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Positive Light  🙏 Just a gal tryna make the world a more positive place, one thought cluster at a time... 💯🙏💕

The root cause of all our problems is the perception we hold of reality... Let that sink in. Reality is a made up construct peeps, it's a collection of what we believe to be true, hence the disappointment when people or events let us down. Loyalty is a funny construct in this sense... As human beings we crave connections with others, and when those people disappoint, betray or abuse our trust we are so disturbed by their lack of respect & loyalty towards us. Loyalty is not a given, at the end of the day, like it or not everyone fends for number 1 (and that is themselves) ... I'm not tryna be jaded or negative (I promise) I am just saying that we need to recognize that everyone is ultimately working towards their own goals, their own agenda & when we believe that this isn't the case & someone betrays us we are setting ourselves up for pain & discomfort. Love the people who surround you, but always remember that the only person who is truly working for you day and night is yourself(and God, but that's a given). We might not have the same people around us forever, everyone is on their own path. To avoid the pain of feeling betrayed and let down remember that the construct of loyalty is a silly one; love the people who are in your life in the present moment, be thankful for the ones who were a part of your life in the past (they've all taught you lessons) and be excited about the new people who you will meet. The world is an incredible place when live in the moment and cherish what you have (right here, right now is the only reality we have, the past is not our reality and neither is the future). So embrace those who are there for you, no matter how long they will be there - God created this life and put these people in it for a reason, trust him and appreciate everything. Nothing in life is meant to be permanent so enjoy each moment you've been blessed with. #onelove #positivity #livewithmeaning #leanonGod #trust #loyalty #lifelessons #spirtualgangster #liveinthemoment #Godisgreat #nothingispermanent #enlightenment #loyalty #loyaltyiseverything #snakeinthegrass #payattention #trust

Death is an interesting topic many different people and cultures percolating it in different ways. I see it as a continuation and crossing over to a new plane. I don't believe anything is ever over - when we start life it's actually in the womb, and when we leave the womb maybe our fetal self thinks of it as death. I think death is just a movement form one phase of existence to another... but the idea of leaving one place is always going to be scary, I'm afraid to die. Not because I don't believe I'm going to heaven but because I'm afraid of the unknown and a little bit because I'm afraid I won't accomplish everything I want before my number is up here. The fear is good it keeps me motivated and working hard and reminds me that even on my worst day things aren't permanent so I don't worry and on every other day the impermanence reminds me to cherish each moment God had given me. #vanitycards #bigbangtheory #chucklorre #chucklorreproductions #loftyquest #bhag #spiritualgangster #journeytoenlightenment #positivevibes #sharingmythoughts bbt #pennyforyourthoughts #instaquest #instajourney #foodforthought #instathoughts #impermanence #life #death #faith #hope #howimlivin #spiritualawakening

The beauty of life is knowing that each day brings about new opportunities for you to excel toward, don't waste the gift of the present wishing for things in your past to return. They are there for a reason #instaphilosophy #thoughts #present #bepresent #enjoythejourney #lifeisforliving #trustingod #faith #christianhippie #spiritualgangster

I love this vanity card, it's a testament to empathy and understanding the key to understanding life, that we are all one. We all endure different circumstances and we may look different and speak different languages but we all have the same needs. Food, water and love - I walk through life in this manner, I try and remember that we are all one human race who ultimately just need to feel accepted and loved. If the leaders in the world understood this concept perhaps we could have a better world; if we loved and accepted everyone for who they are perhaps we could have a better world. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule but I think that the basic need is love for (most) people. When we can view everyone as an extension of ourselves it will make for a better world, I'm sure of it. #vanitycards #bigbangtheory #chucklorre #chucklorreproductions #loftyquest #bhag #spiritualgangster #journeytoenlightenment #positivevibes #sharingmythoughts bbt #pennyforyourthoughts #instaquest #instajourney #foodforthought #onehumanrace #onehumanity #humanrace #humanbeings #lovefaithhope #kindness #onelove #bekind #empathy #bekind #chooselove #humanrace #weareallhuman #weareallconnected #mankind #humanbeingnothumandoing

Begin and end each day with a conversation with God, give thanks for all that he has given you; good and bad - he knows what you need and when you need it. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the stories we are telling ourselves about how terrible our lives are that forget how truly blessed we are. Out struggles are God's way of telling us that he wants us to remember that we are powerful and strong beyond what we can comprehend, and it's totally human to get overwhelmed by our circumstances.There is nothing more powerful than prayer at anytime in your life, it's a great way to release your fears and anxieties to a higher power and an even better reminder that even when you feel all alone He is with you, listening, guiding and loving you... Stay blessed people. #blessup #Godisgreat #prayer #positivity #happyfriday #justafriendlyreminder #livewithmeaning #leanonGod #powerofprayer #conversationswithGod #powerofprayer #blessed #countyourblessings #countyourblessingsnotyourproblems #majorkey #securethebag #itrustGod #inHishands #faith #lovefaithhope

This vanity card reminds me of my first love - he was a guy I new from a distance, I created all these stories about how incredible he was and how he was destined to be my soul mate. I pined and waited for him for 5 years when I finally mustered up the courage to tell him how I feel. The relationship was a complete disaster! I spent the entire time wondering why he wasn't I imagined him to be; the relationship fizzled quickly, we kept assuming each other was something else and neither of us were truly happy. I then spent years searching for the ideals that I had projected on him and realized I was taking what I learned on soap operas and telenovelas and searching for it in real life, the things I needed to be looking for were kindness, acceptance, attraction and common ground. Love is work, and in order to have a successful relationship you have to be willing to work for it. Perhaps it's the realist in me speaking but TV has really given me a warped message of what love looks like which had resulted in years of heartache until I realized life is not Days Of Our Lives, but that doesn't mean you can't have love that is the stuff of fairytales - you just have to be willing to put in the time, and have someone who is willing to put in the time with you. #vanitycards #bigbangtheory #chucklorre #chucklorreproductions #loftyquest #bhag #spiritualgangster #journeytoenlightenment #positivevibes #sharingmythoughts bbt #pennyforyourthoughts #instaquest #instajourney #foodforthought #firstlove #fairytales #telenovelas #reallove #realityisrelative

Fear is a funny thing, it has a power over us like no other emotion we experience ... It creates stories and worlds that quite literally mold us into what we are. How dare we give fear this kind of power over us! I have lived a life FILLED with fear and with this inaugural post I am quite literally stating fear in the face and getting ready to make my impact in the world. My fear of judgment has resulted in me being a wallflower, no longer - I will embrace my voice and face my fears. Welcome to my journey, feel free to share your voice with me. #yoda #inspiration #nofear #positivity #livewithmeaning #embraceyourfears #nofear #falseevidenceappearingreal #darkside #anger #happiness #learntochanelyouranger #angercanbepower #meditation #nosuffering #justbreathe #justkeepswimming

I think we all allow our minds to wander at times; mine wanders when I think about my new role as mommy and the things that have changed in my life - I can't imagine going back to my old life and yet I wonder how my tomorrows will be so I fantasize about coming home from work and cooking dinner while my mini does homework and how I would help her if she had homework questions. Isn't it funny? When I used to fantasize about my life 10 years ago it was about living in a penthouse and driving a Ferrari, maybe becoming friends with a Kardashian because we meet on a flight and they think I'm super cool. Regardless of the change in fantasy one thing hasn't changed my life is exactly what it needs to be at this moment and I'm excited for what it will be in the future. #vanitycards #bigbangtheory #chucklorre #chucklorreproductions #loftyquest #bhag #spiritualgangster #journeytoenlightenment #positivevibes #sharingmythoughts bbt #pennyforyourthoughts #instaquest #instajourney #foodforthought #wanderingmind #fantasy #momlife #optimistic #happinessisaninsidejob #queserasera

Today friends I had a very dark and difficult day, I felt jealous and envious for the first time in a long time. Since my baby girl was born I have been pretty isolated, my husband has a small family whom my mother in law is not close with and my in laws also do not let my family come see me if they are not present so I almost never get to see them either. Today I went to a function with my in laws and I met a woman with a baby 2 months older than my little girl and the mom and baby were such happy people. Don't get me wrong, I love happy people and I love seeing people do well but my current situation is so very challenging; I asked her what her secret is, she was slim, had make up on and was genuinely happy. She responded by saying her partner is an incredible father and has helped out so much since their daughter was born (and you can tell, she had such an amazing bond with her father). My daughter doesn't go to many people, being isolated thanks to my mother in law - she likes being around them, but is truly content with only me; and she adores her father but he is cold and distant toward her. It made me wish that he was a better person. My daughter is my universe, she is beautiful, smart and kind. She may only be 5 months old but I know she will be an incredible human being, I wish my husband could see that. What is it with some guys? He has been upset with me for having a daughter since she was born and has been cold, and distant with both of us - the result is an always living situation, I am not back to work yet so I can't afford to move out so I am stuck in this abyss of emptiness and I don't want that for my daughter. I sat there today at this function and wished I was married to someone like that other woman's husband. He was kind, and you could tell how much he loved her and their daughter... I know it's to good to be envious but I hate the thought of my daughter growing up not knowing genuinely pure love for her father. My heart feels so broken today 💔 #heartbroken #fatheroftheyear #jealousy #newmommy #envy #heartbreak #lookingforagoodman #daddyslittlegirl #deadbeatdad #lordguideme

Not sure what to write about this one lol - I guess the concept of perception come to mind. When Richie made love to Kate it was a special moment for Richie but to Kate it had a different meaning or I guess a lack of meaning. What I learn from this is that sometimes what may seem to be important to us is actually mundane and unimportant to others and it's ok, as long as you can remember that how others perceive a moment with you is valid, even if it disagrees with what you feel. #perceptionisreality #perception #vanitycards #bigbangtheory #chucklorre #chucklorreproductions #loftyquest #bhag #spiritualgangster #journeytoenlightenment #positivevibes #sharingmythoughts bbt #pennyforyourthoughts #instaquest #instajourney #foodforthought

Ahhh I absolutely love this vanity card! Feelings and emotions are created by us, I completely agree as a former bullied person I know that no one could have made me feel bad about myself without my permission. Sometimes we are taught to blame others for what we go through and it has no value in our lives. For instance, when you get angry about something it's you who is making the choice to get angry other people will always be doing things, it's up to us to change the way in which we respond. I look at it as a story I'm creating, once I change my interns dialogue I can react in a more positive method. We are such strong human beings if we let go of the concept of blame, when I started taking ownership of how people treat me I noticed that how people interacted with me changed, because I respect myself too much to allow people to make me feel inferior, because they can't do that without my permission. So the next time you feel angry review the story in your mind... when we can remember that we are the narrator of our story we can start to change the outcome of our story. #vanitycards #bigbangtheory #chucklorre #chucklorreproductions #loftyquest #bhag #spiritualgangster #journeytoenlightenment #positivevibes #sharingmythoughts bbt #pennyforyourthoughts #instaquest #instajourney #foodforthought #fridayfun #speakyourmind #getoutofherebullies #lovefaithhope #fridayvibes #fridayphilosophy #tgif #controlyourlife #destiny

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