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I can't think of a caption. Fluffiest bridesmaid? All I know is that Remi, the bride and grooms dog, wore her floral collar like a champ. She knew she looked fancy. #ihopeshesagirl #ifnotletspretend Wedding Planning / @amorology Photography / @featherandstonephotography
#bridalbouquet #bridesmaids #labradoodle #floralstyling #bouquets #gardenroses #peonies

Our bride, Renee, was bridal perfection on her wedding day. Stay tuned and you'll see....for now, I'm letting that @ellarosefarm Koko Loko rose steal the show. Isn't she the dreamiest? Planning / @amorology Photo / @featherandstonephotography
#kokoloko #kokolokorose #ellarosefarm #delphinium #bridalbouquet #amorology

Excited to share this wedding with you. Every detail was perfect thanks to @amorology and all of the talented vendors. Excuse while a post a million this week. Photography / @featherandstonephotography 🙌🏻 #blueberrybranch #mockorange #favorites #weddinginvitations #floralstyling

Played with flowers today in a pretty laundry room. @tiffanyharrisdesign design skills are 🙌🏻. Every tile pattern, light fixture, window and door was perfection. Got too busy to show you all the best stuff in my super dumb insta stories. Note to self: $30 million dollar houses (current list price, contact me if you'd like to make an all cash offer and I'll let Tiffany know 🤗🤓😜) take bigger and bulkier flowers and vases than you think. House kinda swallowed them whole. Good thing it doesn't need much to shine ✨💫✨. #youhadmeatmassageroom

Heading down to San Diego to assist one of my faves with bouquets today. Can't wait! Last summer, when this bride wanted a cascading bouquet, I debated about using a foam form. I've never used one, and made this in my hand tied style with lots of long pieces trailing down, BUT, I'm kind of wanting to try a bouquet form. Florists.....have you used them?.......thoughts? Is that tacky or is it the best way to get a really solid cascade? Spill it! By the way, this brides favorite flower is white lisianthus. That was her "must have". I just loved that. Photo / @jennymasonphoto #cascadingbouquet #bridalbouquet #blushandwhite #lisianthus #quicksandroses #roses #gardenroses #keirarose

This pretty arbor came together so effortlessly. Romantic and summery addition to the sweetheart table (➡️scroll through to see). Wish I had a good pic of the sweet family of geese hanging out with us during set up. Photo / @jennymasonphotography #weddingarbor #weddingbackdrop #floralarch #summerwedding #arroyotrabucowedding

Roses and dahlias = summer favorites, but it's the trailing jasmine that has my 💛in this one.
#jennymasonphotography #gardenroses #dahlias #roses #lisianthus #jasmine #jasminevine #summerwedding

Fluffy maids bouquets in blush and white. Classic and pretty every time. Photo / @jennymasonphotography
#bridesmaids #bouquets #gardenroses #blushandwhite

Today is a stare at the computer and get organized and do boring math things 😱 kind of day. I want to have a beach and flower things kind of day instead. Sigh. I'm gonna look at this dreamy photo, taken by @jennymasonphotography, from a wedding I flowered up last year and pretend! When I see pictures like this....even after 10 years, I still can't believe that I get to live so close to these gorgeous beaches. It's something I'll never take for granted. #beachwedding #oc #orangecountybeachweddings #beachbride #lagunabeach

Don't look back. You're not going that way. -Unknown

Been thinking about this a lot lately (and saw it posted somewhere this morning but I'm not sure where). Been looking back more than I should and wishing I could tell my younger self lots of things....like: "there's never a good time to start" and "start before you're ready" and "don't be so afraid of failure" etc.. She probably wouldn't have listened anyway. Stubborn girl 🙄. What would you tell your younger self if you could? Come on...I really want to hear!

Roses = MVP cuz they usually do what they're told. I'm almost done posting this wedding....too many pretty pics to choose from and I currently have no self control (as evidenced by the entire thingy of Haagen Dazs I just ate). Whatever. Photo @emmylowephoto #bouquet #bouquets #roses #gardenroses #distantdrums #ellarosefarm #japoneseanemone #scabiosa #lisianthus

Sometimes I have nightmares about doing weddings in the heat....if cafe au lait dahlias are involved, they go from nightmares to night terrors #floristproblems #meltingflowers . Glad this particular wedding wasn't this weekend. Hats off to those of you who were flower slingin' in this heat. If cafes were involved....well, I hope someone gave you a Xanex....or at least a pep talk. Photo @emmylowephoto #cafeaulaitdahlia #dahlia #prettylittlejerks #dramaqueens

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