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PORNSAK พรศักดิ์  Event / TV Host. Proficient in English, Thai, Mandarin and Teochew. Contact my agent Diana at: +65-6283-0833 or

#FattyPornPorn has been wanting to try the #omurice in #Yokohama for a long time. That day has arrived!

Delicious western style dishes can be savoured in the numerous little charming restaurants dotted all around the town port. And the omelette rice is a must try! It’s made popular here! #出名 #必吃

Enjoy the warm yolk oozing out from the smooth and fluffy omelette. The ketchup fried (uruchimai) rice is slightly tart and sweet. The star of the show is the sauce! The demi-glace takes 2 weeks to cook before it can be served! It’s absolutely rich and velvety!

Don’t be afraid of the large size! Once you start eating, you won’t be able to put the spoon down!

I love #cupnoodles. So I'm really excited to be an apprentice at #Nissin.

Learning how to make #ramen from scratch is a dream come true. Seeing how I can gradually turn flour into noodle is such an amazing experience.

At the end of the day, I was treated to the #oneofakind #instantramen #icecream for a job well done (check out my story). And I get to keep my chic(ken) chef bandana. 🐥

#FattyPornPorn just tasted the legendary #Shizuoka Crown Melon! #最贵 #静冈 #网纹蜜瓜

I have always been curious why some people are willing to pay more than 20,000¥ (~SG $260) for a melon! Today I finally understand.

The #CrownMelon is truly of premium quality. It has a #musky fragrance, mellow tasty and silky smooth texture. The level of juiciness is beyond any fruits I’ve tasted. It’s practically #raining melon juice in my mouth!

This greenhouse fruit is cultivated with a sophisticated technique - 一木一果! This “One Tree, One Fruit” policy is key to grow such high quality melons. Only ONE melon is carefully selected from all the fruits on the tree. The rest? Discarded at their infancy stage.

I 💖 my job.

In the bustling city life, sometimes I just need that one moment of calm every day.#wabisabi

What better way than to slowly savour a cup of tea.

And even better than that? Learn the art of the Japanese #teaceremony from a #geisha in #Kyoto.

From entering the traditional Japanese tea room to learning how to brush the tea, it was as though I was in a separate dimension where my heart was beating to a gentler rhythm, feeling as tranquil as early spring and time had stopped for me - just to revel in and savor the fragrance of that finely grinded matcha.

While I whisked the tea with the intricate bamboo brush #chasen, I count my blessings.

For being able to enter the lives which are so disparate from mine.

For being able to pick up new skills, immerse in various cultures and enjoy food from the freshest source.

With that thought, I made my very own bowl of matcha. After taking the first sip from a Yohen Tomoku bowl, calmness enveloped me.
#日本茶艺 #安 #静 #品 #FattyPornPorn #MeTime

おはようございます! 早安!
Kyoto is such a lovely city. Spring just made it even more beautiful. Getting up early has its perks. That's practically no one here. It's serene. I can hear my own heartbeat.

Also, you can take one of the best nobody-but-me-in-the-frame kinda touristy photos! Today is a happy day!
#nofiter #mothernatureismyfilter

Can you believe there's an #instantnoodle that is rated M18!?! #成人拉面

Guess what's in there. 😜 Check out my story.

I also found a few out-of-this-world wacky ones. Have you tried blue ramen with green broth (alien ramen). There's the uber kawaii #HelloKitty ramen. And then there's one that's a collaboration with differnent zoos in Japan. All these in my story as well.

谁说只有活佛济公有仙丹!#陈美娥医师 也有!#samesamebutdifferent

Back in Singapore for less than 48 hours and I’m flying off again. This time, to one of my fav cities. Will share more on my story once I touch down. Currently, I’m waiting to board the plane. ✈️ I was down with a fever and a terrible sore throat yesterday. To make sure I could continue with my work, I paid Dr. Tan a visit. She gave me #acupuncture, which brought down my temperature almost immediately. #针灸 #奥妙 She then treated me to her #secretrecipe elixir.

This morning, I woke up fresh. And I’m up and running again! #TraditionalChineseMedicine never fails to amaze me. #中医 #博大精深 #TCM #Wisdom

#FattyPornPorn always makes it a point to have a bowl of #牛肉麵 #beefnoodle in Taipei.

It was nearly 9pm. I was famished. And because of the rain, the weather’s slightly cold. I wanted something hot and soupy.

I called up my Taiwanese friend. She recommended this beef noodle stall near Taipei 101.

If you are looking for a place with an “A” for cleanliness, maybe this one is not for you. But if you just wanna have some good food and feel the local Taipei vibes, join me!

This small, family-run noodle stall has built its reputation on a subtle soy and beef broth. It’s the perfect union of the Japanese characteristics and traditional Chinese sliced noodles #刀削麵. Have a peep in the kitchen. You might see the noodle master skilfully carving off chewy strands of noodles from a huge block of dough.

So, if you’re in Taipei, just pop by for a bowl of beef noodles. I feel that is one of the best ways to dive into the Taipei experience.

#FattyPornPorn going gaga over this limited edition dessert - #CottonCandy with #Espresso!
#棉花糖 #浓咖啡 #冰淇淋 #HolyTrinity

It’s not every day that I have the time to enjoy a nice #afternoontea. But when I do, I make sure I take it slow and enjoy every moment.

Today is my lucky day. I knew I made the right choice the minute I saw my order being served. It’s so #dreamy.

There’s a giant cloud of cotton candy floating in front of me. When I pour the hot espresso over it, the cloud slowly caramelises, revealing three scoops of ice-cream meticulously concealed beneath it and maple syrup generously drizzled on them.

And toppings? Plenty. There’s #pecans, #cashews, #almonds and #macadamias - all slightly #roasted. Roasting helps to bring out their naturally rich flavours. It also gives them a crispier texture.

No one can resist this, I'm sure.
Wanna listen to the full version of this 台語 Let It Go? Link in bio.

When it's drizzling outside and you have a 45min break, pop by the nearest cafe. Have a (BIG) cup of #hotchocolate. It warms your tummy, heart and soul.

My first encounter with a #hospice was in 2014. A daughter of my fan asked if I could visit her father in the hospice and I agreed readily.

Contrary to my own misconceptions, the hospice was joyful and vibrant with patients actively engaged in activities.

Fast forward five years, I visited #AssisiHospice and gained a new friend, new skills and new perceptions.

I met Aunty Keng, an Assisi Hospice’s Day Care patient who’s an expert in making traditional Teochew Ngo Hiang. Cooking is the octogenarian’s heart and soul- from preparing meals for her siblings during the pioneer generation years to cooking for her nieces and nephews now, it was a unique way to show her love for her family.

She has not stopped expressing that love.

At #AssisiHospice, she unites fellow patients with her mouth-watering delicacies. With students from different ethnicities and backgrounds, she bonds everyone together, creating a spirit in the infirmary. I was fortunate enough to be one of her students too.

In #AssisiHospice, not only are there people from the silver generation, but also patients who may be much younger, with each of them contributing constructively to others around them. We are very lucky to be living in Singapore where there are places like #AssisiHospice and patients can receive palliative care in a safe, positive environment with support provided to both the patients and their caregivers.

To understand more about Singapore Hospice and what they offer, do drop by Westgate mall on 11th and 12th May 2019 from 10am to 5pm for the "Live Well. Leave Well.” - A Caregiving Community event.
#SingaporeHospice #LiveWellLeaveWell #PalliativeCare #sp

Legend has it that this brewery has 400,000 litres of #huadiao stored in an underground cellar that has long been forgotten. Close to 50 years later, the 3rd generation owner of the brewery discovered it. He tried to sell the wine but no one was interested. Everyone felt that #huadiao was an old man's wine.

He came up with a brilliant idea - Huadiao Chicken Instant Noodle (陈年花雕酒泡面)! It was a hit! And the rest is history.

I'm gonna try to lay my hands on a pack. #卖到断货

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