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+Elijah+  Self Respect Enthusiast + Please Say The Baby + I Don't Promote Sorrow + Coming Correct Since 88' +

Living without fear can’t be safe+! When my flame of fear is turned up too high, my thoughts become defensive and bubble into the most unkind thoughts. With age comes understanding.. which is never easy.

I can only imagine how sweet life will be when I don’t have fear as a factor while I’m making decisions. Decisions made from Strength, not fear.
Turn the fear down🙂

Turn up the #Strength #Health #Wealth #SelfRespect

Communication: the most difficult when it’s value is the highest.
Genuine: Not everything can be said -some truth must be felt. Not everything can be asked for -some acts of kindness must be offered!

Expectations: They sure have a way of blinding our true mission in life. At the very least we seek respect and truth.. But,
There is more depth than being either heartless or heart broken.
Follow your ❤️ But protect it with your 🧠
#Respect #Communicate #RealRecognizeReal #Perseverance #MindOverMatter #HeartFullMovements #WeShallOverCome #PositiveEnergyBaby

Always! Is hard.. but always try. Even when you can’t stop rambling. Back it up by making the changes you talked about. Move forward! Practicing what you preach. #PEB


Age ain’t nothin but a number. Follow your heart! Protect it with your mind... Everybody wants to change... few shift into the consistent mentality.
#ConditionalLoveSucks #UnconditionalLove #NeverStop #BeYourself #TrustYourIntuition #Love #Consistency #SelfRespect #JustKeepDancing #CherishTouch #ILoveYou

Illuminating -With this little light of mine.

Positive Energy Baby -With this little light of mine

Chucking up Duce ✌🏽 -With this little light of mine.

Leading by example -With this little light of mine .

Shinning light on the darkness.
For the comfort and pain of truth.
A Souldier of Love.
-With this little light of mine

“It’s gonna be some stuff that you gonna see that makes it hard to smile in the future, but through what ever you see. Through all the rain and the pain.. you gotta keep your sense of humor. You gotta be able to smile through all this bullshit. Remember that” -2pac

#June16th #Motivation #Smile #LaughItOff #PositiveEnergyBaby

Who you feeding?
Every exhale can release your inhibitions. The negative self talk that convinces you to drink your problems away.. Each inhale can be nourishing.. we can build our confidence one breath at a time and take on the tasks that we wake up thinking about.

#FeedYourSelf #PEB #TidalVolume #SelfLove #SelfRespect #CherishYoSelf #blessedwiththebest

🌻What are you looking for? the power of manifestation will bring it sooner than later. Hit your self with some #PositivityPlease. You’re worth it+++ Practice #Patience and breathe when negative dark self talk begins to flood your awareness.
You can look for anything you want. Be mindful of what you are bringing to life.

✨➕❤️We got a brand new week here❤️➕✨
#StayHungry StayHydrated! StayFocused! StayPositive #StayAmbitious #StayReady

Very proud of my boys for accepting the challenging game plans I’m implementing to push them physically and mentally. Maui on Kauai. #BeARoleModel #🏀 #Hustle #Heart #PreSeason

No matter how much people love you, want to cherish who you are.. and support your well being... Make yourself a priority or you’ll never let anyone else make you feel special. ‘Tis the season to be receiving 🙏🏽
#SelfRespect it doesn’t go out of style.

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