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Meghan Quinn  Artist. Activist. Chocolate chip cookie addict. Loki 🀘🏻🐢🀘🏻 Holga goodz on minted.com rad prints on society 6 https://society6.com/quinzee


"Boob adjust" from SCAD college days with my main muse, Stacy. When I was in school no one really knew what riot grrrl was, especially the philosophy behind the movement. I liked to make work that took my world and old painterly aesthetics then married the two. I was warned that not many may get it because at the time the movement and music had faded out of public consciousness. Happy to see as people rediscover the nineties they are also rediscovering a genre of music that shaped my identity as an adolescent. Also was thinking about this piece as of late as I have come into a new role of milk factory. #riotgrrrl #riotmom #riotmama #milkfactory #feministart #feministartist #womenshistorymonth #girlstothefront #riotnotdiet

Mama pro tip. Tanks with giant arm holes make for easy boobie access. #mommyslittlemonster #misfits #riotmom #riotmama #milkdrunk #ironfistclothing

View from couch town. All four of us pretty much live in the living room right now. So glad when we upgraded apts we invested in an "l" couch and classy accent pillows. Quinn has already started weight training. He'll be at Venice Gold's in no time. πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘ΆπŸΌ

For all my beautiful women and those that love them. Loved seeing all the posts celebrating and spreading awareness of women's issues yesterday. As my friend @rebelwhitey says "I snap my bra to you". I've been told this old print should be on a t-shirt. Funny you say that. I have a whole shop in society 6 full of cool shit. You can even get my pussy riot homage as a phone case. Which I would totally do if I wasn't so dropsy. Support female artists. Support each other however you identify. Spread love, resistance, and compassion. Here is the link if you care for some rad feminist goodz. https://society6.com/quinzee *written during sleep deprived cluster feeding* πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏿 #feministart #feministartist #supportsmallbusiness #supportfeministartists #pussyriot #pussyhat #internationalwomensday #supportallwomen #supportwomenartists #clusterfeeding

Someone finally came out! Quinn Martigan Michaels wiggled out after a very long labor. He's doing great. Mom and Dad are exhausted. HBD baby dragon. #itsadaikinibaby #futuretreehugger #futurefeminist

Pruitt was confirmed. Needed one more of skyline to distract from the rage. #resist #youcantdrinkoil #savetheepa #altnationalparkservice @altusnatparkser @shenandoahnps

Woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. I hate reading headlines these days. There is no more progress only backsliding. Actually that's not entirely true. There is progress in that people are fighting harder for what we need to protect. I just hope it works. You know why we need regulation? Because greed gets in the way. Greed is what cuts corners and makes it ok to dump coal waste into drinking water. Greed is where it is "good business" to not report the chemicals you are using in extraction. Greed is what keeps us chasing after long gone dinosaur bones by any means necessary instead of chasing after better tech for the future. I wish those people that can't see past the bottom line would get out of their bubble and get away far enough with no cell service and see how easy they can breathe. That they can drink water from the faucet without filtering it. Eventually where they are will get torn up too. But it can be stopped. I miss having a president who cared about the future of our planet and tried to save as much land as he could. It's in our hands now. This is a shot of my happy place, the view from skyline drive in Shenandoah National Park. #stoppruitt #savetheepa #leaveitintheground #youcantdrinkoil #virginiaisforlovers #shenandoahnationalpark #nationalparks #altnationalparkservice #resist @altusnatparkser @shenandoahnps

Fbf outtake from "frankensteining femininity" 2009. This is my supermodel/constipated/bubbleguts pose. Chic AF #filmisnotdead #filmcommunity #feministart #feministartist #selfportrait #kodakportravc #bodyimage #artistfound

Big belly waiting to pop. Those are his feet in my ribs. #37weekspregnant #riotmom will he be an Aquarian or Pisces?

"This is not the time to be dismayed, this is punk rock time. This is what Joe Strummer trained you for."- Henry Rollins. Piece from my last miniature series Upwardly Mobile, 2013. If you haven't seen the progress that has been made from pushing back, look harder. You have the power and you are more powerful than you think. Keep the momentum up and steer clear of the apathetic and complacent potholes on this rocky road. #westayandfight #thisiswhatdemocracylookslike #peoplehavethepower #filmisnotdead #filmcommunity #kodak_photo #kodakportravc #lifeinminiature #contactyourrepresentatives @henryandheidi

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