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Here's just one of the treasures I bought at @magpieethel 's epic garage sale yesterday.
This indoor/outdoor plaque came with its box (👈🏻) but without a cord but no matter-- come December, he's going to fit RIGHT in over here. (Laurie, I think you said that you have the same one; what year do you think they were made?) Welcome to your new home, SC.

I got up extra early to go to @magpieethel's garage sale and first thing I did was to take advantage of the cool temps in my kitchen and bake up a double batch of Anzac Cookies and these Jamon Serrano, Radicchio and Pesto Mini Frittatas.
I shared them with a few gals mid-morn, and we were all grateful to have a no-fuss protein on hand. I'll have to remember these for picnics-- they're so portable and surprisingly satisfying.

So it's 97 degrees now, and I've been cooking, baking, shopping and cleaning since 5 am-- when does the Cocktail Hour officially begin?

It's the MOST magical time of the year: Eastmoreland Garage Sale!

I'd never been to @magpieethel's sale before but we were the first ones there, taking pics for an upcoming blog and she and friend Amy (@intovintage) were kind enough to let us do a little shopping first!

The amount of items, but more importantly, the uniqueness of these things, boggled our minds! In the next couple days I'll show you some of what I got, but in the meantime, 👈🏻 to catch a glimpse of how cute it all looked. Hee Haw!

Thanks so much Laurie and Amy for letting us peruse, take pics and purchase before the sun got too crazy. Also a big shout out for your exquisite tastes-- and unflagging energy-- making all this goodness available to us mortals.
Linda, thanks for driving and Charlotte for all the shlepping.
Best. Garage Sale. Ever.

We just got back from LA and on today's blog I show you the 5 best places we went to stuff our faces.
Poke? Check. Burgers? I feel you. Ice Cream Sandwiches? You KNOW it.
What'd I miss? Inquiring minds--and engulfing craws--want to know.

You know that feeling you get when you eat something so unique, luscious and well-timed that it almost gives you heart palpitations?

The custom ice cream sandwiches at The Milk Shop in LA did that for me. (swipe 👈🏻to see three different ones).
Milk, your mint macaroon grasshopper ice cream sandwich blew my mind and I've thought of little else for the last 48 hours.

Seriously, I want to understand this.

But it's hard to listen to a guy awaiting a flight trying to tough-talk AND schmooze AND negotiate a deal while wearing what looks like the modern day equivalent of rainbow toe socks (circa 1977). Only they're rubberized.
At an airport. In public. And he was maybe 50?
Kindly educate me, because I came away feeling disturbed then intrigued but ultimately unnerved by the whole thing.
What am I missing? And do these come off in security?!?

I know when it's hot out you're supposed to eat light, but how does one explain the proliferation of terrific burger joints in LA (which are always crowded)? I know In and Out fans will want to skin me alive for saying so, but for fast food I'll take the Shake Shack burger any day -- even if I think they could up their fry game (might I suggest you call @littlebigburger for advice there?).
This trip I had the Smoke Stack (a juicy patty topped with bacon and spicy Peppadew like peppers) and that burger with a peanut butter custard ROCKED MY WORLD.

I ❤ you Shake Shack. Come to Portland!

Happiness can be so elusive but I'm going to KISS (keep it simple, stupid) with 5 things right now.
Happiness is:
1. Remembering upon walking in the door that you need to check in on a neighbor's chickens. Because chickens and Portland are such a cute combo. And it means that you need only offer up 30 minutes a year to help someone ELSE raise beautiful eggs.
2. Our Airport. Beautiful, small, manageable, and filled with lovely people, Powell's and great food.
3. How verdant our city is. Ridiculous.
4. Watching kids play basketball outside your house (together!) and loving your front porch paint colors at same time.
5. Being reunited with your iPhone after 5 days-- and realizing it was the honesty of Alaska Airlines workers that made that happen.
Honesty-- such a joyous thing!

Q: Could there be a more delicious - or L.A.esque-- send-off than lunch under a daffodil-hued umbrella at Lemonade? (A: NO.)
An icy tumbler of Strawberry-Rhubarb Lemonade and Ahi Tuna-Avocado-Watermelon Radish Poke was drop-dead scrumptious.
This place is BEYOND!

The last 12 hours: Before and After.
PM: pearls, Pinot and pecan-y pleasure.
AM: Booch, berries and bad news in Georgia.
(I like PM better.)

Originality is all fine and good but when everyone in our party wants Steak Frites medium rare, then so be it. Especially in a French brasserie.
Outdoor table +82 degrees + French Burgundy + buvette steak = getting my summer groove on.

Why is that sometimes the familiar is preferable to the agita in finding the MOST delicious option? It's fun-- but exhausting-- trying to find the BEST thing always.

Chinese food at our regular place on Santa Monica isn't the best this town has to offer, but I wouldn't kick it out if the proverbial sack either. (And the Lemon Scallops never ever never disappoint.)

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