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Jake Huntley  L I F E is either a D A R I N G . A D V E N T U R E or N O T H I N G • Helen Keller •

GO COUGS!! 🏈 #theBYUexperience

• M Y N E W H O M E •
Proud to be a Cougar! #theBYUlife #dreamsarecomingtrue #bleedingblue

Hey Taylor, thanks for breaking me back into the dating world! Love ya girl! #onthemarketagain

~Public Service Announcement~

I am back! So grateful for the many experiences and people I have met the last two years, as I have served as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ. I've seen many lives changed, especially my own. I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ - for the hope and peace and perspective that come as we understand God's Plan of Happiness!
I would love to see my friends again :) My homecoming talk will be this upcoming Sunday (the 12th) @ 11:00 am. Everyone is welcome!

1461 N. Main Street
Centerville, UT

Lunch will be served afterwards
12:30-3:00 pm

Message me for my home address if you need it, or for my new number

Well, today is the day. ☺️ My last post for 2 years. I'm honored to go out and serve the people of Minnesota. I'm unequivocally grateful to know that families are forever, and that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us. If you'd like to hear about my mission, comment your email. If you'd like to email me, my email is jacob.huntley@myldsmail.net

See you all in 2! ✌🏽️

I'm grateful to have known so many Christ-like people... They have changed my life. 💙 (missing @jensfillmore in the picture)

Wake-surfing with my sister... Gonna miss moments like these 💙

I never thought this day would come! 😱 I'm so grateful for this amazing gospel and couldn't be more excited to serve! I'm giving my missionary farewell talk this upcoming Sunday at 1 PM. 1460 N Main Street, Centerville. It's the Stake Center on the the west side. Everyone is welcome! If you are coming for the refreshments then that will be Saturday night at my house from 7-9 PM. 😋 DM me if you need my address

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