could cook with the Potterotics? Or craft? Or run? Or game? Or read? Or Write? Or drink? Or write? Or parent? Or complain about #Merula? Well, NOW YOU CAN! Check out our "about" tab on the Potterotics to see all the ways to get horny and social with the most incredible people in the world. Thank to all the amazing people that started and keep these groups magical and sexy! #wandsup!

Is your phone fogging up too? What a steamy pic for a steamer finish to season SEX! Thank you @noizviolation for addressing out curiousity and to Gillian for your incredible story! #wandsupupup!

Season SEX finishes here (and so do a few other people!) Listen in to see if your divinations DON'T come true this week! #wandsup #drunkdivinations

Like our buddy Plughorn - WE'RE EVERYWHERE! Including @Spotify! If you're ever looking for a quick fix or want to easily get friends hooked - check us out on Spotify!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNDSAY!!! In honor of your big day, we're deaming today National GIRLS NIGHT! Everyone, grab your sex diagrams, a handful of doritos and your "I'd let Ron Weasley Pick me Up from the Airport" tank and wish our #bosslady the best birthday!

Ron's cork is POPPING in this episode! Thank you to @noizviolation for giving us six reasons to celebrate #rondemption (his abs!). One episode left in the season!

In the dungeon, recording pillow talk bonuses for the Dongs. LIFE IS GOOD, Y’ALL. xo D, A, L

The cards show....your LAST SHOT AT #DRUNKDIVINATIONS! Before Ron and Pansy tarot it up, guess what's NOT going to happen!

Still riding high after an amazing orgy of Potterotics at @emporiumpopups last week! Thanks to all you horny wizards for coming out! #aretheyopenyet #polyjuice #wandsup

The train to Drunkwarts is now departing from Emporium Logan Square (not the pop up! Definitely not the one in Wicker park!). We'll head next door at 6pm!

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