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Jake Huntley  L I F E is either a D A R I N G . A D V E N T U R E or N O T H I N G • Helen Keller •

Good job Taylor, we are so proud of you! 💃🏽🎟

Did you know that Minne-söta is actually Swedish for “Sweet Memories”? Well now you do. I’m so grateful for these people and for the priceless friendships that develop as a result of sharing gospel experiences, especially in the land of “Sweet Memories”. And for those I didn’t get a chance to see, I’ll be back 😏 | Alma 17:2 | #sweetmemories #feelinggrateful

Happy Birthday Amaila! Tricked ya 😜 🃏

Autumn is awesome! 🍁 So grateful for this beautiful world we live in 🌎 (and for roommates who aren’t too cool to take some mandatory fall pics) | Genesis 1:12 | #NATUREISREAL #myhappyplace #allthingsdenotethereisaGod

A beautiful afternoon on the mountain! ⛰ It’s been too long... #myhappyplace

GO COUGS!! 🏈 #theBYUexperience

• M Y N E W H O M E •
Proud to be a Cougar! #theBYUlife #dreamsarecomingtrue #bleedingblue

Hey Taylor, thanks for breaking me back into the dating world! Love ya girl! #onthemarketagain

~Public Service Announcement~

I am back! So grateful for the many experiences and people I have met the last two years, as I have served as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ. I've seen many lives changed, especially my own. I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ - for the hope and peace and perspective that come as we understand God's Plan of Happiness!
I would love to see my friends again :) My homecoming talk will be this upcoming Sunday (the 12th) @ 11:00 am. Everyone is welcome!

1461 N. Main Street
Centerville, UT

Lunch will be served afterwards
12:30-3:00 pm

Message me for my home address if you need it, or for my new number

Well, today is the day. ☺️ My last post for 2 years. I'm honored to go out and serve the people of Minnesota. I'm unequivocally grateful to know that families are forever, and that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us. If you'd like to hear about my mission, comment your email. If you'd like to email me, my email is jacob.huntley@myldsmail.net

See you all in 2! ✌🏽️

I'm grateful to have known so many Christ-like people... They have changed my life. 💙 (missing @jensfillmore in the picture)

Wake-surfing with my sister... Gonna miss moments like these 💙