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jules!  Established Nov. 2016 Shop closed! Questions? Check my story highlights. 🦋💘

(to clarify, I’m still keeping this account up and I will still be interacting with others...however I cannot commit full-time to this account.)
SO...I’ve been on a little hiatus. This is because a). I’ve been busy with general summer stuff! and b). I wanted to become a little less active as my account comes to a close. I’ve mentioned before that I was going to become semi-permanently inactive, so I guess this is my official goodbye.
This has been a great (about) two years of my life. Although slime is a trend, it’s lasted a long time and it’s still growing! I just enjoyed being a part of the community and see it change since twenty-sixteen. This account has taught me a whole lot about cooperation, resourcefulness, and even a little business? It’s an experience I can really take with me and apply in the future.
All technical stuff aside, this was super fun and I will still come on here occasionally to see what everyone is doing! I wish the best for the ‘slime community’ & anyone who wants to make a business with it!
jules 💫💜✨🔮⛅️

Short short video of @slime_og Funfetti Cake Cloud 🍰🌈✨
qotp: favorite slime trend? 👀

Butterbeer from @muggle_slimes 🍻⚡️ I’ve had this for 11 months and it’s still perfect!
qotp: pizza or taco/burritos? 🍕🌮

I’m back from my mini hiatus! 🍭💛✨ I went to cheer camp & hadn’t made any pre-filmed videos. (-:

Me trying to be creative with the thumbnail 🤧 I have posted this slime 7647375 before but it’s too good, @slimeyoda 🏝💙
qotp: would you rather have to travel EVERYWHERE by train or by plane?

Sparkling Berry Punch from @theslimehive 🍓🍇🥂✨
qotp: do you like sparkling water? I like it but turns out it can be pretty controversial 😂

Bomb Pop Crunch from @theslim3ry 💥🍒
You’re out if...
- you’re wearing socks rn
- your favorite color is yellow
- you’re an only child
- your birthday is in august
Are you in or out? I’m out! (caption inspired by @slimeyoda) ❤️✨

TEMP POST but my cousin bought me this ‘slime kit’ so we tested if out on camera lol,, it’s pretty quality for a store-bought slime! 🦄 peep us talking while filming
(filming creds to hagan)

Remember when everyone was making ‘funfetti’ or ‘cake batter ice cream’ slimes? 🎂🌈
qotp: when does school start for you? Lol I don’t want to start taking about school either but I know some of you guys go back in a couple weeks!

Bead mixing! qotp: bead or clay mixing? 🌈⛅️

Caption later! 🕊

Slime smoothie pt. two 🍹🤧 Now it’s all brown but at least I have four gallons of slime (I added more after this)!
Favorite soda? Vanilla sprite for me 🍋

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