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those 19 years  HP comics & sketches (some nsfw tw) ⚡️ Do not repost my art✋


Harry and Ginny after the battle of Hogwarts. #hinny #harrypotter #ginnyweasley

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."
Yesterday I drew James so I thought of showing the whole gang today. ➡️Slide to see them individually.

#jamespotter #siriusblack #remuslupin #peterpettigrew

"You look so like your father". An illustration of James "Prongs" Potter. (Considering some previous experiences, I think it's important to politely ask here: if you don't like a character (or that I'm drawing a certain character), please, don't comment ^^ Let's just respect each other's opinion!)

Inspired by a particular headcanon, I couldn’t stop thinking of Harry having a tattoo of a lily on his rib - representing his mother who saved his life and also his daughter who life he constatly safes. Narcissa Malfoy saved him too so a flower is something that I imagine Harry craving in his skin (no matter how cliché you might think it is). It’s sweet and pure and it’s the contrast of dark, violent moments of his life. I really enjoy this concept and I couldn’t help but draw it today.

"You know we’ll have to go to one of your co-workers’ dinners at some point of your career, right?" Finding excuse to stay at home instead of going to dinners and formal boring parties - that's Harry and Ginny's marriage.

Harry and Ginny trying to relax a bit :) Thank you for the messages and for still following my sketches. It means a lot ❤️

Hogsmeade. Christmas, 2004. A photograph that Harry keeps in his office at the Auror Headquarter. #harrypotter #ginnyweasley #hinny

Saving the world is not as challenging as taking your three kids to their mother’s Quidditch game on a Sunday morning.

Celebrating Father's Day in Brazil. Feliz dia dos pais!
#harrypotter #jamessirius #albusseverus #lilyluna

Too cute to be true. Another #askthepotters! #hinny

"It was odd, really, seeing that it had been a Death Eater in disguise who had first told Harry he would make a good Auror, but somehow the idea had taken hold of him, and he couldn’t really think of anything else he would like to be. Moreover, it had seemed the right destiny for him since he had heard the prophecy a few weeks ago… Neither can live while the other survives… Wouldn’t he be living up to the prophecy, and giving himself the best chance of survival, if he joined those highly trained wizards whose job it was to find and kill Voldemort?" | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince --- Colored version of Harry. My 130 post here on Instagram. I want to enter into a new phase with my sketches. It's like this painting is a new cover. If you get to the first post of my account, you will see more colored paintings of him. Don't worry, I'll keep doing the black and white sketches. I've just missed colors today 😂

"Harry had sometimes thought that having six brothers must have toughened her up." Bill’s old leather jacket, Charlie’s old jeans, Ron’s old shoes and her own “I heart Pygmy Puff” t-shirt. A 18th birthday picture, after the war and before officialy becoming a brilliant Holyhead Harpies’ Chaser… and cutting off her hair. Happy Birthday, Ginny Weasley. #ginnyweasley #harrypotter

Harry leading a mission with 2 young aurors and read to Alohomora. Different from all my previous sketches, this one was created in a panoramic image. Here's a tour through the scene!

All done in Photoshop. I just wanted to try something new to this series of sketches. #harrypotter

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