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Some days aren't that fruitful but some days --like today--involve a massive Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake Baking Blow-out.
32 pieces of coffee cake were made and distributed (swipe 👈🏻) with the first one eaten standing up, sans chair, adornment or decorum.
(Knockout recipe on today's blog.)

I made dinner tonight for my crew and another family I hadn't seen for awhile: organic Herby Lemon Roasted Chickens, Yukon Gold Purée with Garlic, Roasted Carrots and Fennel with orange juice and anise seeds.
Comfort food. Nothing fancy but when those shallot-infused pan juices succumb to those billowy whipped potatoes, watch out.

Sriracha Shrimp + Fried Garlic Chips + Avocado Caesar + Baguette = Sandwich Home Run.

I had the very distinct and profound pleasure yesterday to be the on-call babysitter for lovely neighbors in the event she went into early labor.
Last night I got the call near midnight, and Charlotte and I ran over and spent the night so their toddler would wake up in familiar surroundings.

It was surreal to once again feel the whim and fury of fate's capricious event planning-- but this time removed from the physical pain and anxiety surrounding birth.
This is a chalkboard featured in the basement where we rested oh-so-luxuriantly and its message resonated.

Middle of the night slid into an early morning Frozen marathon, a special breakfast delivered to the new-big sister-to-be ( scroll👈🏻, thanks, @oliver_kline !) and lots of caffeine.

When amazing people ask ME for a favor, I'm always honored that they ask-- and have no doubt they'd do the same for me.
So here's to new parents everywhere-- and one special couple I choose not to single out (but you know who you are). We love your new addition already. ❤️

Had a quick lunch with a gal pal at a new-to-me Thai place: Sivalai Thai on Stark.
The Massaman curry was delicious and the Drunken Noodles even better.
Have you been yet? Or have you another favorite?

When you make Tikka Masala at home, you can break the rules of authenticity and smother your steaming bowl with a blizzard of cilantro, a steady drizzle of lime and more chopped cashews than one human should eat in one sitting (but you do anyway).

Random acts of kindness are easy to pull off when homemade granola and empty Amazon Prime boxes are all within reach.
Wouldn't this make a long drive just a wee bit easier?

Every 9/11 is sacred to me, and I choose to show my gratitude -- to firefighters, brave strangers, and pure providence--on this day with edible offerings.

I'm not good at many things but I have the gift of grub--so I bestowed a lot of food today to those far and wide: 8 bowls of pasta with heirloom tomatoes and truffled Pecorino. 21 Banana muffins. 9 bowls of Black Bean-Chorizo Soup. And 6 combo trays of Greek Yogurt and Homemade Granola. Most went to those I know, but 4 treats to strangers.
Man, this town-- it GETS it and more than once I found myself in teary company for all that we have-- but with so much already lost or at risk of slipping away.

Be safe and hold loved ones tight, peeps.

What an amazing night with new-ish friends. I met them when they responded to a Nextdoor request for donations for a family in need and last night these lovely folks opened up their homes to us and created a multi-course Brazilian feast for us. Heavenly! Cocktails made by the crazy talented @toddisaacs and joined by equally lovely @christinafrank (check out their FEEDS!), this night was one for the record books.
Feijoda, Pok Pok cocktails and the MOST generous hosts?

To the market-going goes the spoils (👈🏻).
(Is seven pounds of tomatoes too much?)

In today's blog, I talked about the crazy walk-thru of 19 different flavors at Salt & Straw (including upcoming fall and winter flavors) plus my five other must-do stops on Division (including the retailer who always comes through with washi joy). Swipe 👈🏻for doughy, junky, Cheetos-encrusted delights.

Afterschool Snack: Blackberry Smoothie Milkshake.
Because. Life can be hard. And silky frozen drinks with gingham straws occasionally help.

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