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The perfect fried egg is just as welcoming first thing in the morn as in mid-afternoon for a protein-packed pick me up, especially when a little barely-steamed asparagus and drizzle of white truffle oil are along for the ride.

It's said all men are created equal, but can the same be said of friends?
Case in point: one gal pal just dropped off a chive plant, nubile asparagus and Tabor Spelt Bread from the farmers market.
I say friends who drop off early edible treats soar to the top of the loaded pal pack.

For his 16th birthday tonight, Oliver got to pick his dinner and he chose his favorites: a couple garlicky grilled flat iron steaks (cooked medium rare and topped with melted buffalo's milk butter), a mound of tater tots and homemade Caesar salad.
What's your favorite celebration dinner?

Maintaining balance: when you know dinner's going to be a blow-out, it makes sense to take it easy at lunchtime, right?
Midday had us munching on Kale, Avocado and Asparagus Salad with Pine Nuts and a kicky Lemon Tahini Dressing.
Perfect food for the heat-- and sharing.

Oliver turns 16 today so it's time to up my game.
Blackberry smoothies, a pile of bacon and cheesy pesto pull apart rolls seems like a decent way to start the birthday morning right.

Kati Rolls + Bourbon Cocktails + Fried Okra + Girlfriends + Warm Night = Home Run.

I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that not many high schoolers (and friend) get this kind of after school VIP treatment: custom baguette crostini (Avocado or Manchego), Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookies and fresh Strawberry Smoothies.
(Shamelessly spoiling the next generation since 2001.)

Ok, I'm a little nervous here.

When you make the conscious decision to start your day at 7 am with an ENTIRE avocado, your day couldn't possibly go up from there.

Then again, dinner with gal pals at Bollywood Theater tonight at least gives my day a fighting chance.

Four basic food groups:
Wings, tater tots, pizza, French fries.
(Fifth food group not shown: Small batch Bourbon Manhattan.)

I was supposed to host a new friend for lunch today but she couldn't leave her house so I brought a late lunch to her: Spinach, Fennel, Fava and Fig Salad with a Sherry Vinaigrette.
It was damn good, if I do say so myself (and the addition of both fresh and fried favas made my heart rejoice).
Anyone else wish a delivery service like this had made it to their door today?

Before and After (swipe left).
Lunch in the Garden: Arugula, Fennel and Fresh Apricot Salad with Olive Toasts and Warm Pepita-Topped Goat Cheese (with a light shallot vinaigrette pulling it all together).
It was even more scrumptious than I'd hoped, leaving me feel (almost!) not worthy.
Seriously-- warm goat cheese + ripe apricots= head explosion.

What a dinner!
Spanish charcuterie, salads, fritters, quail, even crepes-- all with a lentil component, course after course, all deliciously imagined, creatively rendered at @plazadeltoropdx.
Here's the thing to remember-- and I know this first hand because I lived and worked in those trenches.
Food production is an arduous, largely thankless and under-compensated industry.
Only if you have a passion for food is it ever worth it--and I'm so grateful tonight for the lovely folks in front and behind the scenes who made this lovely paean to lentils possible.

Hats off to Lentils--and Portland--well - represented and looking sharp.

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