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NO EXCUSES - 6 DAYS OUT ! πŸ†πŸ™ŒπŸ» @wbff_official Arizona - Transformation
We are setting the bar higher than ever ! I wanna show you guys that anything is possible ! This is our journey ! Join me today ! πŸ”₯πŸ’―
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Can't believe I only have 7 days left!! Stepping on stage for the transformation division with the @wbff_official !!So many mix emotions I'm excited, I'm nervous, more then anything I'm anxious!!! Anxious to show the world it's possible!! This journey may be coming to a end but the next one has already started stay tune we have some big plans in the works! We will change the world one life, one pound and one rep at a time!!! #bestself #transformforlife #teambodybuildingcom #bodybuildingcom @bodybuildingcom

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I am a true believer in what you give and do. That same energy will come back ⚑️ one thing that always has stuck to me. Doing the right thing is always the right thing. I think that's why me and you guys have such a close relationship because we can actually talk like human beings and and feed of each others vibes ! You know how many times I get " man pat you made my day". Why wouldn't I want to keep doing what I'm doing if it's going to help people ! -
Positive vibes πŸ€™πŸ»

No you will not become a body builder if you take a protein shake or if you do a upper body workout. Nor if you even touch the weights. I promise you with all my life you will not become manly. Muscles are to help you shape your figure. They are will help you get strong mentally and physically, and you confidence! Putting on lean mass will only help you through your journey. Your goal is a combination of weights, cardio, and especially diet.
And ladies FYI. It will take years and year 10-15+ years to even come that close and not to mention πŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ’‰
Don't be afraid to lift and to be stronger than man πŸ’ͺ🏻


First picture day 1 of my journey last picture 20 days ago!! Its been one hell of a journey almost 4 years this September! Lost over 340 pounds, I defeated obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver, high cholesterol had loose skin surgery, and now I'm 10 days out and I'll step on stage can't wait to show everyone what you can do with hard work determination,consistency! It's levels to everyone journey and we all take our own paths!! It won't happen over night, it will be hard, you will fail and be faced with many obstacles! Just know we can over come them all, we will not be faced with anything we can't handle! Never be content always stay moving forward we are made to grow now let's "level the f**k up". "ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE"!!! -
#teambodybuildingcom #transformforlife #transformationtuesday #levelup

Excuse my French but I just can't with all theses trainers and meal plan geniuses I see this craze about flexible dieting and having balance but never been overweight! So I'll be the first to say yes it can work but does that mean it's right for you? People with flexible diets have a lot of self control not to be mean but overweight people don't, trust me I didn't! We tend to turn to food for comfort and eat just because sometime not even being hungry! we don't have self control if we did you think we would have been overweight to begin with! Just because the numbers work doesn't mean the mind will work! Remember it's a process take control of your life back and once you have everything under control maybe then you bring the flexibility and balance back! #motivationmonday πŸ”½Tag a friend that needs to see thisπŸ”½

Best gift ever!! I thank God for you all!!! 2more days and we will all be together!! Counting down let's have a fun summer!!

Happy Father's Day πŸ‘¨ I'm with a few real ones right here!! Perfect your craft put your heart and soul into it!! This isn't just a fitness post it's a life post! You want to become better learn how make some mistakes and grow from them! As a parent we will make lots of mistakes but we learn correct and grow from them! Always keep in mind how can I be a better parent how can I show my seed to be great! Just know they are always watching so it's not just perfecting the things you love you have to do the things you don't love and show them life!! Build a solid platform with great structure and let your next generation have something to reflect Off of! #happyfathersday
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Train Hard / Eat Clean / Stay Hydrated / Sleep / Repeat !!!
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πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚Happy bday to me πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚. 32 years of age today This is how we celebrate our birthdays making success!! All I can do is be grateful that I changed when I did!! Picture on the left my birthday 7 years ago way before I even got to my heaviest weight and decided to change! Drinking and eating what I want for years with no worries about my health! Take control of your life don't wait another minutes because it may be one minutes to long! The best gift I ever gave myself was the gift of changed I changed and saved my life and I'm grateful that I'm alive to share it with you guys another birthday I get to enjoy because I took control!!
#happybirthday #transformforlife #bestself #teambodybuildingcom #transformation #youvsyouchallenge #flexfriday

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